Oggy the Fakir is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 5 and the 294th episode overall. It takes place in India during the 17th Century. Oggy wants to join Olivia, daughter of the maharajah, on his balcony but is denied by the entrance to the palace. He asks a fakir to teach him how to get a rope up in the air by playing the flute. Initiation is more complicated than expected...


Episode starts: Oggy's elephant wakes up and goes to wake Oggy. Oggy was dreaming that he will kiss Olivia, the maharajah's daughter and give her a rose and propose her to marry so he kissed the elephant instead but the elephant can't breath that he sneezed, made Oggy wake up and cockroaches got their face flattened as they fell down. Oggy was going to meet Olivia but the cockroaches scares elephant. Oggy wanted to kiss Olivia but he's failed, falled down and hitted on his bodies. Dee Dee is searched for pump and inflated elephant and tied up nose. Elephant started to fly. Cockroaches were laughing until they get swated by Oggy. Olivia waving on Oggy. Oggy wanted to click bell button, maharajah comes to Oggy. Oggy is wanted to kiss Olivia until laughs when comes an tiger and screams on Oggy, and closes the door. Oggy was crashed into wall. Fakir is blowing instrument with rope. Oggy jumps into fence. Oggy wanted to thinking about with instrument to come into Olivia with rose, Oggy is dancing and laughing. Oggy wanted to learn so he asked the Fakir teach him and the Fakir agreed to Oggy. He taught him notes and asks Oggy to eat chillies. He tried to eat one but it burned his tongue and made him insane. Cockroaches made chilli juice to take advantage of Oggy's insanity. He drank the juice that burned Olivia and her rope. Fakir made Oggy to smell agarbathi and meditated. Oggy was meditating but he lost concentration because of seeing cockroaches stealing the maharajah's royal fridge. He tried to waken Fakir but he didn't wake so he tried to take the fridge back but the Fakir took him back and asked him to walk on sharp nails. Meanwhile, Olivia was reading a flight emergency manual to make the inclined place. Oggy was practicing to walk on nails but cockroaches were disturbing so Oggy became a torn balloon. Oggy became angry and started to attack the cockroaches with screws but torn the inclined plane. Cockroaches tried to take away Fakir's turban but Fakir knew cricket so he made cockroaches a ball and made a six on Oggy's elephant. Dee Dee used Marky's sting as needle to give back the elephant to Oggy by bursting it. Olivia tried to make stairs for Oggy but made Oggy flattened which made Tiger and maharajah normal. When the elephant landed, Oggy hugged and kissed his elephant. When Olivia saw Oggy, Oggy used his elephant's trunk as a ladder and kissed Olivia.



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