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The Cicada and the Cockroach is the 36th episode of Season 3.


During a sunny afternoon, Oggy is driving his scooter, smiling, when a flying insect smashes in his teeth. It is a cicada. Because she is hurt, Oggy picks her up and takes her home to take care of her. Soon the cicada song drives the roaches nuts...


Oggy is riding his scooter home, just then a cicada crashes into his teeth, this injures her.Oggy takes it home, finding her voice relaxing he makes her stay in a plant meanwhile he goes out to get some trees for her.Joey finds the sound of her wings irritating and goes to her with a tape, but she beats him up and ties him with a tape.Meanwhile Oggy gets new trees in his backyard, attracted by the trees she goes and makes a home in one of them.Oggy starts to play bocce in front of her tree, when throwing his ball it accidentally hits Bob.This makes Bob angry and he was about to beat up Oggy but the Cicada makes them not fight and Bob joins Oggy in the game.Meanwhile Joey go upto the Cicada and shows her a story-book in which it shows a Cicada begging for food and later dying, but Cicada shows him that all the food from the fridge was transferred into her house, Joey offers her money but it is not enough for her to leave so Joey goes away.Meanwhile Bob and Oggy are playing bocce, Joey along with Marky and Dee Dee go to her house and kidnap her.They later go to a river to through her into, but just then Oggy and Bob realize the Cicada is gone and stop the cockroaches and free her, the cockroaches are eaten by a frog.The Cicada later goes on the top of the tree and attract many other male Cicadas, this gives a headache to Oggy and Bob, Bob runs away to his house to hide.Joey angry with the noise picks up an axe and cuts down the trees, but is stopped by Oggy, however ignoring Oggy's warning he cuts down all trees but two, when Oggy grabs Marky and Dee Dee and makes them dress as female Cicadas.Marky and Dee Dee flies onto one of the trees and attract males and fly away.The Cicada after seeing that the male Cicadas have gone gets angry and prepares to leave, but is hit by Jack's car, but survives and flies away, the episode ends with Oggy crying.Later he and Jack play Bocce with Joey as the Jack.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - The Cicada and the Cockroach (S03E39) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - The Cicada and the Cockroach (S03E39) Full Episode in HD