Not to be confused with The Witch Hunt.

The Tiger Hunt is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 5 and the 293rd episode overall. It takes place in 17th Century India. Oggy, the elephant driver of maharajah Chadabad-Abad leads his master and his servant Jack to the tiger hunt. But the cockroaches covet the diamond adorning the turban of the maharajah. While the tiger prowls, they do everything to seize the jewel...


Episode starts: Oggy was cleaning his elephant with soap and the elephant washed itself with water. Oggy put the seat on the elephant and went to call the maharajah. The maharajah came out with Jack holding the umbrella. Oggy made an elevator to bring the maharajah. When Jack wanted to come, the elephant picked him up using his trunk and started the journey. The cockroaches were planning to steal the diamond especially Joey. When they first appeared in front of elephant, the seat turned upside down but Oggy swatted the cockroaches. When they resumed the journey, the cockroaches thought of disguising as a grass and the elephant was chewing until he got scared of cockroaches and climbed a tree. When they resumed the journey, the cockroaches blocked the road with a tree log. Cockroaches tried to climb but failed because Oggy thought of using the elephant as a crane. When the elephant saw the cockroaches, he again jumped on a tree. This time Oggy was at the front, defending is elephant holding a swatter. When cockroaches were running towards the elephant, Oggy tried to swat them but he saw a tiger and ran away. Maharajah had unknowingly aimed an arrow at Oggy's turban. The cockroaches thought of standing on the tiger's tail. Oggy was tellling Jack to open the elephant's eyes but the elephant pushed him unknowingly and when he opened his eyes, he saw that he was holding the tiger. When the elephant saw cockroaches, he jumped into a river. The cockroaches thought that if the tiger swallows maharajah, they would get the diamond. When they resumed the journey, Jack was caling Oggy. but when Oggy shouted, the maharajah aimed lots of arrows at Oggy by mistaking a tiger. The cockroaches were telling the plans to the tiger, they opened the seat belt. When elephant saw this, he shouted which made the tiger afraid but cockroaches came in front to scare the elephant. Jack controlled the tiger but he got his clothes torn. The tiger took them and started to boil them. When elephant was wondering that they are in danger so he became a hero to save Oggy, Jack and the maharajah. The tiger gobbled up the maharajah and shown the cockroaches to the elephant but the elephant controlled himself and the tiger tried to hit him but he can not. The tiger vomited maharajah out and the cockroaches were laughing. They resumed the journey happily. The tiger was feeling a problem in stomache since the cockroaches were doing disco dance inside the stomache. Episode ends.


  • This same thing Joey done in the season 4 episode, From Mumbai with Love. In that episode, he will plan to steal a celebrity's diamond and he stole for that.



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