To stop the cockroaches from eating him dry, Oggy orders a food dispenser and stores all his edibles in it. But when Oggy realises that the cockroaches have managed to sneak into the machine, war is declared!

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The Food Dispenser is the 67th episode of Season 7.


Episode starts: Oggy is listening to music and becomes hungry and goes to the fridge, only to be treated to an empty fridge by the cockroaches, as the cockroaches fled to avoid getting swatted by the cat. Joey throws a coin at Oggy.

Oggy then goes to get some food from the vending machine, as the cockroaches look on to see what the cat is doing. Oggy tosses the coin from Joey and gets a sandwich from there, the cockroaches are aroused by this.

The cockroaches then attempts to get some food from the vending machine, Marky attempts to get some by inserting a button into the machine, only for it to be discarded by the machine as it hits him. Realizing their sizes, the cockroaches were able to get into the vending machine with no trouble.

As Oggy grows hungry, he goes to get some food from the vending machine, only for the cockroaches to eat everything he tries to get from the machine. After Oggy spots one of the cockroaches, he attempts to open the door, only for it not to open, due to one of the cockroaches removing the door.

Marky then jumps to the "control panel" of the dispenser. He presses a button, resulting the "hand" of the dispenser giving Marky a sandwich, much to Marky's delight. Oggy then knocks the "window" of the dispenser, and tries to pull the panel, but no avail, which resulted in Oggy crying due to his hunger. Later, the cockroaches eat a lot of food, then Marky gives the panel of the dispenser to Joey. Oggy is then seen wearing goggles, then holding a saw. Oggy then tried to slice the dispenser, but he failed. One of the cockroaches then threw a can of soda on to Oggy's face. Dee Dee takes the panel, resulting in Marky and Joey angry at him. He presses random buttons. This resulted in the hand of the dispenser tickling Oggy. Dee Dee laughs, but Marky takes the panel, resulting in the whole cockroach gang trying to take the panel, resulting in lots of food being thrown at Oggy's face, followed by a pink Volkswagen Beetle, a camel, a guitar, an umbrella, a volleyball, a suitcase, and a nut. The nut falls down to the switch-on button of the saw, resulting in the saw moving on its own, then pulling Oggy, destroying the house in the process. Due to this, the plug released shock, then unplugged on its own. Oggy then fell down the stairs, and the saw landed on the floor deeply. He was relieved, but cracks came around Oggy's landing spot. This resulted in Oggy's house falling down into pieces.

The house was then rebuilt to normal, and some planks are present everywhere at the house, mainly to keep the house standing. He wanted to get some food, so Oggy then got his hands in the dispenser. Oggy extended his hands extended to reach the cockroaches and crush them, like Oggy used his arms and hands to get his baby doll from Marky in Baby Doll. However, Oggy extends his arms so much, that his arms can't get out of the dispenser. Oggy cries, trying to pull his arms out of the dispenser, only to be crushed by the dispenser like a Whomp from the Super Mario franchise. Oggy then becomes flat, allowing him to sneak into the dispenser. However, the roaches dance on the dispenser's "control panel", causing the dispenser's "hand" to hit Oggy. The dispenser's "hydraulic press" crushes Oggy, then Oggy comes out shaped like a hotdog. Oggy was so frustrated, that he tries to destroy the dispenser with various things, but no avail. His house gets destroyed again, and he does a yoga sign.

At the backyard, Oggy drops the dispenser to his swimming pool. Oggy then relaxes on to his beach chair. The cockroaches noticed that they were underwater, and the dispenser is flooding! Joey tries to block the water with chewing gum, then Marky pulls wires; however, he was shocked, causing the dispenser to gain wheels, and so the dispenser moves by its own! It turns out that Marky is now "driving" the dispenser. Oggy sees this, so he rides a lawnmower. While the chase goes by, the cockroaches in the dispenser ruins Bob's flowers. Oggy sees a button for turbo-speed mode, and so Dee Dee gets shocked. Oggy finally reaches the dispenser, while the lawnmower gets destroyed, despite the lawnmower crashing into a grass wall. Joey tells Marky to prepare cans of orange juice. Marky sets them up as rockets; due to the strong force the cans are giving, the dispenser flies until it reaches space. Oggy slams into an asteroid, then he sees a button, making the dispenser release its "window".

Oggy tries to crush the roaches; however, they fell back to Earth, burning up in re-entry in the process. Bob was painting something, however, he sees something falling from the sky, making a massive earthquake and ruining Bob's painting (despite being far from him). The landing caused a large crater.

The episode then transitions into Oggy, now in the "hospital" room of his house, along with the roaches. Jack comes, then he ties the balloon rope on to Oggy's feet. Jack presses a button at the dispenser; however, instead of being given some food, the episode ends, as Oggy, Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee were thrown out of the house.




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