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The sixth season of Oggy and the Cockroaches began on May 16, 2017.

This season does not have a topic in general, but instead remakes certain episodes of Season 1 and Season 2.

Episode List

This is a list of parts (Season 5+ episodes) as of February 2019 and their respective episode counterparts. 

# Title Synopsis Episode Remake
346 347 348 Crackdown on the Fridge Coming back from the market, Oggy finds his house completely ransacked by the cockroaches: it’s a total dump! It’s just too much! He decides to protect his fridge against the “roachy” attacks and clamps on a solid lock! Mission Oggy
Laughter Forbidden The roaches force Oggy to ingurgitate an explosive concoction that Jack invented to get rid of the roaches. Panic-stricken, Jack tries everything in the books to stop Oggy, the walking time bomb, from going off... Laughing Gas
Cockroach vs Mouse An audacious mouse gets into Oggy’s place and raids all the food. If there’s one thing that’s even more frightening for Oggy than the cockroaches, it’s A MOUSE! The Outsider
349 350 351 Strong Coffee This morning Oggy wakes up, depressed and yawning. The house looks like it's been blitzkrieged...A cup of coffee and let's turn over a new leaf and get this place in order. The roaches as usual are more than willing to lend a hand! Shake Oggy Shake
Jack's Kit Jack arrives with a put-it-together-yourself roach-catching trap. When he tries to get some silence to work, the cockroaches try their best in causing as much noise as possible. This forces poor Oggy to try and keep them quiet, which is easier said than done. Cat Kit
Cute Little Puppy Oggy comes across an adorable dog who’s lost his way. Moved by the young pup’s moist eyes, he immediately takes him in. Everything would be fine if Jack didn’t surprise Oggy barking and immediately called for psychiatric help! A Dog Day Afternoon
352 353 354 The Great Invasion For Christmas Jack has received a chemistry set and he decides that he is going to create the perfect insecticide in order to get rid of the roaches once and for all. But instead of getting rid of them, they start multiplying infinitely! Cloning Around
Tooth Exchange Following the explosion of his booby-trapped toothbrush, Oggy loses one of his baby teeth. Tooth Good to be True
Oggy's Costume Jack and Oggy are calmly playing bowls in the garden. The cockroaches rummage through the house and discover one of Oggy’s costumes in the closet. Taking advantage of Oggy’s momentary absence, the clone takes his place… Oggy's Clone
355 356 357 Mamma Oggy Oggy gets up one morning to discover that his stomach is enormous...it's round...is he pregnant? He can't believe it at first and then, timidly flips through the pages of a magazine for young parents...he is pregnant! Nine Months and Counting
Oggy and the Kittens Jack chases for the cockroaches but Oggy supports them once and for all, so the cockroaches are thrown out. Just a few seconds after that they receive three young kittens. Jack yet has a doubt, can he solve the mystery? Or is there none at all? Oggy and the Babies
The Winning Ticket Oggy and Jack win the lottery ticket number for a massive sum of money, that is, until Dee Dee gets a hold of it. The Lottery Ticket
358 359 360 Super Dee Dee While repairing the roaches' TV in one stormy night, Dee Dee is struck by lightning, which gives him super strength. However, Dee Dee lets this get to his head, causing him to be a villain toward Oggy and even his fellow roaches, Marky and Joey. Oggy VS Super Roach
Alone at Last After a wild chase through the house, Oggy catches the roaches in an empty can. He welds on the lid and then throws it out the window. Good riddance roaches! Oggy can't believe his good luck! So Lonely
Snack Time Jack gets his wonderful cake stolen. He starts to chase after the roaches. In the chaos, he flattens the unfortunate Oggy who remains down for the count. Jack has only one choice in order to bring his cousin back to life : go back in time! The Time Machine
361 362 363 Doll Idol Having completely regressed, Oggy enthusiastically plays with his doll. He puts it in a pretty little doll house, without suspecting for a second that the cockroaches have already squatted the place… Baby Doll
Ups and Downs A Storm outside is messing things. Oggy's house is facing severe consequences by the storm, such as things going here and there, and what is left to happen is the whole house getting Upside Down and landing on a tree, so what will Oggy do with this storm and "Tree-House" thing? Upside Down
Bless You Oggy! Oggy has caught a devastating cold and his steady sneezing is getting out of hand. Jack has the perfect shock treatment: a good old fashioned shot! Terrified, Oggy starts inventing the most absurd camouflages to hide from the big needle... Hide and Sick
364 365 366 The Loot With a conspiring wink, Jack slips his cousin a mysterious attaché case bursting with greenbacks! Oggy is petrified at the thought of having to hold onto such a sum of money and spends his time trying to find the ideal hiding place for it! Go Slow With Your Dough
Roach Charmer Oggy plays a magic flute and unwittingly hypnotizes Marky. Oggy and the Magic Flute
A Crazy Carpet Oggy buys a Persian rug which it turns out...is a flying carpet! Oggy climbs on for a spin and doesn't notice the fire-crackers that the roaches have attached to the end. The carpet immediately starts flying at top speed with loopings and dives. Magic Carpet Ride
