The Neighbor's Cat is the 71st episode of Season 1. The fat neighbor woman treated Oggy as a pet cat when the real neighbor's cat made it happen - and the cockroaches want Oggy to stay that way by all means.


Episode starts: Oggy watering his best flower, the indigo cat belongs to the enemy (Jackie) who teaches a cat how to bark. He spots Oggy and puts him with Jackie. When she wakes up and barks, Oggy says "Meow," but she cannot say "Meow." She takes care of Oggy like a dog. She sleeps again, the cockroaches calls Jackie to get Oggy again and she shaves off him and looks like a new style of a dog (a poodle). Everyone (including Bob and the alley cats) looks at Oggy and laugh because of Oggy's ridiculous shave. Later, Oggy ran into his home and spots the indigo cat from earlier, and he hits him with a mallet, and puts him in his original position with the woman. Oggy then teaches the cockroaches a lesson by doing what Jackie did to him before, while doing additional animal sounds, while hitting the cockroaches with the mallet, as they follow his command. Episode ends.



The Neighbor's Cat video

The Neighbor's Cat video


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