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The fifth season of Oggy and the Cockroaches debuted on June 30, 2017 on Gulli[1] and July 1, 2017 on Cartoon Network.

In this season, the show covers the life of Oggy and the cockroaches as depicted in several points of human history. In no particular order, each series has a topic, based on an important place and time in human history (e.g. Series 1 covers Ancient Egypt and Series 5 covers the Middle Ages) or a story with historical significance (e.g. Series 23 focuses on the Greek epic poem Oddessy by Homer and Series 26 focuses on the legend of King Arthur).

Episode List

This is a list of parts (Season 5+ episodes) as of December 2018 and their respective topics.

# Title Synopsis Series Topic
270 271 272 The Great Pyramid Mystery Oggy chases the cockroaches across the great pyramid construction site, trying to get his sandwich back. In the wink of an eye, the blue cat and his scurrilous companions get lost inside the immense pyramid… Will they ever find their way out? Ancient Egypt
Oggy and the Grasshopper Cloud Joey fools around with Oggy's bird-call whistle and attracts a cloud of grasshoppers, who invade the pyramid. But Dee Dee and Marky feel left out and join forces with Oggy to get rid of the invaders.
Oggy on the Nile Oggy invites Olivia for a dream cruise on the Nile. The cockroaches, furious at being denied access on board, decide to ruin the outing. Plagued with sea-sickness, Oggy does his best to stay afloat!
273 274 275 Gladiator Oggy Oggy and Olivia go to the Coliseum to watch a gladiator combat. The roaches filch Oggy's popcorn but when he goes after them he ends up being enlisted as a gladiator! Roman Empire
Shift that Chariot Oggy! Oggy sees Olivia set off to Rome on Bob's chariot, but Oggy doesn't know how to drive a chariot! Jack gives him driving lessons, which become a nightmare when the roaches get involved.
Oggy's Special Spa Oggy finds a great job working in the Roman Baths. Today, a celebrity is expected: Julius Caesar! Unfortunately, the cockroaches want to use the luxury spa too. Oggy freaks out: if Caesar sees those roaches, he can say goodbye to his new job!
276 277 278 RodeOggy Jack intends to take part in a rodeo organized by Buffalo Bill. Joey is after the first prize too. He enrolls and manages to put Jack out of action. Jack abandons, and asks Oggy to replace him. Who's gonna win, dudes? Joey or Oggy? American West
Sheriff Oggy Sheriff Jack is about to take a nap. He designates Oggy as sheriff during that time. Oggy accepts the mission to impress Olivia, but things get out of hand. Can he maintain law and order? Can he protect the bank? The roaches hold it up again and again...
Wanted The cockroaches stick Oggy's photo over a poster: "WANTED - BOB". Their idea works: a nasty looking bounty hunter turns up in search of OGGY. This could get nasty! Luckily, the unwitting cat sabotages the bounty hunter's plans, in all innocence.
279 280 281 The Green Thumb Official Description to be available... 17th Century France
Oggy the King's Coachman Official Description to be available...
The Levee of the King Official Description to be available...
282 283 284 Marky's Tournament Jack competes in a medieval tournament, with Oggy as his groom. Marky falls head over heels in love with Princess Bobette (Bob’s daughter) and decides to compete. All’s fair in love and war – that’s what cockroaches say… Middle Ages
The Roaches Seize the Castle Lord Bob goes hunting, leaving Oggy and Jack in charge of the castle. The cockroaches boot them out.
The Hunchback from the Cathedral When Oggy’s sandwich gets nicked on the Notre Dame cathedral building site, he thinks it’s the roaches again… But no! It’s Quasimodo, the hunchback. He and Oggy become fast friends, and together, they protect Olivia - the lovely gipsy.
285 286 287 A Gorilla in Town Official Description to be available... 1920s New York
Oggy and the Tramp Official Description to be available...
Dee Dee Capone During prohibition, Dee Dee is designated by Joey and Marky to get hold of canned food. Dee Dee is determined to compete with Al Capone. But Oggy exposes Dee Dee, and stops his business which has people starving all over the city.
288 289 Oggy and the Treasure Official Description to be available... The Seven Seas of the 18th Century (Blackbeard)
The Octopus Masters Official Description to be available...
290 291 292 The Precious Panda Oggy adopts an adorable baby panda. In the pagoda, this little bear is the only guy who counts: the jealous cockroaches decide to get rid of him, but Marky falls completely under the baby’s charm and he doesn’t agree with Joey or DD… Ancient China
Fragile Goods! Oggy - a ceramist – is entrusted with an honorable mission to restore the Emperor’s precious Ming vase. But the cockroaches, convinced it’s full of rice, become obsessed. They must have that vase! Can Oggy find a way to protect it?
Baby Sitting for the Emperor Official Description to be available...
293 294 295 The Tiger Hunt Official Description to be available... 17th Century India
Oggy the Fakir Official Description to be available...
Cockroaches Play Cricket Official Description to be available...
296 297 298 Oggy's Dragon Official Description to be available... The Viking Age
Beware the Longship When the Viking Chief launches an expedition to search for a milder climate, Oggy volunteers: the explorer will be named Head of the Colony! The cockroaches are determined to get there before Oggy and steal his longship…
Oggy, The Lord of Lightning Oggy’s Viking village implores Thor, the God of Lightning, to protect them from monsters. Thor is super powerful and get rid of them easily, but Oggy realizes that Thor is scared of cockroaches. Thor lends Oggy his hammer…
299 300 Oggy's 1001 Nights Oggy is a carpet cleaner in Baghdad. Olivia comes to choose a carpet in the shop and is kidnapped by Bob, the vizier. With the help of Aladdin, his flying carpet, and a certain genius, Oggy flies to the rescue of Olivia, this beautiful stranger... Ancient Persia
A Touch of Genius Official Description to be available...
301 302 303 Moonshot Movie Official Description to be available... Scientific Revolution
Lead Wings Official Description to be available...
Oggy's Invention Official Description to be available...
304 305 306 In the Glare of the Sun Official Description to be available... 14th Century South America (Incan Empire)
Gold Fever In Machu Pichu [sic], Oggy is appointed to watch over the temple offerings. The cockroaches team up with a crazy conquistador who helps them to get rid of Oggy and steal the offerings. He gets the temple’s golden statue in exchange...
Sacrificial Special Bob, an Inca priest, is looking for a sacrifice for a sacrificial ritual. Oggy manages to prevent Bob from choosing his beloved Llama. Instead, he proposes the cockroaches that are after the priest's necklace. Plagued by remorse, Oggy finally tries to save the cockroaches.



