Oggy makes himself a cup of coffee, but just when he’s about to drink he’s lifted up by a monstrous hiccup that throws the coffee right in his face. The cockroaches, dumbfounded by Oggy’s clumsiness, are convinced that he has gone completely crazy!

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The Hiccup is the 39th episode in Season 1, and was remade as the last seventy-eighth episode for Season 6 under the title Hiccup Treatment.


Episode starts: Another day in Oggy's Home, and Oggy wants to learn how to make coffee from a single coffee bean. A simple grind, and a heater in the teapot in boiling water, and, voilà, a simple cup of coffee. As he started to drink some, he suddenly hiccuped with coffee splattered on his face. He got health trouble, A-OK. He hiccuped again when he tries to stop it by drinking water. He goes to the library, and finds a book about hiccups. Like all medical advertising, if symptoms persist, consult your doctor. He tries to put it away but he hiccuped again. Luckily, the book is safe so he kept it.

He left the library, but in one surprising effect, his hiccup caused all the books from the shelves to fall down. Oggy looks back in disappointment, as it would take days to bring the books back up. The moment the cockroaches steal the fridge using chains, is also the same moment as Oggy travels to the clinic, by car as his hiccups caused dents all over the ceiling. As he arrived there, Oggy sat down next to the elderly people. He hiccuped again as the patients stuck their heads to the ceiling as the Doctor comes out from the office. Even consulting with him caused a hiccup, which caused the Doctor to fall down with the chair.

The Doctor then directed him to where Oggy would sit. He said that the moment he hiccups, the machine would bring out a tool to silence his hiccups. It stopped immediately, but the cockroaches bring it back by tying Oggy up in tape and pretending to hiccup on the machine which hits Oggy crazily. Oggy leaves the clinic, still having the hiccup, and returns to his home. When going to the kitchen, to find something to eat, he found out that the fridge had stolen.

He saw the cockroaches with it on the stairs in shock. Then, the moment he runs up the stairs to get the fridge, a chase ensues going inside the vent; out from it on top of a pot in more boiling water in the kitchen; down the hallway on a toy bomber, on which the bomb fired back at them, and back at the stairs with the cockroaches pushing the fridge, sending it tumbling down the stairs. Oggy ran away from the fridge in horror and saw the danger sign at the end of the wall. As the cord from the fridge lassoed on the banister's end, it slowed down, going near Oggy, and he is safe, the fridge door hit him on the head.

The cockroaches clapped in appreciation, and scurried off. Oggy realized that his hiccup is gone, as a severe blow to the head is always the solution. Happy, he returns the next day, brewing coffee once more. But his coffee drinking wouldn't last long as the episode starts to close. Instead of hiccuping again, this time, he sneezed! The cockroaches appear in disappointment, and takes the fridge away again using a forklift. Seems like his coffee break has turned into a Hiccuping Treatment Disaster.




  • When the fridge was coming down the stairs, you could see a second (poorly drawn) fridge behind it.


  • Oggy's car green instead of Oggy's car orange driving in season four.




Oggy and the Cockroaches - 😂 The Hiccup (S01E37) ⚡ Full Episode


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