Penguin Pandemonium is the 11th episode of Season 2, and was remade as the twenty-third episode for Season 7 under the title Guess Who's In The Fridge?. A female penguin sets up home in Oggy's fridge and doesn't budge an inch. Oggy to disguises himself as a penguin to draw the intruder out, but the strategy succeeds beyond their wildest imaginations.


Episode starts: Oggy wakes up and dreams he wants egg for breakfast. He then gets up and go to the refrigerator. He got a large egg, and he wants to make large egg for breakfast. But, the penguin stole it. Oggy then see the refrigerator. He then saw a penguin on a refrigerator. Oggy then asks that he can get the penguin's egg. But the penguin got a normal egg. He is angry, so he want to fight the penguin and go out. But he fails, so he called Jack. He tries to wear a gorilla dress, but Oggy called him.

Then, he asks to Jack that a penguin in the refrigerator. So he shoots the refrigerator with a bazooka. But the penguin put a watermelon on it, causing Jack to throw backwards. Meanwhile, Dee Dee walks to the refrigerator and tries to eat something. He was then surprised to see the penguin's egg. So he try to eat it, but he fails to do so. He then attempts to eat the egg, but fails. So he tries to bring firecrackers.

Jack and Oggy try to figure out how to get the egg.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Penguin Pandemonium (S2E11) Full Episode in HD-0

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Penguin Pandemonium (S2E11) Full Episode in HD-0

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