Penguin Pandemonium is the 11th episode of Season 2, and was remade as the twenty-third episode for Season 7 under the title Guess Who's In The Fridge?. A female penguin sets up home in Oggy's fridge and doesn't budge an inch. Oggy to disguises himself as a penguin to draw the intruder out, but the strategy succeeds beyond their wildest imaginations.


Episode starts: Clock is ringing, Oggy is removing alarm for clock and wakes up, Oggy is dreaming about small egg for breakfast. Oggy is getting out of bed and walks into kitchen. Oggy is coming into fridge to see giant egg, Oggy is dreaming about giant egg for breakfast. Penguin is pick up giant egg and put his back, and closes the fridge. Oggy is dreaming about empty pan without giant egg. Penguin pick ups small egg and puts on Oggy's pan. Oggy is angry and pick ups the flyswatter. 1st time he's failed. Oggy is going to call Jack on telephone (smartphone in season 7).

Jack's telephone is ringing (smartphone in season 7) Jack pick ups telephone

(smartphone in season 7) and talks to Oggy. Jack is going to Oggy's home. Jack pick ups the rocket launcher. Penguin throws watermelon into rocket launcher, 2nd time he's failed, Jack crashed into walls. Dee Dee walks into fridge. Dee Dee opens the fridge. Dee Dee licks the giant egg and penguin throws him away out of fridge. Dee Dee pick ups comb and attacks penguin, he's failed on the 3rd time. Marky and Joey watching TV. Oggy is sitting on chair, Jack is thinking. Oggy holds root tied cords aquarium with fish. Jack holds weapon and holds saw to cut fridge. Dee Dee holds dynamites and puts into fridge and explodes. he's failed on the 4th time and laughs. Jack is unpacking penguin costume to Oggy. Oggy runs to Bob's home. Bob is watering. Oggy kicks him and runned away. Bob running to catch Oggy. Oggy opens the fridge. Bob is angry for kicking and running. Penguin is angry. Bob is laughing and pats on penguin's head. This is the first time Bob loses his fight and got away. Penguin is loved Oggy. Oggy says "Meow" sound. Penguin repeats the sound. Dee Dee explodes with dynamite and fridge is flying and explodes and crashes giant egg to Dee Dee. Giant egg hatched 5 small penguins. Oggy is on Antarctica, he's cold, penguins swims into water, penguins talking. Oggy is sitting and he's cold. Episode ends.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Penguin Pandemonium (S2E11) Full Episode in HD-0

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Penguin Pandemonium (S2E11) Full Episode in HD-0


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