Rock Bottom Oggy joins Cousteau's expedition on the Calypso, but he drops a ring in the water - the one he'd planned on giving Olivia. So the cockroaches plunge overboard to fish it up.

20th Century Explorations

Mission Apolloggy Oggy gets lost in his car near Cape Canaveral and Joey steals his road map and leads him right into the space capsule. Marky triggers blast-off by mistake. Who will be the first to walk on the Moon?
The Race to the North Pole April 1909. Jack aims to be the first one to reach the North Pole. Oggy is on his team, of course. But they have rivals: Joey wants to be first to walk on the arctic ice-fields! A crazy race ensues…
310 311 312 Jackoromeo and Bobette In Venice, Gondolier Jack falls hopelessly in love with Bobette, Bob the Doge’s daughter. But dog and cat couples aren’t tolerated in Renaissance times. Everyone wants to put an end to their romantic idyll, except Oggy, who stands up for Jack. The Renaissance
Masquerade Oggy is a master in the art of making confetti in Venice. The doge orders him to release the confetti for his costume party. By emptying his supply of confetti, Oggy destroys the paradise of cockroaches, who intend to make him pay!
Marky da Vinci Venice 1500. Oggy is a failed artist, compared to Marky, who’s a multi-talented genius, in both art and science. Marky invents revolutionary machines which enable Joey and Dee Dee [sic] to pilfer Oggy’s spaghetti supply.
313 314 315 Emperor for a Day During the Napoleonic wars, Oggy cleans the French camp. Napoleon asks Oggy to take his place, so that he can go to a gallant rendezvous. The roaches, witnesses of the scene, will do everything to unmask Oggy.

