Following the explosion of his booby-trapped toothbrush, Oggy loses one of his baby teeth. He puts it under his pillow in hopes that the tooth fairy will visit. The next morning, Joey witnesses something mindboggling...

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Tooth Good to be True is the 15th episode of Season 1, and was remade as the eighth episode for Season 6 under the title Tooth Exchange. Joey tries to get money from the Little Mouse, only for his crazed greed to get him in trouble.


Episode starts: Across the hallway, Oggy and Joey are having a chase over the toilet paper, then Joey calls for his brothers to launch a metal plate, which hits Oggy’s face, and one of his milk tooth came out of his mouth. Oggy happily keeps the milk tooth under his pillow since he hopes the tooth fairy mouse will give a coin and thanks his grandpa for giving the T.F info. When he sleeps, he sees a deflated balloon and Joey laughed at him and both sleep. Next morning, Oggy sees that his milk tooth is replaced with a coin and he puts the coin in the cow bank. Joey sees this and dreams that he is in the magician contest and replaces a tooth with a coin using a pillow so he tries this magic taking one of his tooth and started counting one-two-three but unsuccessful after several attempts so he throws it right on Oggy's tummy. Oggy sees a stork flying so he thinks that the stork's tooth came out so he keeps in under his pillow and sleeps. Joey keeps his tooth under Oggy's pillow and sleeps near the alarm clock. A next morning, Oggy wonders how he got 2 coins but he put it inside the cow bank. Joey tries to take the coin but fails. Now, Joey crafts a fake tooth while Dee Dee an Marky figure what is Joey's plan while Joey keeps the fake tooth under Oggy's pillow. The Little Mouse arrives and takes the tooth and goes. When the mouse sees some straight outlines, he doubts and uses his magnifying lenses and sees a black object with red electric shock marks. The mouse is upset and cries but he's angry and knows who did the betrayal. Next day, Joey finds a large gold coin and goes to collect it but didn't notice a large active dynamite behind it. The dynamite exploded and Joey crashed on the wall losing all his tooth but he is happy since he will be able to obtain permission and get a free soda can and leaves his teeth under Oggy's pillow. Another morning, Oggy sees green expensive Euro notes but Joey takes it to the kitchen causing Oggy to create a new chase. Joey tries to put the notes in the holder but the notes fly and Oggy swats him. Oggy keeps the notes in his Cow bank making him a rich while Joey is upset and cries. Dee Dee and Marky go to beat up the mouse. The mouse tells them to request Joey to keep his tooth under his pillow and the two accept the deal. Next morning, Joey sees a coin under his pillow. He checks whether its a gold coin but another tooth fell so Joey kept the tooth under his pillow and goes to obtain permission for getting soda cans while Marky and Dee Dee figure what's Joey up to. Episode ends.


  • Joey tried to put a banknote on the vending machine, Although he probably didn't know that vending machine supports coins and not banknotes.
  • Despite the description, nothing in the actual episode shows Oggy losing his tooth because of a booby trapped toothbrush. Instead, Oggy loses his teeth because the cockroaches catapulted a sewer cover at his face.
    • This may be an earlier plot thought up for this episode, but was changed for the remastered version.


  • The episode's title is a pun on the phrase "Too good to be true."




Tooth Good to be True video


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