On his way home from shopping, Oggy meets up with a really strange animal. The animal takes a liking to Oggy and follows him home. Oggy discovers that this isn’t just any animal but the last remaining member of an extinct species: a dodo bird…

Official Synopsis, [1]

Oggy and the Dodo Bird is the 57th episode of Season 4.


The episode starts: From supermarket Oggy riding with suitcase back home. Oggy is meeting to dodo. Oggy with smartphone captures dodo. Oggy is back home, but dodo is upset. Dodo brings back home. Oggy is sitting on computer and seeing into website, Oggy with mouse scrolling down and clicks an picture. Oggy with dodo in the kitchen. Oggy with cereal spill into bowl. Dodo eats an cereal. Dee Dee eats chicken drumstick. Marky and Joey playing solitaire. Dee Dee throws bone into Marky and licks the bone. Oggy with flyswatter swats at Dee Dee. Oggy eats cookie and watching news. Oggy changes his channel. Dodo is seeing cereal on TV and broken. Oggy screams. Dodo runs with TV and his stuck until breaks. Oggy is watering plants. Oggy with sponge washing glass panes and Oggy stuck into bucket. Oggy is going to toilet and screams. Oggy is lies into bed and clicks button to turn off the lights and sleep. Oggy with pillow throws at dodo and sleeps again. Oggy prepares to make breakfast and drinking milk into bowl until dodo screams. Oggy opens glass panes and puts dodo and his falling down. Oggy is wanted to call human. Oggy sends dodo into printer and prints to human. Oggy is waving his hand. Human arrives with his car and tells about dodo. Oggy spins at human and crashes into car and drives his car back home and went out from egg dodo's baby. Episode Ends.



Oggy And The Cockroaches Season 4 - Oggy and the dodo bird

Oggy And The Cockroaches Season 4 - Oggy and the dodo bird


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