The second season of Oggy and the Cockroaches began in 2000 and ended in 2003.

In this season, the show covers Oggy and his adventures as he travels around the world.

Episode List

This is the list of episodes from Season 2.

# Title  Synopsis
79 80 81 Fame & Glory Oggy really want to go to the circus but had no money so Jack made a circus for himself, including the people and, for the two felines, the cockroaches.
Hide and Sick Oggy has caught a devastating cold and his steady sneezing is getting out of hand. Jack has the perfect shock treatment: a good old fashioned shot! Terrified, Oggy starts inventing the most absurd camouflages to hide from the big needle...
Love & Kisses One fine morning a blue tornado storms into the house: it's Oggy's sister! Jack immediately falls into a catatonic love stupor. When love digs in its claws, it's hard to let go and no sacrifice is too big in Jack's pursuit of the young cat-babe...
82 83 84 Milk Diet Dee-Dee steals money from Oggy's piggy bank and plays the lottery. Bingo! He's a winner! He heads off to pick up the big prize and what a surprise it is... he's won a milking cow! He soon realizes what a profit he can make with a cow...
Wash Day The cockroaches, in an attempt to give Dee Dee a bath, turn the entire suburban region into an ocean, and Oggy's just woken up to that. Can our blue feline make it back into the house, or will the cockroaches dampen any more of his plans?
Crazy Shopping Oggy is off to the supermarket to shop. But the roaches have tagged along and they sit in the shopping cart stuffing their faces with chicken at Oggy's expense. As he chases the them through the aisles, Oggy turns the supermarket upside down...
85 86 87 Ski Bugs Oggy and Jack are getting a taste of alpine antics. While Jack is being a real show-off on his skis, Oggy is sledding with caution. But with the three roaches hiding in his hat, the ride is going to get a bit hairy!
All Out of Shape Oggy has a new hobby : modeling clay. With the dexterity of a Rodin, Oggy sculpts a miniature version of the entire house, including himself. But the roaches steal the clay-Oggy statue and stick needles in it like a voodoo doll. And it works!
Roachy Redneck The roaches' country cousin shows up for a visit. The little bumpkin has a real green thumb and immediately tends to all the damage his cousins have inflicted on Oggy's garden. Oggy and his gardener buddy quickly become inseparable...
88 89 90 Hit the Road Oggy! Oggy is joyfully closing the shutters and double locking the front door. Wearing sunglasses and a straw hat, Oggy hops in his camping trailer, destination: vacation! The roaches have no intention of letting their favorite target escape...
Penguin Pandemonium Oggy and cockroach Dee Dee wake up to find their fridge-freezer occupied by a penguin and its egg. It's (quite) obvious what this hostile occupation by a polar bird leads to...
That's the Last Straw! There is always one last resort with the cockroaches... this time, the cockroaches attempt to fool Oggy into thinking there's a meteor coming.
91 92 93 Perpetual Motion While repairing a broken TV remote, Jack accidentally created a magic remote that can control time. After discovering it, Jack toys around with this new remote, but it does not get any better when Joey gets a hold of it.
Life's a Beach Due to a bizarre meteorological phenomenon, the sun shines on Oggy's house but every where else, it's raining cats and dogs! Jack decides to take advantage of the situation and turn the house into a Club Med...
Saving Private Dee Dee Oggy, being sick and tired of having his vegetable patch invaded by the cockroaches, decides to protect his vegetables with an electric barbed wire fence. However, cockroach Dee Dee is trapped in the patch, and is soon adopted as a child by a hedgehog. Can Dee Dee's fellow roaches help him break out?
94 95 96 Laughing Gas Jack's latest device at eliminating the cockroaches from the house ends up in the wrong hands when they manage to get Oggy to drink it. What's more, they're armed with some real wacky laughing gas as well.
Hip Hip Hip Hypnoses Marky learns to do hypnosis and want to hypnotize Oggy for anything.
Missing in Action Jack drags Oggy along for some jogging. As fast as a tortoise, Oggy is soon left in the dust and he quickly finds himself lost in the park where the roaches are going to put him through the ringer...
97 98 99 Take Cover Jack's love for playing toy soldiers turns into a nightmare when the cockroaches fool him into believing that there's a real war going on in the back yard.
Copy Cat When the cockroaches break the ear of one of Oggy's most precious figurines, he gets so frustrated and heart-broken that he simply sits still in the sofa, holding the rest of the broken ear in his hand. The cockroaches decide to build a robot to take Oggy's place in chasing them - a decision they will come and live to regret.
High Flyers Dee Dee and Joey have decided they want to fly and Marky is the test subject in a number of very unsuccessful attempts.
100 101 102 The Wonder-Whistle Oggy receives a time-freezing whistle in the mail (along with some ear muffs). But when the cockroaches take notice of this, they trick him into thinking that he has frozen them in time. And upon doing so, they steal the whistle while Oggy's asleep and cause mayhem in the city by freezing everything.
