The 4th season of Oggy and the Cockroaches began airing from 2012-2013. 

Season 4 poster

In this season, the show covers Oggy’s adventures into trying to woo his new neighbor and crush, Olivia. In addition, the season covers a minor sideplot in the cockroaches' adventures to woo the lady cockroach, Lady K.

Episode List

This is the list of episodes from Season 4.

# Title Synopsis
196 197 198 Olivia A new neighbor has just moved in next door and he is a…she! Oggy falls head over heels in love. Olivia is cute as a button and charming as can be. But what is she going to think when she finds out that there are roaches in Oggy’s house ?…
The Lighthouse Keeper Oggy and Jack have to sit in for a Breton friend of theirs who has to attend a bagpipe contest. They become lighthouse keepers for the day. But the roaches fiddle around with the lights and very quickly, the sea all around becomes inextricable chaos… 
Dump the Roaches! Oggy and Jack find a new job: they become garbage men! And they’re off to empty the neighborhood garbage cans early in the morning. Just their luck that the roaches happened to be in the first garbage can our cats picked up… 
199 200 201 Dee Dee's Diet Dee Dee thinks he’s too fat so he decides to go on a diet. Anything goes so he can lose a few kilos. And it works ! He’s become so slim that he can walk right through the holes in Oggy’s roach swatter.
A Jealous Guy During a lovely day in the yard, Joey photoshops some pics and makes Oggy believe that he has had a fling with Olivia, the lovely neighbor. Oggy is super jealous and begins to act very strangely. No one can understand why. 
Let's Party, Guys! It’s Joey’s birthday. And his two buddies decide to throw a surprise party. They post an invitation on the internet and hundreds of roaches show up that evening. Oggy whos[sic] has taken refuge in the yard, calls his cousin for help...
202 203 204 Airship House

It's Jack's birthday, and Oggy is preparing for it by blowing some balloons. The cockroaches bring the balloons and blow all of them, causing Oggy's house to float in the air. Oggy and Jack now have to save the house before it crashes into the city towers.

Panic Room Having enough with the cockroaches screwing his days, Oggy buys a panic room to keep an eye on them.
Into the Wild

Oggy and Jack are having a vacation at the hills. However, it has turned into a really, really long way to go, as the cockroaches are also along with them, only to make even more trouble for the cats.

