A leaky faucet and below zero weather and bingo, Oggy’s yard turns into a skating rink. Olivia turns out to be quite the figure skater, Oggy is not so good. As for the roaches, what better way to have a gas and stir up trouble!

Official Synopsis, [1]

The Ice Rink is the 19th episode of Season 4.


The episode starts with Bob heading back to his house, carrying groceries. Apparently, it's so icy that he's slipping all over the place. Unfortunately, Oggy and Olivia are watching him slip on the ice, so they are laughing at his slips and slides. The events all start with a simple slip on the ice, and the dog slams into a fire hydrant.

The fire hydrant ejects water onto Oggy's yard, making it icy. Olivia suggests that she and Oggy skate on it. Oggy agrees to the idea. But Oggy realizes he doesn't have skates, so he makes homemade skates (shoes and knifes).

During one of their sessions on the ice, Bob admires Olivia's skating and likes it. Oggy finds out he isn't quite the skater he thought he was, and has crashed into Bob several times now. In a couple of other sessions, the cockroaches cause trouble by making Oggy fail at skating.

During another session, the cockroaches dress up as a man and they skate with Olivia, much to the jealousy of Oggy. He gets into a suit, and starts skating with the "man". However, he knocked Olivia away into the distance when he started skating.

Bob eventually grows frustrated over the fact that Oggy keeps slamming into him. He comes out with a flamethrower and melts the ice...WHILE THE TWO CATS ARE SKATING! Oggy and Olivia get off the ice just in time to see it dissolve. Dee-Dee, Marky, and Joey are on a patch of ice, realizing that they're screwed. They salute as the iceberg sinks like the Titanic.

Oggy and Olivia are inside Oggy's house, watching sports. The camera cuts over to Bob, revealing he's watching the same thing as Oggy and Olivia. He has lemonade, and gets some ice cubes. The episode ends with a shot of the ice cubes, revealing the cockroaches inside with worried/shocked looks on their faces.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - The Ice Rink (S04E19) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - The Ice Rink (S04E19) Full Episode in HD


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