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The first season of Oggy and the Cockroaches aired from 1998 until 1999.

In this season, the show introduces and covers the life of a blue cat named Oggy and his three enemies, the cockroaches Dee Dee, Marky and Joey.

Episode list

This is the list of episodes from Season 1.

# Title Synopsis Air Date
0 Pilot Oggy tries to defend his refrigerator from the Cockroaches. December 13, 1997
1 2 3 Bitter Chocolate Oggy gets a box of chocolates for his birthday. The jealous cockroaches do everything they can to steal them and gobble them down… In a militaristic madness to get the box back, Jack only manages to destroy Oggy’s house… September 6, 1998
French Fries Oggy prepares a large plate of French fries, as golden and crunchy as one could wish for. How not to succumb to the call of the fry? For the cockroaches, the temptation is too strong! September 7, 1998
Mission Oggy Coming back from the market, Oggy finds his house completely ransacked by the cockroaches: it’s a total dump! It’s just too much! He decides to protect his fridge against the “roachy” attacks and clamps on a solid lock! September 8, 1998
4 5 6 It's All Under Control By chance one day, the roaches find themselves scrambling through the labyrinth of Jack's (minuscule) brain. They very quickly realize how profitable it can be for them if they take over the controls of his brain... September 9, 1998
It's Been a Hard Day's Noise Oggy decides to put some music on. But the roaches are taking a nap in the CD player… September 10, 1998
The Patient It's winter. Jack is preparing his favorite frozen fish sticks and the roaches, never ones to slack off where food's concerned, are on the spot. Oggy ignores the chase scene that is going on right under his nose… September 13, 1998
7 8 9 Shake Oggy Shake This morning Oggy wakes up, depressed and yawning. The house looks like it's been blitzkrieged...A cup of coffee and let's turn over a new leaf and get this place in order. The roaches as usual are more than willing to lend a hand! September 14, 1998
The Rise and the Fall Jack has invited Oggy to visit the construction site of his future home sweet home. But in his megalomania, Jack has found nothing better to build than a...skyscraper! Let's skip the fact that Oggy is afraid of heights and is also a sleepwalker... September 15, 1998
It's a Small World The cockroaches take off with the key to Oggy’s fridge and dash down to the center of the Earth. To flush them out of their hideout, Oggy jumps into the Xerox machine and makes himself the size of… the roaches! September 16, 1998
10 11 12 Happy Birthday Jack organizes a fabulous birthday party for Oggy. Great Master of Ceremony, Jack hasn’t forgotten a thing for his cousin… except to invite the cockroaches… The bugs do all they can to prove that Oggy has been born under an ill-fated star! September 17, 1998
Metamorphosis After consuming a piece of irradiated chocolate (obviously placed in the box by the cockroaches), Oggy transmutates into a cockroach himself! How will Jack react to this? September 20, 1998
Jealousy Oggy is off in another world. He's fallen in love. And the lady of his dreams is coming over for dinner tonight! The roaches are already bowled over laughing about all of the nasty tricks that they are going to be able to play on poor old Oggy. September 21, 1998
13 14 15 Wrong Side of the Bed Superstitious Oggy finds out that today is Friday the 13th, and starts having a fear of bad luck, and as always, the cockroaches are willing to take full advantage of his dilemma. September 22, 1998
Go Slow With Your Dough With a conspiring wink, Jack slips his cousin a mysterious attaché case bursting with greenbacks! Oggy is petrified at the thought of having to hold onto such a sum of money and spends his time trying to find the ideal hiding place for it! September 23, 1998
Tooth Good to be True Following the explosion of his booby-trapped toothbrush, Oggy loses one of his baby teeth. He puts it under his pillow in hopes that the tooth fairy will visit. The next morning, Joey witnesses something mindboggling... September 24, 1998
16 17 18 One Track Life Jack is completely immersed in his video game. To get his cousin’s attention, Oggy takes out his old electric train, but Jack doesn’t even lift an eyelash! The cockroaches take advantage of their good luck to hijack the train and steal all the food! September 26, 1998
Mouseagator As the roaches watch on with interest, Oggy constructs a remote control for his lawn mower. Right then and there the roaches decide to out-do him. They get to work and fabricate a remote-control mouse that eats up everything in its path! September 27, 1998
Nine Months and Counting Oggy gets up one morning to discover that his stomach is's he pregnant? He can't believe it at first and then, timidly flips through the pages of a magazine for young parents...he is pregnant! September 28, 1998
19 20 21 A Tip for the Road Oggy takes his driving test and the least one can say is that he’s not really gifted! The cockroaches, of course, are along for the ride, and take it upon themselves to transform the driving test into a real stock-car race… September 29, 1998
