Witch appeared as a minor character to several episodes of Oggy, a witch with an attitude, she could be very good at several times, or chaotic at sometimes, example like when The Cockroaches stole her telescope (actually is a small-large changer) and in every time, she beat the Cockroaches or make hazards to them.





She has a black coat and dress, black magic hat (been teared by Joey, Dee Dee, Marky) in Back to the Past. Olivia help to fixed the hat so that she could be an ally to Olivia, Oggy, Jack and Bob. Her transportation is a broom (instead is a plane) she doesn't pay attention on some episodes, so she drop her equipments and the cockroaches use it like weapons to fight against Oggy.

She is bald, just have gray hair in two left and right on the head.


Episodes appear in

Season 3

Season 4

Season 7

Abilities and Powers

Spell Cast: Her main abillity. She can make things out of her equipment. 

Levitation: She can operate her broom and fly in air.


  • She is very careless so she usually drop her equipments.
  • When the cockroaches throw the hat pieces to Oggy, Jack and Bob, her eyes has change into storm and look angrily into them.
  • She live in a broken cottage. She was very angry to see unwelcome guests, making Olivia and Joey scream in scare.
  • She was appears in season 3 and season 4, except for 5 seasons.
  • She was appears in season 7 with new costume instead of normal costume of season 3.
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