367 368 369 Wake-Up Oggy! After a party with Jack, Oggy heads home as the sun is rising. He just has one thing in mind: Sleep! Sleepless Night
Wild Flight Oggy and Jack share a ride in a remote-controlled hot-air balloon. However, it soon becomes a joyride when their remote ends up in the cockroaches' hands. Loony Balloons
Bouncing Ball Oggy gets his hands on a new, super bouncing-ball. He decides to try it out and it soon bounces all over the house, wrecking everything in its path. And things don't get any better when Joey accidentally swallows it. Bugball
370 371 372 Cockroach Oggy The Cockroaches replace one of Oggy's chocolates with a glowing piece, turning him into a cockroach. Metamorphosis
An Intrusive Neighbor After a rather explosive practical joke, Bob the dog finds himself homeless. With no where else to go he decides to set up camp at Oggy's. Oggy is outraged and tries everything in the books to get rid of his imposing house guest. But nothing doing! Not only do the roaches sabotage all of his traps but what's more, Bob is solid as a rock. He won't budge. And yet in the end, it's thanks to the roaches that Oggy is finally rid of his intruder...even though his victory is short-lived... Homebreaker
Serenade for a Monster Oggy does a beautiful swan dive into his pool and hits his head on a sea monster! His panic quickly dissipates when he realizes that it's just old Nessie, the Lock [sic] Ness monster. Oggy will charm the big guy with a bagpipe and leads him back home... The Pied Bagpiper
373 374 375 A Shockproof Denture The cockroaches are pulling yet another prank on poor Oggy. This time, they superglue massive, fake teeth in his mouth. Oggy is forced to first try to call his neighbor Bob, but he instead puts the big teeth out to beat up Oggy and then he puts them back in, which causes Oggy to call his old friend Jack in order to get rid of his new, oversized teeth. A Tooth for a Tooth
A Rebel Bait Oggy and Jack are going fishing. Oggy has gathered all the necessary material, including an enormous worm who escapes from the jar and threatens Oggy with a revolver. "Rambo-worm" blows up Jack’s trailer, steals his car and… goes fishing. The Bait Bites Back
A Wild Train Ride Jack is completely immersed in his video game. To get his cousin’s attention, Oggy takes out his old electric train, but Jack doesn’t even lift an eyelash! The cockroaches take advantage of their good luck to hijack the train and steal all the food! One Track Life
376 377 378 Bad Luck Day Oggy becomes afraid of bad luck when he finds out that today is Friday the 13th. Wrong Side of the Bed
Oggy Cat Trainer All gushy over the little kitten he found in his yard, Oggy plays parent and decides to teach the kitten to behave like a real cat. The kitty learns fast and Oggy is one proud parent. But, in the end, it's Oggy who'll learn a tough lesson from Bob! Oggy Has Kittens
The Tenants Oggy flattens the cockroaches with a well-deserved swat of the flyswatter. The three insects are thrown out without further ado. Humiliated, they can think of only one thing : get their revenge! They decide to put Oggy’s house up “for rent”! House for Rent
379 380 381 Chocolate Wars Oggy gets a box of chocolates for his birthday. The jealous cockroaches do everything they can to steal them and gobble them down… In a militaristic madness to get the box back, Jack only manages to destroy Oggy’s house… Bitter Chocolate
Nature's Call Oggy has a most pressing need! He rushes over to the little boy’s room but the door is locked from the inside. The cockroaches are basking in a refreshing bath. It’s out of the question that someone’s going to bother them! Occupied
Flying Lesson Realising one day that they have little wings on their backs, the roaches want to fly. But when it comes to jumping into the void below, nobody wants to be first! High Flyers
382 383 384 Crazy Driving! Oggy takes his driving test and the least one can say is that he’s not really gifted! The cockroaches, of course, are along for the ride, and take it upon themselves to transform the driving test into a real stock-car race… A Tip for the Road
Puzzle Mania Oggy is getting ready to put the last piece of his mammoth, complicated jigsaw puzzle into place when suddenly...you guessed it...the roaches steal it from him. With Jack and Oggy on their tail, the roaches wreak havoc as they run through the house. Puzzling isn't it?! Oggy's Puzzled
Special Deliveries A stork keeps delivering babies into Oggy's garden! Oggy discreetly drops them off at Bob's who in turn discreetly gives them back to Oggy. Baby Boum
385 386 387 Under the Sun It’s a beautiful summer day. Oggy savors this moment of pure joy. But suddenly a small cloud projects a shadow directly onto Oggy. Heatwave
Abracadabra In this remastering version, Oggy bought a ring for Olivia and goes to her place hoping to win her love and her parents acceptance. Unfortunately for him, due to a mix up with the mail packages, he ends up with a magician suit and things didn't go too well for Oggy. The Joker Joked
A Voracious Pet Oggy is left to look after an ostrich for Jack. While she starts eating anything around the house, the cockroaches get involved with her chase. Dee Dee and Marky want to eat her, whereas Joey wants to ride her. The Hungry Ostrich Empire