The Outsider An audacious mouse gets into Oggy’s place and raids all the food. If there’s one thing that’s even more frightening for Oggy than the cockroaches, it’s A MOUSE! His only consolation, is that the mouse also takes it out on the cockroaches… September 30, 1998
Baby Doll Having completely regressed, Oggy enthusiastically plays with his doll. He puts it in a pretty little doll house, without suspecting for a second that the cockroaches have already squatted the place… October 1, 1998
22 23 24 So Lonely Oggy finally manages to remove the cockroaches out of his home permanently, but gradually regrets doing so, as he starts to miss them, leading to a severe tantrum. October 2, 1998
Oggy and the Giant Roaches Oggy believes he's seeing things big, really big, after the cockroaches implant binocular lenses into his eyes. October 3, 1998
Oggy and the Babies Oggy and Jack, after eradicating the cockroaches from their house, receive 3 baby kittens that look like Jack - little do they knew and suspect that these bundles of joy are actually the roaches in disguise, obviously in retaliation for being kicked out of the house. October 5, 1998
25 26 27 A Dog Day Afternoon Oggy arrives at home after shopping and trips over a small pup. He takes it inside and start pinching his own nose as a squeezing toy to play with the pup. When Jack arrives in the house, he, along with the cockroaches, begin to think that Oggy has gone crazy as Jack and the pup are not seen simultaneously. October 5, 1998
Fishing Frolic Jack takes Oggy out to teach him how to fish. Ah… nature, fresh air, the soft chirping of birds in the shade, what is more relaxing than this innocent sport? But when dealing with joke-loving cockroaches, it quickly turns into a nightmare! October 6, 1998
Rock 'n Roll Altitude Oggy and Jack take off in a plane, accompanied by the cockroaches, incognito of course. Petrified, clinging to his lifejacket and scared to death, Oggy has his heart in his mouth. Is there a pilot in this aircraft? October 7, 1998
28 29 30 It's a Long Way Down While Jack takes up mountain climbing, Oggy intends on reading a good book from his library, only to end up getting stranded in some very high book shelves by the cockroaches, while Jack is having problems of his own at the mountain. Looks like it's going to be a really long way down for both of our feline friends... October 8, 1998
Oggy's Night Out Dressed to the nines, Jack and Oggy go to dinner in the city. Of course, the three beasties tag along but when the cockroaches go crazy, someone is going to get their desserts! October 11, 1998
Oggy's Diet Overweight Oggy decides to keep fit, much to the dismay of the cockroaches. What can they do to this situation? By performing the usual sabotages to make sure Oggy stays the way he is. October 11, 1998
31 32 33 The Time Machine Jack gets his wonderful cake stolen. He starts to chase after the roaches. In the chaos, he flattens the unfortunate Oggy who remains down for the count. Jack has only one choice in order to bring his cousin back to life : go back in time! October 13, 1998
Occupied Oggy has a most pressing need! He rushes over to the little boy’s room but the door is locked from the inside. The cockroaches are basking in a refreshing bath. It’s out of the question that someone’s going to bother them! October 17, 1998
House for Rent Oggy flattens the cockroaches with a well-deserved swat of the flyswatter. The three insects are thrown out without further ado. Humiliated, they can think of only one thing : get their revenge! They decide to put Oggy’s house up “for rent”! October 18, 1998
34 35 36 The Lottery Ticket The fridge is empty, hopelessly empty; Oggy and Jack don’t have one bite left to eat. In a desperate gesture, they use their last coin on a lotto ticket and… yes, they win!!! Dee Dee immediately swipes the precious ticket…  October 14, 1998
The Bait Bites Back Oggy and Jack are going fishing. Oggy has gathered all the necessary material, including an enormous worm who escapes from the jar and threatens Oggy with a revolver. "Rambo-worm" blows up Jack’s trailer, steals his car and… goes fishing. October 19, 1998
Globulopolis During one of the cockroaches’ many pig-out sessions, DeeDee falls to the bottom of a strawberry yogurt without noticing that Oggy, hungry as well, swallows the lot in one gulp. The cockroach try to make Oggy regurgitate by every means possible! October 7, 1998
37 38 39 Space Roaches During a raid on the kitchen, the cockroaches are surprised by… extraterrestrial cockroaches! An abominable racket finally wakes up Oggy who, intrigued, gets up to see that his kitchen has been once again transformed into a real battleground! October 20, 1998
Deep End Taking a simple bath soon escalates into a desperate struggle for Oggy when the cockroaches deflates his floating ring, especially when our blue feline can't swim and has a severe case of hydrophobia. Can Jack help him overcome this seaborne problem, or will the cockroaches make it more frightening for Oggy in the depths? October 21, 1998
The Hiccup Oggy makes himself a cup of coffee, but just when he’s about to drink he’s lifted up by a monstrous hiccup that throws the coffee right in his face. The cockroaches, dumbfounded by Oggy’s clumsiness, are convinced that he has gone completely crazy! October 22, 1998