205 206 207 Washing Day Oggy has just washed his clothes, and is about to dry them, when the cockroaches come up and steal the clothes, starting a battle between Oggy and the roaches on the clotheslines.
Lightning Visit Oggy's relatives arrive at Oggy's house for a visit. As such, Oggy is determined protect his visitors from the roaches' plots.
Oggy's Shadow After an umpteenth fight with the roaches, Oggy tears his shadow! His shadow sulks and pulls away from him, decides she wants her independence. Oggy is going to have to bend over backwards (and sideways, and forwards…) to get her to come back… 
208 209 210 Buddy Parrot One day, Oggy finds a parrot which repeats anything he says and does, and decides to take it home. As the parrot is at Oggy's house, cockroach Dee Dee becomes very obsessed with the parrot, and wants to get its feathers only for... crackers?
The Magic Pen A witch who just happened to be passing by on her broom loses…a magic pen. And everything drawn with the pencil becomes… real ! Joey steals it and uses it to draw an army of men that he is going to send to attack Oggy. Argh! Is there a magic eraser?
The Cube Oggy finds a weird cube in his yard, and decides to take it to his living room. But soon the cube causes trouble for him as it grows bigger.
211 212 213 A Charming Guy Oggy has problems to show his feelings for Olivia, probably because he is just too nervous to do so. To make matters worse, the roaches come along to ruin Oggy's every attempt to impress Olivia.
Fly for Fun When a helicopter lands on Oggy's yard, Oggy deicdes to take control of it for a while. Suddenly, cockroach Joey falls in love to the helicopter, thinking it's a fly and leaving the other roaches in confusion, and harder for Oggy to control it.
Olivia's Pimple Olivia notices a pimple on her face and refuses to leave her home. What will Oggy do to help Olivia get rid of the pimple?
214 215 216 The Ice Rink It's an icy day, and when Bob crashes into a fire hydrant, Oggy's yard turns into a large ice rink. Oggy and Olivia decide to make some fun on the rink by going on ice skating. However, as Oggy has problems with his ice skating shoes, the cockroaches, as usual, have plans to make matters worse, putting him in trouble with Bob.
For Real! Oggy chases Joey through the street until they reach a power plant and crash into a power rod, turning Oggy into a real cat and Joey into a real cockroach. This turns out to be a real problem for both of them, as they can't do anything they usually do.
Fly to the Sun As usual, the cockroaches are planning to get food from the fridge, and this time they blow up the floor of Oggy's house. However, the blast instead sends the house up into the space, heading into the sun. Will Jack be able to save Oggy's house before it collides into the sun?
217 218 219 Run, Olivia, Run! Olivia is taking part of a marathon, and Oggy comes with a bag with a bottle of water inside. However, the roaches, as usual, also come with him and are up to no good, stealing the bag, resulting in a big chase while the race is on.
Mind the Giant! Cockroach Marky accidentally eats a tree seed which makes him grow really, really fast, turning him into a giant roach who eats everything.
A Soft World Oggy gets a package containing a spray bottle, which he hopes to be able to kill the roaches. However, as the roaches have it in their hands, they have made everything droopy and soft.
220 221 222 Sport Fans After the cockroaches destroy Oggy's TV, Oggy and Jack make the cockroaches do olympic events themselves.
The Kitchen Boy Oggy gets a new job as a chef in a restaurant. Everything is good for Oggy, until the cockroaches come along to spoil Oggy's cookings. Oggy must cook a food to the customer/girlfriend, Olivia. How can Oggy able to do this?)
Mister Cat Oggy is taking part of a Mister Cat contest, but then Bob also enters with his new pet cat. When it comes to the final round, Bob decides to ask help from the cockroaches to fix the contest to make sure his pet cat wins.
223 224 225 The Easter Egg An Easter Bell, tired from its long flight, lands in Oggy’s yard and lays an Easter egg right before taking off again. Oggy that find the egg decided to give it to Olivia, but cockroaches decided to eat it.
Journey to the Center of the Earth After the cockroaches steal Oggy's nose, Joey and Oggy fall to the center of the earth. Meanwhile, Dee Dee and Marky tell Olivia of this, as they go down to save Oggy and Joey.
Butterfly Race! Oggy was drinking his drink on his very long straw while Bob is cutting his shrubs and Olivia is working up. While Oggy is relaxing, a butterfly came in and lands on Oggy and Oggy likes the butterfly and feeds him honey and Dee Dee likes that too. Since Bob is obsessed with butterflies when he saw Oggy has a butterfly as a pet, he gets Marky and dressed him up like a butterfly. Soon, it turns into a race against Oggy and his butterfly against Bob and Marky. During the race, Bob tries his best to stop Oggy's butterfly but Oggy recharged his power and his butterfly wins. Unfortunately, all the honey had been eaten by Dee Dee and the butterfly leaves which makes Oggy sad. Olivia comforts him and Oggy feels better.
226 227 228 Oggy Goes Green! Oggy buys a solar panel, and sees its effects. Then, Oggy goes crazy and uses everything from solar energy. But, the cockroaches decide to use them to chase Oggy with burning heat.
Now You See Me, Now You Don't! Oggy is fixing himself up a veggie drink, what could be more healthy than that?! But every time his back is turned, the roaches put weird junk into the blender. Oggy managed to get his body visible when he goes to the bathroom while the cockroaches creates a concoction to make them invisible.
What a Lousy Day! Oggy is in the attic and wears his cowboy hat, unaware that 3 lice are in his hair. Oggy began to scratch his head because its itchy but Oggy isn't the only one who has an itchy head, even Jack and Bob has itchy heads too and Olivia is confused why the trio keep on scratching their heads. Olivia looks closely at their heads and sees many lice eggs in their heads. Olivia washed their heads and puts a cloth on their heads to make them dry except they became humiliated in public. After their hairs are dry, Olivia calls the cockroaches to get rid of the lice and succeeded. Later on, they noticed Olivia scratching her head and now it's her turn for them to wash her head.
229 230 231 Jack's Nephew Jack brings his nephew to Oggy's house, wanting Oggy to look after. But Jack's nephew is lazy, and only wants to eat cereal flakes. However Joey becomes fast friends with Jack's Nephew and trash the place.
Roommate Wanted! Oggy is getting mighty bored living all alone. As he vacuums the spare room, he suddenly has an idea. So he decides to make a list of roommates to be with him so that he can't be bored. Unfortunately for Oggy, his roommates are afraid of the cockroaches and every time Oggy hired more roommates, they keep on leaving his house because of the cockroaches and Oggy got frustrated.
The Bathtub Race When the neighborhoods were bored, Olivia has organized a bathtub race in the neighborhood. Oggy, Bob, Jack, along with the cockroaches sign up.
232 233 234 Inspector Dee Dee Oggy has returned to his house and shocked to find every thing gone in his house which makes him upset.With the police useless Dee Dee decides to find the culprit. Meanwhile Oggy and Marky start acting as if nothing happened.
Hep Taxi! Oggy becomes a taxi driver, and the roaches try to sabotage the business.
(Un)Happy Camper! Olivia and Oggy head off in their camping car for a beach vacation. The roaches come along for the ride and decide to ruin Oggy’s vacation of course. Also Bob caravanning near Oggy and Olivia's, makes Oggy very disturbed by Bob's furniture. Can Oggy save his camping trip?
235 236 237 A Streetcar on the Loose Super proud, Jack has become the driver of the new streetcar that runs through the neighborhood. All the local kids, accompanied by Olivia, their school teacher, take the streetcar. But the roaches screw up all the streetcar’s steering system… 
Grease-Monkey Oggy Oggy and Jack opened up a garage with gas tanks and lets Oggy worked as a mechanic while he relaxes.Oggy has to fix Bob's car while the cockroaches make havoc.
Farmer for a Day Olivia takes Oggy to an old farm.Oggy starts having an unusual experience with the animals, but with the cockroaches it's only the beginning.
238 239 240 Oggy Splits Hairs Oggy and Jack open up a salon. But the cockroaches are here to mess up the work.
Little Tom Oggy