Napoleonic Era of France

My Kingdom for a Teddy Oggy has solved the mystery of Napoleon’s famous pose - right hand tucked inside his jacket: the Emperor is hiding a stuffed animal, his precious cuddly toy! Napoleon is rather ashamed, and orders Oggy to keep quiet… and watch over his toy during battle.
Oggy and the Hieroglyphs During the Egyptian campaign, Oggy, Napoleon's aide-de-camp, meets Champollion who enlists him for his archaeological excavations. At the corner of a chase with the roaches, Oggy discovers the Rosetta Stone! But Joey wants to grab it...
316 317 318 On the High-Yurt-Way Jack and Oggy run a rest area and Olivia runs the cafeteria. Bob, a camel-truck-driver, tells Oggy to watch over his cargo while he flirts with Olivia. The roaches are more interested in Bob's cargo. Mongolian Empire
Xanadu Milk Oggy and Olivia run a rest area in Mongolia, where the roaches create a shortage in goat's milk. So Oggy and Olivia follow Marco Polo all the way to Xanadu to find a yak.
The Yak Festival It's the Yak Festival at the high-yurt-way rest area where Olivia competes for the Best Yak handler title. Bob's title is at stake - can he win again this year? The roaches want the prize too.
319 320 321 The Cockroaches' Awakening Captain Oggy is on a mission to 'terraform' a frozen planet. On his Hi-Tech space craft, Oggy unfreezes three cockroaches trapped in a block of ice... The three pests take over at once. Space Age
Housework In Orbit Oggy, a hygiene technician, does his best to keep everything spotless. But his boss, Bob, detects that cleanliness is only 99.97% complete.
The Intruder from Space Bob sends Oggy and Olivia to investigate a colourful planet, and a strange giant chicken vessel. The roaches come along. Dee Dee steals an egg while they’re there. The egg hatches into an Alien! Oggy and the roaches have to get rid of this intruder…
322 323 324 The First Samurai Samurai Jack is injured and has to train Oggy as a replacement Samurai. Oggy isn't interested but Olivia's dream is to be a Samurai. But women aren't allowed. Is there a solution?

Ancient Japan

Oggy-Sumo Edo, Japan’s capital city during the Middle Ages. Oggy is in conflict with Lord Bob. Olivia suggests that they settle their differences with a Sumo wrestling ceremony. Olivia is keen to help her contestant win, but the cockroaches interfere…
Oggy, Manga Star Official Description to be available...
325 326 327 Color Conflict Official Description to be available... Stone Age
Wheeling and Dealing Official Description to be available...
The Big Move Official Description to be available...
328 329 330 The Incredible Four Dee Dee makes a false move with the microwave and Oggy, Jack, Olivia and Bob find themselves endowed with super powers. Can the cockroaches compete with adversaries like this? A Super Powered Era
Metalman Oggy buys a special suit so he can FLY when chasing those cockroaches! Soon he ends up flying everywhere, in service to the town. Oggy’s super hero status annoys the three pests… and encourages jealousy…
Z Men to the Rescue The three diabolical cockroaches escape from jail. The Z-men - Olivia, Jack and Oggy - move into action. Their boss Bob sends them out to neutralise the nasties! But the roaches relish their new-found freedom. No way are they going back behind bars!
331 332 333 Mythologgy Official Description to be available... Greek Mythology
Oggy's 12 Labors Official Description to be available...
Oggy and the Minotaur Official Description to be available...

334 335 336

The Pig Curse Official Description to be available... Homer's Odyssey 
Oggy and the Short-Sighted Cyclops Official Description to be available...
Oggy and the Misty Mermaids The cockroaches sabotage the compass. The result? Oggyseus’ ship goes off course, and sails straight into the Mermaids’ waters. Joey does a deal with the mermaids to get rid of Oggyseus and his crew. But will they be enchanted by the mermaids’ song?
337 338 339 Bananas of Wrath 1150, Khmer Kingdom. King Surya Aman II orders Jack and Oggy to build him a temple (the future Angkor Wat). But Oggy is Jack’s one and only worker.

Khmer (Cambodia) Empire

The Jungle Child Oggy finds a little lost boy in the street. He leaves Jack to babysit, while he goes off in search of the parents. Jack takes the child for a walk, but the cockroaches have plans. After being mistreated by the boy, they want revenge.
The Statues' Awakening Official Description to be available...
340 341 342 Below My Tree Official Description to be available... Tribal Africa
Head in the Clouds Official Description to be available...
Super Temor The cockroaches are driving Oggy crazy. He goes to a witch-doctor for help, a curse specialist, who bestows him with a genie called “Super Temor”. This creature deals with the cockroaches in a flash, but lingers on with Oggy, behaving in an over-zealous way.
343 344 345 Oggy and the Legend of Excalibur During yet another chase after the cockroaches, Oggy finds a sword stuck in a rock. Oggy can’t remove it. Merlin appears and makes an announcement: he who can remove it will be King. Merlin appoints the cat to oversee operations. Legend of King Arthur
Oggy and the Search for the Grail The Knights have gathered in the castle with Arthur when Merlin appears. He tells them he has had a vision.
Morgan the Fairy Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table get a visit from Arthur’s sister, Morgan. She and Merlin are not the best of friends she is hardly enchanting.


  • This is the first season in Oggy and the Cockroaches to feature 4K resolution.

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