388 389 390

TV Addict Oggy is hypnotised by his favourite TV programs. The roaches take advantage of this to start up the practical jokes. But nothing and nobody are going to get in the way of Oggy's TV. TV Obsession
Sweet Teddy-Bear While his parents are hibernating, a little bear cub leaves the family den. His curiosity leads him to Oggy's house where the latter is getting ready for a costume party. Jack is dressed up as a bear and Oggy as a baby whose teddy bear looks too real. Un-bear-able Bears
Oggy Robot During a chaotic chase, the roaches shatter one of Oggy's favorite crystal, animal sculptures. Copy Cat
391 392 393 Christmas Spirit There's a snow storm raging on Christmas eve. Oggy throws the roaches out into the bitter cold so that he can continue decorating the Christmas tree in peace. But the Christmas spirit gets the better of him and he invites the roaches to join in the feast… A Truce for Christmas
A Crazy Week-End Jack decides to take Oggy to the seaside for the weekend. Oggy is ecstatic and jumps into the car with his ducky life preserver. But hiding in the shadows of the car are three pesky little stowaways. Yes you guessed right, the three roaches! Blue Sunday
The Challenge Jack and Oggy are fighting over the TV program and so Jack decides to settle the argument with a motorcycle race. Control Freak
394 395 396 Soccer Fever Jack is glued to a soccer game on TV. Drawn by the screaming soccer fans, Joey takes an interest in the game and with his two partners and a few buddies he forms two teams and organizes a match. But they need a soccer field...  Penalty Shot
Lost at Sea Oggy and Jack are shipwrecked, floating in the middle of the ocean on a little raft. Dee Dee gobbles up their last cookie reserve. The two cats are ready to go at each other’s throats...when a ship appears on the horizon... Sea Risks...
Deep into the Wild Oggy and Jack are on a safari photo-shoot in Africa. Safari, So Good...
397 398 399 Wacky Garden Party Oggy has set up his barbecue under an oak tree where a mommy eagle is tending to her eggs. Between Bob the neighbour who uses Oggy as a racket-ball, and the mother eagle who will do anything to defend her eggs, things get cooking pretty fast! Barbecue
Bath Time! The cockroaches, in an attempt to give Dee Dee a bath, turn the entire suburban region into an ocean, and Oggy's just woken up to that. Can our blue feline make it back into the house, or will the cockroaches dampen any more of his plans? Wash Day
Bowling Champions The cockroaches' game of pick-up sticks is interrupted by Oggy, who is bowling. However, when Jack comes over, a chase begins, leading both cats to a real bowling alley. Strike!
400 401 402 Oggy's Sister One fine morning a blue tornado storms into the house: it's Oggy's sister! Jack immediately falls into a catatonic love stupor. When love digs in its claws, it's hard to let go and no sacrifice is too big in Jack's pursuit of the young cat-babe... Love & Kisses
A Fit Body for Oggy Overweight Oggy decides to keep fit, much to the dismay of the cockroaches. What can they do in this situation? Perform the usual sabotages to make sure Oggy stays the way he is. Oggy's Diet
Oggy's Brand New Face Oggy needs to have plastic surgery after his face gets badly injured during a chase against the Cockroaches. Face Off
403 404 405 Thunder Oggy As Oggy climbs up on the roof to repair his TV antennae, he is struck by lightning. Oggy pounds on the door to get in, then stops, stunned. His fist has gone right through the door without even touching it... He can now walk through walls! Walls Have Ears
Destruction Works in Progress Jack has decided to redo the façade of Oggy’s house. While he breaks for a quick snack, the cockroaches steal his tools and his trough in order to build themselves a makeshift pool… Beware of Destruction
A Greedy Friend After Oggy receives a lava lamp from the post, the cockroaches release the blob from inside of it, which then starts growing and eating anything in its path. The Blob

