RodeOggy is the seventh episode of Season 5 and the 276th episode overall. It takes place in American West. Jack intends to take part in a rodeo organized by Buffalo Bill. Joey is after the first prize too. He enrolls and manages to put Jack out of action. Jack abandons, and asks Oggy to replace him. Who's gonna win, dudes? Joey or Oggy?


Episode starts: It begins with Oggy's Texas-style lawnmower, as the cockroaches seize it by placing a rock on it, letting the sheep inside mistakenly eat his fur, breaking it and the fence. A chase ensues, but it abruptly ends by Jack visiting him for the rodeo, with a prize of $50,000 by Buffalo Bill. Oggy, who is a fan of him, begs of Jack to come with him for the autograph. He accepts.

They got to the tent, unknowingly that the cockroaches came along too. He must sign up first, but Oggy still wants the autograph, even before the competition. He gets beaten up not once, but twice: a kicker by his horse while taking pictures. Joey wanted to take revenge from Jack so he hides behind the horseshoe touch nail, only to sprain Jack's leg. Jack says to Oggy that he'll sit on wheelchair and Oggy should do the rodeo competition. Oggy disagrees but Jack says him that he'll get the autograph. For this greed, Oggy accepts and Jack starts giving him a simple, but hard practice ride; and a puncher, right by the horse's face, when the competition begins.

Joey and Oggy enter the competition after signing the forms. The competition begins with dangerous failures: Splat to the back, ejected out, slammed on the wall, blown out through the roof, and simply fleeing. It's Joey's turn, but he lasted nearly 3/4 a minute for he's a short little cockroach. What a splatter.

It's Oggy's turn now, and Jack cheats by placing chewing gum to his buttocks, and sticking it on the saddle. Oggy, though being hit like the previous moves but he doesn't fall. Joey knows that a chewing gum is stuck on Oggy's buttocks so he comes to tear the chewing gum but Jack hits him and 1 minute is over with Jack winning the money and Oggy getting the autograph successfully but Joey kicked Oggy from the saddle which leads Bill to tear the autograph and giving the money to Joey. Oggy, heartbroken, tries attaching the torn parts but then gets revenge on Dee Dee and Marky as they ask Oggy for an autograph, by riding on the practice ride, until they are flown out crashing onto Joey and the trophy, sending the money flying out of it, leaving Joey in disgrace and defeat. Episode ends.


  • This episode's title is a portmanteau of rodeo, a common activity during the Western period of U.S., and Oggy.
  • This is the first episode to play the Star-Spangled Banner, US's national anthem.



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