Jack is completely immersed in his video game. To get his cousin’s attention, Oggy takes out his old electric train, but Jack doesn’t even lift an eyelash! The cockroaches take advantage of their good luck to hijack the train and steal all the food!

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One Track Life is the 16th episode of Season 1, and was remade as the thirtieth episode for Season 6 under the title A Wild Train Ride. Oggy plays with his model trains.


Episode starts: Seems like Jack has been playing video games for hours, and it seems like he's addicted to it. But it bothers Oggy as he was reading the newspaper. Angered, he tried to persuade him to stop by different ways possible: blocking the screen, serving lunch, and even the captured cockroaches. But Jack never cares and went back to playing without even listening.

With that, Oggy goes to the attic and finds model rails and places them down all over the house: starting at the staircase, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and near his mailbox too. When the final tracks are placed, he puts the train into place, and starts it. But Jack wasn't amused by this when the cockroaches use the train to their advantage. As soon as the train is filled with food, Oggy is shocked to see that, and also tries to warn Jack about that. Jack didn't seem much use of that, and a chase is soon ensued, railroad style.

During the chase, the tracks also have a junction. And they used that to their advantage of crazing Oggy. It ends with a split on his legs, and a crash to the wall, which made him unconscious. Dazed, Oggy finds himself in a One Track Life trouble as he is pinned down with the toy tracks. Their trip continues when the tracks are in Oggy's body. Meanwhile, Jack is trying his last game. When it's game over, he trips on a toy train cart, and it rolls down onto the cockroaches path as they come out of Oggy's mouth.

As the two carts collide, it sends the cockroaches flying to numerous spots: Dee Dee into the lamp; Marky into the tape recorder; and Joey into the grinder where he went home with a grinded body. With the cockroaches all gone, Jack frees Oggy, stores away the train tracks, and they play Jack's video game together, ending this episode with a Life on the Rails.(get it?)




One Track Life video


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