The Paternal Grandmother of Oggy and Monica. Her husband has been not seen or mentioned.



Oggy's Grandmother an old lady, She has a magenta nose, the also wears a pink dress with orange flowers.

with dress shoes and a hairnet. In Granny's Day, she is green in color but in her Season 3 appearances she is blue like Oggy.


She is Oggy's grandmother. She is usually very friendly to oggy and likes to visit from month to month. In the Season 3 episode 'Oggy's Grandma',  She is seen to be very strict toward Oggy's manners and also is secretly always happy to stop the cockroaches.However, in her first appearance in 'Granny's Day'  when she captures Joey and Marky and after that Dee Dee cries on the picture of him with Joey and Marky, She feel sympathy for them and leave them this incidence makes her to be friendly toward the cockroaches and at some point, she also takes them with her when leaving.


Episodes appear in

Season 1

Season 3


  • She is possibly the strongest character in the series.
  • She always drinks a cup of coffee before trying to catch the cockroaches.
  • She secretly tries to attack the cockroaches without Oggy knowing.
  • Oggy's grandmother with picture frame only appears in Let's Party, Guys! and A Shockproof Denture.
  • Oggy's grandmother is absent in seasons 2, 4-7.


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