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Oggy Oggy is an upcoming children's spinoff Oggy and the Cockroaches. Announced on April 25 2019, with production beginning later in Summer 2019, the show will be released on Netflix with two seasons, with the first season to be released by 2021.

Unlike the original show, which caters to pre-teen (ages 6–12) audiences, Oggy Oggy is designed to appeal to younger audiences like the ages of 3-5.


The show will follow the adventures of OGGY in his youth as he’s still an eager and enthusiastic kitten. Sensitive and compassionate, OGGY is prompt to help everyone he meets even when they don’t ask for it, whether it’s a fearful pirate, a lonely astronaut or a farmer who lost her sheep.

Official description

Oggy Oggy focuses on Oggy's early life as a young kitten. He is compassionate and sensitive, but eager and enthusiastic, willing to help anyone he meets. This young Oggy lives in a fantasy world filled with a community of other cats and as such, the cockroaches do not appear in this series.


  • While Xilam has done CGI in the past, this is Xilam's first foray into CGI for a full animated show. Oggy Oggy was made in this way to distinguish itself from, and prevent direct competition with Oggy and the Cockroaches.


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