40 41 42 Toy's R Oggy Oggy has found a lot of new toys for him to play with during Christmas Eve, but when an extended boxing glove punched Jack, his brain was knocked out of him and the cockroaches use it as a toy - and an initiative to make the holiday matters for Oggy worse. October 25, 1998
Granny's Day Today, it’s Oggy’s Granny birthday. Being the little attentive grandson that he is, Oggy has prepared a present that, at the very least, is original: a cockroach hunt! The nice little granny turns out to be a real pro! October 26, 1998
Oggy Goes Snailing Oggy found a poor snail and kept it as a pet and bought a lot of snails he enjoy. However, he is about to be in for one slippery ride... October 27, 1998
43 44 45 Cat Kit Jack arrives with a put-it-together-yourself roach-catching trap. When he tries to get some silence to work, the cockroaches try their best in causing as much noise as possible. This forces poor Oggy to try and keep them quiet, which is easier said than done. October 28, 1998
Docu-Mentally Oggy gets a video camera in the mail and attempts to film the cockroaches' final demise. However, just as he could get to watching the end of it, the roaches decide to get their ultimate revenge by stealing his tape and recording him in the most humiliating way possible. November 3, 1998
The Dictator While helping to catch the cockroaches, Jack starts acting like a ruthless, superior-minded dictator to Oggy, reducing him to a downtrodden proletariat - an action he will live and come to regret, as that will evolve into a struggle between control and freedom, which also results with the cockroaches help Oggy in this problem. October 26, 1998
46 47 48 Oggy VS Super Roach While repairing the roaches' TV in one stormy night, Dee Dee is struck by lightning, which gives him superhuman strength. However, Dee Dee lets this get to his head, causing him to be a bully toward Oggy and even to his fellow roaches, Marky and Joey. November 3, 1998
Heatwave It’s a beautiful summer day. Oggy savors this moment of pure joy. But suddenly a small cloud projects a shadow directly onto Oggy. It won’t take Oggy long to figure out that the cockroaches are at the bottom of this climactic problem… November 3, 1998
Memory Lane Oggy accidentally comes across the letters from his first love. He immediately reads them with nostalgia, spied upon by the three smart roaches in the shadows. Always on the lookout for a silly joke, Joey passes as the beloved… October 27, 1998
49 50 51 The Carnival's in Town Oggy is woken up early in the morning by an unusual noise. While he’s looking out the window, a huge smile lights up his face : it’s a carnival. He runs to get Jack and, without the slightest hesitation, drags him along to the first ride! October 4, 1998
Beware of Destruction Jack has decided to redo the façade of Oggy’s house. While he breaks for a quick snack, the cockroaches steal his tools and his trough in order to build themselves a makeshift pool… November 8, 1998
Oggy and the Magic Flute After seeing a snake charmer on TV, Oggy decides to make his own flute, in which he steals a car part from his neighbour Bob. Upon adding holes to it, Oggy plays it and unwittingly hypnotises cockroach Marky into being a dog that would remain loyal to him, much to the dismay of cockroaches Dee Dee and Joey. November 9, 1998
52 53 54 A Bird of Ill Omen Oggy is minding his own business, watering his flowers when a turkey comes running and hides behind his back. Shortly after, a visually impaired hunter appears from the hedge. The hunter has a problem, and so is for Oggy: because of his poor eyesight, turkeys looks like Oggy to him and Oggy looks vice-versa. November 10, 1998
Duck Soup Jack and Oggy were making and preparing duck soup for their dinner, with the main ingredient being the duck itself, until a lot of its angry, protesting friends show up. November 11, 1998
Winner Takes All Oggy and Jack are playing an interminable game of chess. Oggy moves one of his pawns forward and...checkmate! But Jack is not a good loser and he decides that he won't have anything more to do with a cheater. Every cat for himself now! November 15, 1998
55 56 57 The Ghost-Hunter After Oggy finishes them off once and for all with a frying pan, the cockroaches come back as ghosts and constantly make nightmares a reality for poor old Oggy. Will Oggy be able to put down this paranormal paranoia he has created, and how will he do it - or is it all over for his sanity? November 15, 1998
Bugball Oggy gets his hands on a new, super bouncing-ball. He decides to try it out and it soon bounces all over the house, wrecking everything in its path. And things don't get any better when Joey accidentally swallows it. November 22, 1998
Happy Campers Oggy and Jack go camping and, after a number of mishaps, starting with Dee Dee eating a plant that causes hallucinations to the user, they upset a wild boar who follows them home. November 23, 1998
58 59 60 The Piggy Bank Oggy puts a solid padlock on the fridge to stop the cockroaches' pesky behaviour and put the key in his piggy bank, but when he's hungry, it seems like the piggy bank is unbreakable. Oggy must try to get the key but it take some way... November 24, 1998