The Hungry Ostrich Empire Oggy is left to look after an ostrich for Jack. While it starts eating anything around the house, the cockroaches get involved with the ostrich chase. Dee Dee and Marky want to eat it, whereas Joey wants to ride it.
Lost in Space Oggy is piloting the space craft replacement for the space station that is orbiting around the earth! Once he's rid himself of his space suit, Oggy feels right at home, comfortably seated on his cushion. And just like home, the roaches pop up...
103 104 105 Working Cat With electricity bills and economic shortage (lack of food and money), Oggy decides to take up a job test in order to look for work. One of the few episodes where the cockroaches support him.
Beware of the Bodyguard The cockroaches are causing the usual trouble, again. Oggy is sick and tired of them bullying him all the time (at least more than he usually is), so he decides to get... a bodyguard.
My Beautiful Prison Oggy is given a treasure map by the cockroaches. However, in order to get this 'treasure, ' Oggy must break INTO a maximum security prison. The result... an all-out Prison siege.
106 107 108 Go For It, Jack! While Oggy is getting his butt whipped by Jack in a game of Ping-Pong, his sister shows up unannounced. Spellbound with love, his heart racing, Jacks gladly lets his cousin win and takes off after the beautiful pussy cat...
The Techno-Files Jack decides to help Oggy by showing him his inventions, purely designed for cockroach removal - which are, in fact, overcomplex and technologically advanced versions of the flyswatter.
Soldier for a Day Oggy is drafted into the Army, given the fact that he is fit for service, and the cockroaches decide to come along and cause havoc in the Boot Camp.
109 110 111 Do Not Lean Out of the Window Oggy is on the train. As he is waving farewell to Jack, the roaches take advantage of the situation and take over the conductor's controls. But their antics get out of hand and they lose total control of the train which is going faster and faster...
7 Minutes & Counting While picking mushrooms with Jack, Oggy gets bit by a snake. It's countdown time as a disquieting purple spot starts spreading all over poor old Oggy's fur! Despite the traps set by the roaches on Oggy's rush back home, Jack manages to save him...
Un-bear-able Bears While his parents are hibernating, a little bear cub leaves the family den. His curiosity leads him to Oggy's house where the latter is getting ready for a costume party. Jack is dressed up as a bear and Oggy as a baby whose teddy bear looks too real.
112 113 114 Warning! Boa on the Run! Upon returning from a picnic to the zoo with Jack, Oggy finds a Boa Constrictor in his picnic basket. In the process, it consumes almost everything in the house, namely Jack and the cockroaches. Can this large reptile be taken back to the zoo before Jack can be digested?
Saturday Black Fever While hoeing his flower bed, Oggy strikes oil! Oil everywhere! Oggy's got a real black thumb! In no time his house is over-run with derricks, pipelines and pumps. It may stink and it may be messy but boy is it profitable!
Mayday! Mayday! Oggy and Jack are on a magnificent cruise ship. While Jack, Joey and Marky are seasick to their stomachs, Oggy is chasing Dee-Dee throughout the boat. During their mad scramble, they manage to make a hole in the hull of the ship...Mayday! Mayday!
115 116 117 The Joker Joked Oggy is getting ready to go visit his fiancée's parents and is impatiently waiting for the mail order suit to show up. But when the delivery boy appears, he hands him a magician's suit by mistake...
Green Peace Oggy's artificial Christmas tree is in shreds. Despite a nagging conscience, Oggy decides to cut down a real Christmas tree from the forest. He has barely started decorating it before the roaches totally ruin it. Oggy goes to cut down another tree...
Keep Cool! After pillaging the fridge, the roaches forget to close the door. And the ice age returns! The ground, the walls, the garden all freeze over...and pretty soon it's the entire earth! Jack and Oggy are now living in the north pole and surrounded with all the animals that go along with it!...Brrrrrrrrrrr, this episode is chilling!
118 119 120 The Pied Bagpiper Oggy encounters the Loch Ness Monster in his swimming pool. Whilst he tries all his best to look after it, the cockroaches want to get rid of it by all means, at all costs - even if it means their physical health.
Sleepless Night Oggy returns home after a night out with Jack and only wants to go to sleep, but the cockroaches have other ideas.
Walls Have Ears While on the roof to fix the TV antenna, Oggy gets hit by a lightning bolt, granting him the ability to pass through anything. Thrilled by this new gift, Oggy causes Jack increasing mental distress, but the cockroaches soon turn the tables against him.
121 122 123 Face Off After a rather disastrous chase with the roaches, Oggy's nose is broken. He gets an operation in the hospital and the new nose is so pretty that all the babes go wild. The roaches are jealous and seek revenge...
Off Limits The cockroaches move into Bob's home, taking Oggy's TV, fridge and money with them. After reasoning fails him, Oggy tries to win back his key possessions by force.
Golf Curse Jack takes Oggy out to play golf. Despite his complete lack of talent, he manages to sink holes-in-one right and left. Jack is beside himself with rage. The roaches who are bored decide to move the holes around in order to spice up the game...
124 125 126 The Pumpkin that Pretended to be a Ferrari

