Oggy puts a solid padlock on the fridge to stop the cockroaches' pesky behaviour and put the key in his piggy bank, but when he's thirsty, it seems like the piggy bank is unbreakable.

Official Synopsis, [1]

The Piggy Bank is the fifty-eighth episode of Season 1, and was remade as the sixty-ninth episode for Season 6 under the title Locked Out.


Episode starts: A sunny morning, Oggy has to drink water for hydration and he goes to the fridge. He sees the Cockroaches drinking water so Oggy drove them out with a pesticide and puts a heavy lock on the fridge and keep the keys in the piggy bank. Now the cockroaches disguise as some dolls and put bombs in Oggy's glass of juice. When Oggy drinks it, He feels spicy of the bomb and goes to get water but the cockroaches stopped the pipeline and Oggy is unable to get water so he checks out the shower, toilet and then to the fridge. He tries to retrieve the key from the piggy bank but fails so he throws it to break but hits his face and the cockroaches laugh. Now, Oggy uses a spanner-like tool but it flies to Bob's mouth so Bob beats up Oggy. Now, Oggy uses a machine blade but it cuts Bob's skin so Oggy again gets beaten up. Now, Oggy goes near the railway tracks and keeps the piggy bank waiting for the green signal but the train trips and goes to Bob's Home ultimately making it a train platform. When Oggy goes to take the piggy bank, Bob threw a rocket on him. Now, Oggy replaces his mailbox sculpture with the piggy bank and launches a rocket but blasts Bob's Home and throws him right into the sky and the cockroaches say bye-bye to him. Now Oggy sees the cockroaches in the piggy bank so he plays harmonica while the piggy bank is burning with the cockroaches so Dee Dee and Marky give the keys to Oggy and Oggy opens the locks of the fridge but Bob falls on the fridge and Oggy faints while the cockroaches and the piggy bank drinks water. Episode ends.


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