Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie (also known as Oggy et les Cafards, Le Film in French) is a movie that premiered on August 7, 2013 in France.


Ever since the world was born, two forces have been locked in perpetual battle. Their struggle is so Manichean, so ferocious, so Herculean that it makes the clash between good and evil look like a game of checkers! This ancestral duel is so ancient and so merciless that it can only be, Oggy against the Cockroaches!


When the Earth is made, single-cell organisms have been formed by matter. A blue shape was made from small pieces. It has floated in the water and comes up against three small forms of a cockroach. The blue form pursues them and they evolve into animals and rise towards the ocean. Now let me tell you how it began...

Oggy Magnon

Millions of years later when the world was made there was a village with lots of cats. In the meantime, Oggy Magnon was playing a flute and a drum when suddenly, he saw fire in the hands of the village chief. He was afraid of fire due to this: When he was young and a storm struck out burning a tree, he got burned, causing him to cry. Poor him... I wish he was never afraid of fire. Where was I now? Ah, yes. When the roaches started taking the fire, Joey sneezed. No one knows why. The Village chief was really angry on the wrong excuse he did. Jack came along to the other side of the walls. In the meantime, Oggy was just taking a bath in a pool until a swarm of piranhas attacked him. Even on the way, the Magnon looked at a flower. It almost, I guess bit him, but Dee Dee ate it all up. When the reached the walls, they chose who had to go by playing a game. Oggy lost against Jack, so he had to go restore the fire. But the cockroaches screw everything up, making themselves and the Magnon fall.

In the other side of the wall lived Bob and his servants. The servants tied the cat up, bringing it to Bob. Someone saved Oggy in time. Then it was no one but him... and Olivia! When she greeted him, Oggy screamed as if he were in trouble, and then he was unconscious. When he woke up, he found out that he was in Olivia's flowerhouse aka hideout from the trollish enemies. She had also put leaves to recover Oggy's feet. In that time, Olivia left him for a few minutes to something, then he fell fast asleep. In his dream he was walking for a few seconds, wondering where he could be. The he paused. He saw Olivia for a few moments and then he woke up. The roaches were the only reason to wake him up, so he tried to hit them until Olivia returned. He threw his weapon away. The scene was switched to the two cats walking. Oggy saw a flower which once, I guess, bit him. Or something. "Don't be silly, it's harmless." Olivia must have said this to Oggy when he was afraid of the flower. When the two were looking at the beautiful sunset, it was like that they became friends. The reason I think they became friends for their lives is this, when they were looking the sunset, they entwined their tails. In the meantime, Jack had also found the two which then resulted in a major problem for these guys.

The cockroaches had told Bob that they have been to Olivia's flowerhouse and they know the location. For this, they kidnapped Jack and Olivia. What, about Oggy? Well, he was out to occupy himself. When he found out that the two were missing, he cried, then started finding them. Olivia told Oggy Magnon that the only way to free them is to use fire. But he told the female cat that he was afraid of fire. So she raised the stakes. If he would save the two using fire, she would give the Magnon a kiss. Oggy starts daydreaming of what would happen if he had saved her, going back to the village. "Oh, you are such a brave person! Thank you! (Kisses him)". Of course, this is what I think. Then he accepted the deal. So Oggy Magnon found those stones and built the fire. He had saved Jack and Olivia, but she forgot to give or faked that she would give a kiss to Oggy. When the two males were escaping, the female refused to come. Then Oggy told Olivia that her flowerhouse was burned down to ashes, so she came. Back at the village, Joey was the chief for a few minutes until he sneezed again! The chief said that how would they get fire again. Oggy had just the thing. Rocks! He used those rocks to recover the village fire, and the chief made the Magnon and Olivia kiss each other. At this cost, the young Oggy Magnon became the next chief of the village.