In this fairytale-like story, Oggy accidentally runs over a frog whilst returning home from his shopping. He then tries to kiss it better, only to learn that this frog is actually a fairy, who decides to make a van out of his shopping bag. When Jack learns of Oggy's situation, he decides to find another frog/fairy in order to have a big night out.

Paper Chase Another series of cockroach pranks results in Oggy falling into a photocopier, and trapped inside a piece of paper. Can Oggy find a way out of this situation?
Penalty Shot After watching a game of soccer on TV, cockroach Joey introduces it to Dee Dee and Marky, and decide to have their own game. However, they soon learn that finding the perfect pitch is no walk in the park, even if it means using Jack as a mini soccer field.
127 128 129 Oggy's Puzzled Oggy's attempt at finishing a jigsaw puzzle starts to go to pieces when cockroach Joey steals the final piece.
Going Up The stairs at Oggy's house are too long, and is difficult for him to climb them up when chasing the cockroaches. So, he buys an elevator for making it easier to go to the second floor. But soon, cockroaches make everything go out of control.
Don't Rock the Cradle! Oggy is left to look after the baby of Jack and Monica while they were far away, which is, however, easier said than done, as the cockroaches are all hellbent on making this babysitting job a challenge.
130 131 132 Pharonuf Oggy and Jack's trip in Egypt takes the usual twist when the cockroaches show up to cause mayhem. However, the chase takes themselves and Oggy into a time vortex (inside a pyramid), leading to the Ancient Egyptian Empire time period, where our blue feline is suddenly taken into slave labour, whereas the roaches are all treated like Emperors. What's more, an ancient mummy awaits those who dare disturb its rest.
Sitcom Joey discovers a can of...canned laughter! Tagging behind Oggy, he lets laughs out of the box every time our favorite cat makes the slightest gesture. Oggy can't figure out what's going on. He finally understands the trick and starts chasing the roaches...
Homebreaker After his home gets reduced all the way down to ruins, Bob moves into Oggy's house for a stay while his house is being rebuilt. Just how would the cockroaches react with this situation? Only time will tell.
133 134 135 Magic Carpet Ride Oggy buys a new carpet, which turns out to be a magic carpet, able to fly. When the cockroaches tie explosives to it, it goes out of control and Jack must save Oggy, who can't control the carpet.
Safari, So Good... Oggy and Jack are on safari on Africa. Dee Dee is there too, and is trying to ruin the trip. After monkeys steal their safari truck, Oggy and Jack must devise several ways to try to escape from the African wilderness.
Joey and the Magic Bean One night a green giant comes to Oggy's neighborhood and Joey meets with him. He gives Joey a can of magic beans, which make Joey grow taller when he eats them. Joey spends all night trying to grow up enough to scare Oggy. But no matter how huge he grows, whenever he confronts Oggy, he is still shorter.
136 137 138 Control Freak Jack and Oggy are having a racing contest in order to decide who should be allowed to use the TV's remote control; it is something that only results in more mayhem.
Flower-Power Oggy finds a book on flower power and decides to become a peaceful hippy. The cockroaches try to provoke him into losing his temper, but to little avail.
What a Dump! Oggy's latest attempt at removing the cockroaches results in them (including our blue feline) taking a one way ticket to the rubbish tip. Can Oggy break out of the junkyard in one piece, especially with the cockroaches trying to stop him?
139 140 141 Sea Risks... Oggy and Jack are left stranded in the middle of the ocean on a lifeboat following a shipwreck, along with Dee Dee. Jack tries to find a way out while Oggy can only think about one thing, and one only: food.
Mission to Earth Oggy and Joey unwittingly catapult themselves to another planet. They later see a spaceship leading toward the invasion of Earth from aliens disguised as garden gnomes. The directive is clear and the imperative is obvious now: terminate the gnome aliens' invasion permanently and get back to Earth at once.
