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Oggy Moshi is a game based on Oggy and the Cockroaches.


The goal of the game is to help Oggy throughout the different aspects of his daily life (making sure he eats, sleeps and does whatever else he likes to do well). The player can pick an action icon in Oggy's thought bubble. If the player does not pick on what Oggy needs to do, he will decide an action on his own, though it's not always the best choice. The actions Oggy can do:

  • The red cross symbol which will make Oggy use medicine from his medicine cupboard.
  • The shower icon which will make Oggy take a shower (in his bathtub) or brush his teeth.
  • The phone icon which will make Oggy call his friends (good for morale).
  • The television icon which will make Oggy watch TV. The player can change the 2 programs.
  • The flower icon which will make Oggy take care of his flower by watering it. Oggy will cry if the player clicks this after the flower is peed on by Bob.
  • The music note icon which will make Oggy turn his stereo system on and dance.
  • The "ZZZ" icon which will make Oggy go to sleep in his bed.
  • The fried chicken leg icon which will make Oggy cook either by using his microwave or doing regular home cooking using his frying pan.
  • The toilet icon which will make Oggy go to the toilet.

As always, there's also the cockroaches who'd do anything bad to bother him, so the player has to click the background elements (the stairs, the frying pan, the microwave, the television plug, the toilet, the medicine cupboard and Oggy's bed) if the cockroaches infest them, and clicking the green button to fix that. You can also click on the cockroaches/one of the roaches when Dee Dee attempts to open the curtain while Oggy's taking a bath, the cockroaches increase the volume while Oggy is dancing to the music playing from his stereo system, or the cockroaches readying to drop an anvil on Oggy while he's asleep.

There are also other background items you can click: the washing machine which will wash Oggy's spare suit just in case he gets blown up by a bomb that Joey set in his toilet (or else he will keep opening and closing the cupboard if he has no spare suits left), the popcorn machine to fill it up with popcorn and the fridge to fill it up with food.

The icon in the left upper corner describes Oggy's status according to three different elements: health, fatigue and moral. If one of these element reaches zero, game over.



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