Oggy finds a simple cube sitting in front of his house. He becomes hypnotized by the cube and takes it inside. The cube gets bigger and bigger and starts to invade Oggy’s life. Oggy can’t seem to live without it. Olivia and Jack try to reason with him.

Official Synopsis, [1]

The Cube is the 15th episode of Season 4.


Oggy found a mysterious cube in his garden and got attracted to it. He bring it in his house. When the cockroaches saw it they started to push it to take it in their place but Oggy bring it back. The next day he took it on a walk and when Bob laughed on him it made a high sound which is irritating to others. The box started to grow day by day and one day it was as much big as one of the room of the house of Oggy. Olivia notice it and takes Jack help.


  • Oggy eats a lot of chocolate in this episode, but chocolate is toxic for feline consumption.



Oggy season 4 The Cube

Oggy season 4 The Cube


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