Oggy exits shopping and confused to see which way to go. He tries to leave a trail but Dee Dee eats it and both of them became lost. Can they get home to their friends?

Don't Barge In!

Oggy and Olivia are on a boat ride and the cockroaches are there too except Oggy kicked them out. Bob is the bridge operator signaling Oggy to stop except Oggy is confused with Bob's signals and ended up bumping into him. The cockroaches raced back to the boat while Bob always ended up getting bumped by Oggy's ride. The cockroaches managed to go to the controls and slams into dam bridges and ended in Oggy's house. Bob goes to kill Oggy with a shotgun but Oggy pushed the button and Bob got crushed by the gate.

241 242 243 Artsy Oggy Oggy is painting a portrait of his tree in his yard. Suddenly, the cockroaches snatch his painting and doodled all over it. After Oggy gets it back from Joey, he calls an art critic and gives Oggy a briefcase full of money. Surprised, Oggy paints more portraits but when the critic arrives again, he refuses to accept Oggy's painting. Later Oggy forces the roaches to doodle all over his portraits and when the critic arrives once more, he gives Oggy bars of gold. The roaches confess what really happened. Feeling angry, Oggy grabs the roaches and hangs them in frames.
A Five-Legged Sheep Oggy finds a five-legged sheep in front of his yard, little does he know that it is astray. Oggy decides to keep it for a while and also the roaches have come along for the ride. The mayhem ruins Bob's yard. Later, the sheep's owner finally finds it and brings it home back to where it belongs. Meanwhile, Bob confronts Oggy and drags him to the garage and beating him up.
Oggy and the Magic Smile Oggy buys a magic smile from the magic shop. Everytime he wears it, he turns into a muscular tough guy. Will he use it to impress Olivia or plot revenge against the roaches? Both of these don't happen until cockroach Joey gets a hold of the magic smile. How will Oggy get it back?
244 245 246 Water Sports Oggy, Jack and Olivia go to Aqualand for the day. The roaches wreak havoc by fiddling around with the wave-making machine and cranking it to max.
Caviar on the House! Oggy decides to buy some caviar to impress Olivia. Unfortunately, he only has enough money to buy one little fish egg!
Party Pooper Oggy decides to throw a private party just for Olivia so as to try and seduce her. But the roaches hack into Oggy's printer and print up three more invitations to the party. So Jack and Bob join in the fun.
247 248 Scaredy-Cat It's Halloween! While Oggy is busy sculpting a pumpkin to put in the window, Jack is trying on his most horrible costumes. What's worse, a swamp monster came in Oggy's house by mistake and got lost
North-Pole Panic This year's Christmas would have been the best one in the lifetime if it hadn't been ruined by the cockroaches.
249 250 251 Skate Fever Oggy finds a skateboard in the street. After a disastrous start, he begins to get the hang of it and really enjoy it. He even builds a skate park at home.
Dream On! Oggy is having a nightmare, can he solve this little sleeping problem? In the end, Oggy is angrily ruin his dream by cockroaches and he chase around his house with chainsaw to rupture the roaches. Meanwhile, Olivia, Bob and Jack are do nothing to stop his sleeping problem.
Lady K Oggy goes over to Olivia’s for tea. The roaches manage to invite themselves and start to make a mess of Olivia’s house. While the roaches are walking through the air vents, they meet a magnificent roach babe: Lady K…
252 253 254 Oggy and the Dodo Bird Oggy adopts a bird and Dee Dee decides to eat it.
Steamed Out! Oggy, Jack and Bob built a den. However, the cockroaches puts on steams in the house.
Picnic Panic Oggy, Jack and Olivia are going for a picnic and the roaches came along too. However, the ants flock the roaches out by attacking them after the lovely picnic.
255 256 257 Lights Out! Oggy, Jack, Bob and Olivia are playing a game of cards when suddenly Joey accidentally turn off the lights and starts to raid the fridge.
Wrestling Time! Jack coerces Oggy into being a wrestler.