Oggy's Bag Oggy chases the cockroaches into his dirty laundry bag. However, they soon find out that this bag's a world of its own, and the clothes come to life.
142 143 144 Jack-in-a-Box Jack shows Oggy a machine that can transform objects into other things (i.e. transforming a cow into dairy products and beef products). But when the cockroaches throw Jack into the machine, Oggy makes his attempt to save him - even if it costs him his physical form.
A Tooth for a Tooth The cockroaches are pulling yet another prank on poor Oggy. This time, they put massive, fake teeth in his mouth. Oggy is forced to call his old friend Jack in order to get rid of his new, oversized teeth.
The Blob After Oggy receives a lava lamp-like object from the post, the cockroaches release the blob from inside of it, which then starts growing and eating anything in its path.
145 146 147 Upside Down A terribly windy day leads to Oggy nailing all appliances and furniture to the floor. However, the house itself gets blown away, landing upside down on top of a tree. Oggy tries to cope with a world gone upside down, but the cockroaches, again, make things hard.
Barbecue Oggy is enjoying a barbecue in his garden and Jack is unsuccessfully trying to fly a kite. When Jack gets wrapped in the line the cockroaches are using for their tennis ball, he starts a mayhem. The mayhem soon escalates and involves them all, including Bob and the hawk living in Oggy's tree.
Boxing Fever In order to regain his pride (thank-you roaches!) Bob challenges Oggy to a duel. Since Bob is the one offended, he gets to choose the weapons. He refuses everything Oggy offers him before returning with a pair of boxing gloves which he waves under his adversary's nose. The final showdown will take place in a jam-packed arena. Panic-stricken, Oggy calls on cousin Jack for help. With the aid of two hulking movers, Jack and Oggy make Bob believe that Oggy is... king of the ring!
148 149 150 Up to... No Good! While having a roast chicken cooked, Oggy finds a switch in his garden, which unveils a mountain from underneath his house. The cockroaches have already made it into the house, awaiting his meal. Can Oggy make it back in, even with an encounter from a disco-dancing yeti?
Oggy Has Kittens Oggy adopts a kitten after it faces torment from the cockroaches. What's more, he's willing to teach this infant the proper cat etiquette, much to the confusion of Jack.
Baby Boum The stork is coming and, of course, he also brings babies. Oggy decides to dump a baby in Bob's garden. As the storks continue to bring babies, this results in an all-out infant battle between Oggy and Bob where both are trying different methods of dumping the babies in the opponent's garden.
151 152 153 Sky Diving Just as Jack was about to propose marriage to her, a thrill-seeking Monica decides to take up skydiving, taking both Jack and Oggy with her. However, Dee Dee has come along too, just to make the stunt harder for the already scared Jack.
Brainchild Oggy trips over a small, fat kid sitting on the street and typing with a laptop. The kid then decides to follow Oggy home.
Black & White Oggy is trying a new, super-strong detergent. The cockroaches decide to fill the washing machine to the brim with it as Oggy exits the laundry room. This causes the washing machine to over-flow and cover Oggy's house with pink foam. When a rain cloud washed it off, the house (and the garden) has lost all its colour. This has quite a depressive effect on both Oggy and the cockroaches.
154 155 156 Strike! The cockroaches' game of pick-up sticks is interrupted by Oggy, who is bowling. However, when Jack comes over, a chase begins, leading both cats to a real bowling alley.
Chatter Box Oggy buys a new type of crackers that causes anyone who eats one to speak non-stop in gibberish. He tries a piece and is unimpressed by the result. But then Dee Dee tries one out and gains the ability to speak (albeit in apparent gibberish). However, the other cockroaches are not very impressed by Dee Dee's new verbal skills (and no one else by the way), until Jack also eats one of the crackers, and finally Dee Dee and Jack have someone to talk to!
Welcome to Paris! Oggy's trip in Paris goes horribly awry when the cockroaches, somehow, hitch a ride. The chase starts at the Eiffel Tower and goes all the way to Notre Dame de Paris.

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