Prince Oggy

The next story takes place in 1350, on a kingdom that was looking good. Trumpets were being blown and so there lived a Prince named Oggy. The Prince never met someone who could actually be capable of becoming a princess. The King (Prince Oggy's father) told him to ride a horse, fight a dragon, and lay siege to the enemy's kingdom. But the prince replied negatively about those things. He said he would fail doing all that stuff. When the princess audition started, no lady became the next princess. But guys, seriously, where the heck did the Mona Lisa come from?! Anyways, lets continue. The prince and the leader of the soldiers, Jack, came alongside with him. If they would hunt animals they would get money. But they did not know that there was someone living in this forest. Prince Oggy wanted to take the butterfly. Jack was hunting for dangerous wild animals for a big payout. An anonymous woman appeared and took the wild boar and the second animal away. The third animal was almost gotten when a woman kicked the hunter and Jack fought back in the brush. As they were fighting, it was revealed that the woman was Olivia. She called the animals to punish Jack, but the prince had finally found a perfect match! But she was not happy because the young prince had captured the butterfly he was trying to capture. Then he let the butterfly go. She was happy about what Oggy did. Olivia told the prince that he would be a nicer man if he had carried her to her own house. And so he did. More animals kept punishing Jack, but Oggy liked the place! It was like a dream come true. Olivia gave the prince a piece of cloth so that he would not forget her

When he came back to the castle he told his father and his mother that he had finally found a perfect match! The King and the Queen were very happy on his son. That he had found Olivia as the match. But something was not right. Black Knight Joey and his companions, Dee Dee and Marky, had devastated an evil plan to take over the kingdom. Oggy did not notice this at all! The guardian was captured and it was up to Oggy and Jack to save her once and for all. Bob was with the evil roaches, guarding the evil castle. Oggy and Jack got in and rescued the guardian. When the prince and Olivia met again, they were going round and round. Using the curtain ropes was a brilliant idea to get out, but the cockroaches exploded the bridge to the castle and outside. Then the guardian called the birds to carry them to the other side. The guardian even told the young prince not to hit the evil insects even if she was captured by them. They were almost pronounced prince and princess when Oggy had to fight Joey again. But the prince won, and they lived happily ever after.

(Note: Oggy had a statue outside with the first Oggy.)

The Incredible Oggy Watson

It`s December 1899 and a hot air balloon soars over London; meanwhile Master Detective Jack Holmes and his easily amazed assistant Dr. Oggy Watson are in a house. Olivia bursts in and tells the detectives that someone has stolen something from her. Oggy falls in love with Olivia so he agrees to find it.

They investigate in her shop for clues before Detective Bob and the police come to the scene and send Jack out of the shop for being aggressive to Bob. Meanwhile, the Cockroaches are planning for something badly. Joey writes something on the map and send it with a golden key to their members for sending to the detectives. Back at Jack and Oggy, they find clues; the thieves are the Cockroaches. Then they got a map and a golden key. The map contains a location of one of the cockroaches who's in the Cat's Fish restaurant. So Jack and Oggy start to find that restaurant. When they arrive at Carnaby Street, they find the Cat's Fish restaurant. They enter the restaurant and find a Malaysian stick insect sitting. The stick insect and the detectives chatting and becoming friendly each other. The cockroach tells the detectives that the thieves' base is located inside the Nelson's Column at the Trafalgar Square. Then the stick insect secretly swaps the golden key and Jack's yo-yo. The next day, at the Trafalgar square, the detectives and the police arrive. They find a channel under the ground that leads to the unknown room inside the column that probably the thieves' base. They enter the room and find the Cockroaches. Oggy ask for the golden key, but the Cockroaches don't know. Bob arrest them all. Jack and Oggy are happy.

At the Tower of London, the Cockroaches secretly find the bomb and steal it to their member for bringing to the Big Ben. The next day, Bob and the police come to the scene. The police find Jack's yo-yo. Then, they go to the detectives' house and arrive while Jack is playing a violin. Bob shows the yo-yo, but Jack tells that the yo-yo is not his. So he finds his yo-yo but get a golden key instead. Bob and the police arrest Jack for having the golden key. Bob gives the golden key to Olivia, while Jack yells that he's framed. Jack is thrown into the jail of the Tower of London while the Cockroaches are set free by Bob and the police. At the detectives' house, Olivia tells Oggy that the police trashed the place. Oggy is crying, and Olivia grabs a newspaper, give it to Oggy. Oggy finds out that the stick insect he and Jack talked before at the Cat's Fish restaurant are the Cockroaches' ally. Oggy is angry so he and Olivia plan to make Jack's jailbreak with Olivia's helicopter at night. They fly to the Tower of London. Jack makes the jailbreak and try to escape on the helicopter. Bob and the police pursuit them, shooting at the suspects' helicopter. The pursuit heads to the Tower Bridge. Olivia throws her spike watches into the road, making the crash.