While Olivia have gone out for a meal with Oggy, Lady K realizes that the own fridge is empty. So she heads over to Oggy’s house in the hopes of raiding his fridge. But it’s empty too! Lady K. asks the three roaches that they go hold up a supermarket…

258 259 260 Bicycle Crazy! A big bicycle race will be passing through the neighborhood. Jack plans to get money from the spectators by making a barbecue stand, only to get distracted by what Bob is planning to do. Meanwhile, Marky wants to meet Eddy, a bicycle racer, and get a photo of him.
Teleportation Oggy ordered a teleport machine which he uses it to go to any place faster by teleporting to that location. While Oggy is asleep, the cockroaches uses that to rob the fridge but Dee Dee and Marky are trapped while Joey's asleep. Jack and Bob wanted to try that machine but unfortunately after a few teleportations, they became stuck together so Oggy has to get them free.
Oggy & the Flour Man Oggy is about to make a pastry delight until Dee Dee steals his flour and Oggy chases after it. After that, the flour becomes a flour man and Oggy befriends it, while Dee Dee and his pals are trying to get the flour from the flour man, but it won't be easy because they can easily get through it instead of touching it, and easily blown away.
261 262 263 The Cucaracha A mexican cockroach came for a visit with the cockroaches until Joey became jealous when Lady K fell in love with the cucaracha.
High-Rise Nightmare Bob has built a modern skyscraper and moves in the penthouse. Bob now thinks he can do what ever he wants. He throws his garbage out the window and Oggy's garden quickly becomes a garbage dump! Oggy declares war against Bob… 
The Abominable Snow Roach A heavy snowstorm covers the whole area and the whole place is soon under a heavy pile of snow. The cockroaches are making a snow roach and they want to eat food but Dee Dee has already eaten all the food in the fridge. So when they spot Oggy carrying food, they decide to disguise themselves as a snow roach and let Oggy give them food.
264 265 Very Special Deliveries Oggy and Jack take up jobs as delivery cats with Bob as their boss and the cockroaches as their saboteurs.
Back to the Past! A witch is flying through the sky on her broomstick when her hat blows off and disappears in the clouds. She turns back and goes after it. The hat lands in Oggy’s yard…
266 267 Wake-Up My Lovely Lady K wanted to rule the house of Olivia, she had a evil plan, making the apple to a forever sleeping potion, Olivia ate it. Oggy had to rescue her.
From Mumbai with Love Jack wanted to see the Cricket World Cup 2012, the cockroaches had a different plan, on their way to their plans, they ruined the trip.
268 269 Oggy and the Mermaid Oggy went scuba diving and saw a mermaid, the cockroaches kidnapped it, leaving Oggy to rescue her.
Oggy Is Getting Married!

Oggy is in Venice with Olivia, the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. Jack is there too… and the roaches, of course…



  • This is the first season of Oggy and the Cockroaches to use the HDTV format, as well as updated visuals and additional sound effects for the opening theme.
  • Unlike in the previous seasons where the episode title card would have drawn pictures that illustrates the episode. From this season, there would be clear images of the episodes rather than drawing. There is also words "© {year} Xilam Animation" while starting the episode.


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