Jack convinces Oggy to sign up for a wrestling contest that Bob is organizing. It turns out Oggy is actually pretty good at it! Dee Dee wants to participate in the contest, but Jack sends him packing. That wasn’t counting on Dee Dee’s determination...

Official Synopsis, [1]

Wrestling Time! is the 61st episode of Season 4.


Episode Starts: Oggy is lying on the blue matress and drink orange juice. Jack comes to Oggy and screams. Jack shows Oggy catch card how to defeat the muscle man with mask. Oggy shows thumb and yawning. Jack shows Oggy how to fight with boxing glowes. Dee Dee is dreaming how to win this boxing game, woman takes Dee Dee with Pink Car. Oggy defeated Jack, Dee Dee is counting. Dee Dee lifts Oggy's hand, Oggy is awarded to win this boxing game. Bob arrives to Oggy's home. Bob shows Oggy into billboard wins cost 2,000,000€. Bob holds pen shows Oggy contract to write on it. Oggy is shaking his head, Oggy is going away and yawning. Jack pick ups Oggy, to bring him back. Jack pick ups pen with Oggy's hand writes name on it. Bob pick ups pen and hides on it and going away. Oggy excercising with treadmill. Jack with red bucket spills at Oggy with water. Jack changes treadmill speed to extreme just motorcycle. Oggy extremely runs and get hurt, fails and get stuck on treadmill. Jack stops treadmill, drinks water. Dee Dee is excercising some lessons. Jack puts Dee Dee into glass bottle. Jack shows Oggy Stationary bicycle, and lies down. Joey and Marky is turning on TV and watching Catch, and eating bread. Jack shows how to use boxing glowes to punch muscle man. Woman shows Number 1 and begins to fight. Muscle man Jumps on Oggy stucks and pulls, Human is counting, that's no't complete boxing game. Dee Dee runs with glass bottle it breaks on it and joins the game. Human is dreaming when he's baby into bed and laughs, another cockroach comes to baby's bed and tickles on another cockroach's nose. Bites on his finger and cries.

Another Cockroach eats biscuit and cries again. Dee Dee is catching muscle man and defeats. Human is counting again, Dee Dee is a winner, Marky and Joey laughs, photograths comes to capture on Humans especially on Dee Dee, Jack, Oggy, Bob and etc. Flings Euro Cashs, Marky and Joey replays the film and laughs episode ends.



Oggy and the Cockroaches season4 Wrestling time!

Oggy and the Cockroaches season4 Wrestling time!


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