Oggy, Jack and Olivia escape but their helicopter crashes at the sheep farm. They find out that the countdown at the Big Ben for the 20th century is coming up. Oggy tells that the Big Ben, the bomb, the golden key and the Cockroaches are connected, but Olivia has the key. She takes the key out, but the sheep eats it. Jack confuses so he also eats it, finding out that it made from the chocolate. Instantly knowing that it is a chocolate key, they scream out loud, knowing that the Cockroaches' plan is to blow up the Big Ben while Queen Victoria gives a speech under it. So, they hurry to London nearly before the 20th century countdown.

When they arrive at the Big Ben, the Cockroaches activate the bomb to explode when the clock dial reaches 0:00 a.m. Oggy and Jack start chasing the Cockroaches while Olivia is trying to deactivate the bomb before it explode. Behind the cheering crowds, happy Bob, the police and the queen, Jack, Oggy and Olivia's tension are higher when the time is going out. The Cockroaches escape on a blimp. Less seconds left, Olivia still can't deactivate the bomb. Oggy, Jack and Olivia know that it's over, and have to wait for the death. But 1 second left, the clock dial stuck because Jack stop the mechanism. The crowd stop cheering, counting down and confuse, even the queen, while the detectives and Olivia have a hope to deactivate the bomb. Olivia finally deactivates it and the clock dial starts working because Jack can't stop anymore and it reaches 0:00 a.m. The crowd is cheering and happy and a lot of fireworks are fired into the sky over the Westminster Palace After the mission is completed, Olivia kisses Oggy. Joey is angry that his plan is failed. Then other cockroaches bring a rocket firework, but it explodes over the blimp they escape. Cheers for Oggy, Jack and Olivia, also Bob and the police until the clock was broken and almost hurt the queen. The police chased Oggy and Jack as the 20th century has already arrived with a big bang.

Oggy-Wan Kenoggy

During the Star Wars era (27BBY more specifically), Oggy has to stop Bob from destroying a whole planet. With Jack's help, he gets on the Bob Star and duels with the Cockroaches, after which Oggy and the Cockroaches hold onto the floor to avoid falling into the laser barrel. The Cockroaches call Bob for help but instead he switches the laser on causing their bodies to be apart and was about to destroy the planet. But, however, Jack has reflected the laser back which destroyed Bob's ship instead. Meanwhile, the remaining pieces of Oggy and the Cockroaches have been send to the planet that Bob wants to destroy and was back to the same form from the beginning of the film. The form chased 3 forms (who were the Cockroaches) and starts to evolve back to their original form which starts the whole thing all over again.


All parts

Exclusive to part 1 (Oggy Magnon)

  • Village Chief (possibly Oggy's grandfather)

Exclusive to part 2 (Prince Oggy)

  • Oggy the 1st
  • Unnamed queen
  • Animals

Exclusive to part 3 (The Incredible Oggy Watson)

  • Policemen
  • Unnamed insect-like creature
  • Queen Victoria

Oggy Timeline


Teaser and Trailers



  • There are 3 deleted scenes to be found in the home release:
  • The cockroaches (or at least their Victorian incarnations) are revealed to be Blaberus giganteus or Central American Giant Cave Cockroaches.
  • All of 4 PARTS were announced as episodes for Season 5 (as seen in its official trailer).
  • No "Marc du Pontavice" end title in the movie.
  • At the last part of the movie, everything becomes three dimensional instead of two dimensional.
  • The last part of the movie, Oggy-Wan Kenoggy, is a pun on Obi Wan Kenobi, a protagonist from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Jack Holmes and Oggy Watson are puns on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.


  • When Oggy Magnon and Olivia entwine their tails, they partially switch colours with each others'.
  • During the cave dogs' dance, Joey's eyes occasionally switch colours.
  • When Jack Holmes is first seen reading the newspaper, it's in English. When Oggy walk by with the pepper, though, it's become French.
  • In the deleted scene entitled "Vercingetorix", Joey's right eye becomes yellow when he and the other two are being pursued by Oggy.


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