406 407 408

What's on the Menu? Dressed to the nines, Jack and Oggy go to dinner in the city. Of course, the three beasties tag along but when the cockroaches go crazy, someone is going to get their desserts! Oggy's Night Out
Good Night, Don't Sleep Tight Oggy is trembling with fear but completely riveted to a horror film on TV. Of course the roaches take advantage of the situation in order to frighten him even more by pretending to be blood-thirsty monsters... Monster from the Mud Lagoon
Beach Havoc Oggy arrives at the seaside on his scooter, ready for a nice day of laziness. But the cockroaches, who discover the joys of the Big Blue, its crafty shellfish, its short-lived sandcastles, soon transform this dream-like beach into a battle zone. Beachcombers

410 411

Itsy-Bitsy Oggy The cockroaches take off with the key to Oggy’s fridge and dash down to the center of the Earth. To flush them out of their hideout, Oggy jumps into the Xerox machine and makes himself the size of… the roaches!  It's a Small World
Magic Laundry Bag Oggy and the cockroaches enter a world where laundry is alive. Oggy's Bag
Bodyguard Oggy Oggy is sick and tired of them bullying him all the time (at least more than he usually is), so he decides to get... a bodyguard. Beware of the Bodyguard
412 413 414 Playing Dough Oggy has a new hobby: modeling clay. With the dexterity of a Rodin, Oggy sculpts a miniature version of the entire house, including himself. But the roaches steal the clay-Oggy statue and stick needles in it like a voodoo doll. All Out of Shape
Remote Controlled The remote for the TV becomes able to affect reality. Perpetual Motion
Locked Out Oggy has decided to put an end to the roaches' pesky behavior once and for all. He puts a solid padlock on the fridge and hides the key in his piggy-bank. The Piggy Bank
415 416 417 Brain Control By chance one day, the cockroaches find themselves scrambling through the labyrinth of Jack's (minuscule) brain. They very quickly realise how profitable it can be for them if they take over the controls of his brain... It's All Under Control
An Unwanted Customer Oggy is off to the supermarket to shop. But the roaches have tagged along and they sit in the shopping cart stuffing their faces with chicken at Oggy's expense. As he chases the them through the aisles, Oggy turns the supermarket upside down... Crazy Shopping
Green Trouble While picking mushrooms with Jack, Oggy gets bit by a snake. It's countdown time as a disquieting purple spot starts spreading all over poor old Oggy's fur! Despite the traps set by the roaches on Oggy's rush back home, Jack manages to save him... 7 Minutes & Counting
418 419 420 Cyber-Oggy After a short-circuit, Oggy and Joey have been sucked into the electrical system. Navigating from wire to wire and surfing on the Net, they discover the fascinating world of communication. How are they going to get out of this virtual world? Virtual Voyage
Whistle Power Oggy receives a time-freezing whistle in the mail (along with some ear muffs). But when the cockroaches take notice of this, they trick him into thinking that he has frozen them in time. And upon doing so, they steal the whistle when Oggy goes out and cause mayhem in the city by freezing everything. The Wonder-Whistle
The Delights of Camping Oggy and Jack go camping and, after a number of mishaps, starting with Dee Dee eating a plant that causes hallucinations to the user, they upset a wild boar who follows them home. Happy Campers
421 422 423 Bad Sport Oggy and Jack are playing an interminable game of chess. Oggy moves one of his pawns forward and...checkmate! But Jack is not a good loser and he decides that he won't have anything more to do with a cheater. Every cat for himself now! Winner Takes All
Showtime! The circus is in town. But Oggy and Jack are flat broke and can't go. Oggy's down in the dumps. To cheer Oggy up, Jack transforms the living room into a three-ring circus. Jack's roach taming number is a big hit! The roaches' revenge is imminent... Fame & Glory
Hiccup Treatment Oggy makes himself a cup of coffee, but just when he’s about to drink he’s lifted up by a monstrous hiccup that throws the coffee right in his face. The cockroaches, dumbfounded by Oggy’s clumsiness, are convinced that he has gone completely crazy! The Hiccup


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