Oggy's Clone The cockroaches play a hit-and-run prank where they frame Oggy by dressing up as him and attacking Jack. November 26, 1998
A Truce for Christmas There's a snow storm raging on Christmas eve. Oggy throws the roaches out into the bitter cold so that he can continue decorating the Christmas tree in peace. But the Christmas spirit gets the better of him and he invites the roaches to join in the feast… November 26, 1998
61 62 63 TV Obsession Oggy is hooked onto his favourite Television program. However, this doesn't stop the cockroaches from having fun, by locking his Television in a safe. November 26, 1998
Race to the Finish! Jack and Oggy are racing their remote controlled cars through the house. As the race cars zoom through the house they flatten everything in their way, including the roaches! Hang onto your seats and fasten your belt, the race has just begun!! November 29, 1998
Monster from the Mud Lagoon Oggy watched a scary movie about a Monster from the Mud lagoon while Jack tripped over a mud and Oggy believed Jack is really the monster. The cockroaches try all what they have in their sleeves to intensify Oggy's fear of Jack. November 30, 1998
64 65 66 The Garden of Horrors Oggy was just minding his business, gardening the grass while the cockroaches made it worse by making them bigger. December 1, 1998
Caught in a Trap Oggy wakes up and finds his house completely messed up. The cockroaches have yet again plundered his fridge and caused a mess which makes Oggy's eyes pop out of his head, literally. He is now forced to protect the fridge as best as he can. December 1, 1998
Blue Sunday Jack decides to take Oggy to the seaside for the weekend. Oggy is ecstatic and jumps into the car with his ducky life preserver. But hiding in the shadows of the car are three pesky little stowaways. Yes you guessed right, the three roaches! December 2, 1998
67 68 69 Cloning Around Jack is tired of the weak, useless toxins in the insecticide, so he decides to enhance it by using his new chemistry set. The result is... a gas that has the ability to clone the subject it was used on. December 3, 1998
3 Wishes and Your Out A bedouin, who is lost and parched in as desert, finds a magic lamp. He uses his three wishes to get a palace, a pile of gold and lovely girls - but he forgets to wish for water. The genie flees after being attacked by the infuriated bedouin and of course, ends up in Oggy's house. Now Jack uses the genie for getting a date, but the cockroaches made him waste the 3 wishes for the vacuum cleaner for Oggy. December 6, 1998
Virtual Voyage After a short-circuit, Oggy and Joey have been sucked into the electrical system. Navigating from wire to wire and surfing on the Net, they discover the fascinating world of communication. How are they going to get out of this virtual world? December 7, 1998
70 71 72 The Abominable Snow Moth A poor little moth is starving to death, when suddenly he sees Oggy enter his house, properly wrapped up in his woolies. Seeing this delectable meal, the moth hops onto our friend who doesn’t realize that he’s just put the wolf in the sheepfold… December 8, 1998
The Neighbor's Cat The fat neighbor woman treated Oggy as a pet cat when the real neighbor's cat made it happen - and the cockroaches want Oggy stay that way by all means. December 9, 1998
Honeymoon Joey falls head over heels in love with a little bee. Joey transforms into a true Romeo to seduce his sweetheart. The beautiful Juliet finally succumbs to his charms. Marky and DeeDee decide to put an end to this ridiculous adventure… December 10, 1998
73 74 75 Loony Balloons Oggy and Jack share a ride in a remote-controlled hot-air balloon. However, it soon becomes a joyride when their remote ends up in the cockroaches' hands. December 14, 1998
Oggy and the Magic Broom A wizard quietly sleeps over at Oggy's house for the duration of the day. Meanwhile, the cockroaches fight over the usage of his flying broom against Oggy. January 5, 1999
Beachcombers Oggy arrives at the seaside on his scooter, ready for a nice day of laziness. But the cockroaches, who discover the joys of the Big Blue, its crafty shellfish, its short-lived sandcastles, soon transform this dream-like beach into a battle zone. December 15, 1998
76 77 78 Emergency Room Oggy was sent to the hospital when he tripped over down the stairs in pursuit while Jack watched over him. For him, the cockroaches decide to take a visit to the hospital - just to make an already bad situation worse for Oggy. January 3, 1999
Oggy Van Winkle In an old trunk up in the attic, Oggy discovers a strange gun. Intrigued, he tries it out on a mouse who immediately freezes into a statue for all eternity! Without a second’s hesitation, Oggy heads toward the three cockroaches… February 11, 1999
A Night at the Opera An exceptional gala evening at the Opera is under way with the famous tenor Jack. But Deedee is a bit of a music buff himself and tonight he'd like to share the stage and the glory with Jack. A rock and roll opera if ever there was one! December 10, 1998

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