Oggy and Jack are playing an interminable game of chess. Oggy moves one of his pawns forward and...checkmate! But Jack is not a good loser and he decides that he won't have anything more to do with a cheater. Every cat for himself now!

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Winner Takes All is the 54th episode of Season 1, and was remade as the seventy-sixth episode for Season 6 under the title Bad Sport.


Episode starts: Oggy and Jack were sleeping between a chess match. Joey shows up. He sees that they're asleep and takes distinct advantage and takes away a pawn. Joey rings a bell and he's out of here.... Ok, it's Oggy's turn. He sees that the pawn isn't there, defending the King, and he put his queen ahead the king, who had no way to run, and Oggy's Queen was supported by a rook. Oggy only says that he defeated Jack for the first time. Jack looks angrily at the board and then at Oggy. However, Oggy maintains sportsmenship spirit and gives Jack a "Better Luck Next Time" hand-shake. Jack's snout turns bright red and he somehow slices off Oggy's palm to a pencil. Oggy got bewildered. Jack said there is no "Next Time" and walks off. Oggy rubbed the pencil to his head thoughtfully. Jack had now made walls and walls and all thing of the house were half-half, and Jack was completing a few bricks left for the wall. He threatened Oggy to never come to his side of the wall. Oggy shouted to apologize but Jack dropped a partiality parcel in his mouth. Oggy open his belly and took it out. He opened it and found a letter which had the writings on it in cursive: (Cheater!/Tricheur!/Imbroglione!/Betrüger!) Oggy looks up again but Jack drops a brick on him. Oggy walked away upset, saying why would anyone listen to me... Joey stood beside, chuckling in a frantic manner. He kissed the pawn saying he's the checkmate-guy. He walks away enjoying this rubbish war. Jack, now, is stealing all items of Oggy's side, like the food, the TV, the toiled, the bedroom. Later, Jack launches a missile to destroy Oggy, but the missile did not explode, then they repeatedly starts jumping in the missile. As cockroaches knew it would blast, they went out of house, wearing glasses, even the pawn was wearing it. As it didn't blast, Jack hit with a hammer, causing an explosion destroying Oggy's home. Cockroaches loved to see the blast scenery. Oggy and Jack finally found the stolen pawn from the Cockroaches and they realized they fought for nothing. Then, (Oggy's Home was rebuilded now), Oggy and Jack plays a chess match on the top of a tiger skin, near a fireplace. Then, as the punishment for the cockroaches, they are now clothed and used as chess pieces for the match. Joey thinks of repenting his mistake. Episode ends.



Oggy and the Cockroaches 🐴 WINNER TAKES ALL 🏆 (S01E55) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches 🐴 WINNER TAKES ALL 🏆 (S01E55) Full Episode

-Season 6- (Oggy and the Cockroaches) Oggy và những chú gián - Mùa 6-Bad Sport video

-Season 6- (Oggy and the Cockroaches) Oggy và những chú gián - Mùa 6-Bad Sport video


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