Oggy is the main protagonist and one of the titular characters of the series who is "the constant victim of the cockroaches".



Oggy's defining trait is arguably his laziness, enjoying watching television, eating, and, on a couple of instances, listening to music. As usual, Oggy always chasing the cockroaches around the house when everytime they keep getting on his nerves. According to online descriptions, he is fond of the ideal home, game shows, listening to polka records, and eating chips in the bath. In addition, he is mentioned to fantasize about attaining a self-cleaning oven or a 12 gear vacuum on "The Wheel of Fortune". He also displays a love for gardening and board games.

Despite his lazy nature, Oggy is a diplomatic and easy-natured cat. He often displays kindness toward animals and often takes care of them. Indeed, he could not bring himself to kill an octopus in one episode. In spite of appearing to have a calm demeanor, Oggy will retaliate without hesitation when provoked (predominantly by the Cockroaches). In some episodes, while attempting to hit the Cockroaches with his swatter, Oggy can hit lots of food with his swatter. Thus, Oggy can also make a mess and waste lots of food. Oggy is also a good cook and baker as he makes tasty and delicious food in some episodes. He is often seen taking food out of his red stove oven with the help of gloves.

In several episodes, Oggy has been shown to have five main phobias: hydrophobia (fear of water), musophobia (fear of rats & mice), trypanophobia (fear of needles), acrophobia (fear of heights), and aviophobia/aerophobia (fear of flying). In season 4, Oggy becomes a more outside and playful cat, as he is seen outside of his house in his yard for most season 4 episodes.

In sports and competitions

Well, Oggy usually wins in many number sports except in The Bathtub Race. He won in Formula 1, Run, Olivia, Run!, To Serve and Protect, Shift that Chariot Oggy!, Mister Cat, From Mumbai with Love, and many more except in The Bathtub Race as Dee Dee won in that. In Winner Takes All and its remaster, Oggy claims that he won Jack in the chess match after Joey stole the pawn and disturbed their sleep. However after a fight between the brothers, Oggy concluded that he didn't win after he saw the cockroaches with the pawn.


Oggy is a light blue cat with overweight body and red jellybean-like nose which can be removed. He also has a pink tongue, a grey tummy with squiggly belly-button, whiskers on four yellow circles, and black pointy ears. This is paired with white gloves and white feet which has resembled to be shape of a teddy bear.

He also has an oblong-shaped tail and whenever his gloves are removed, his hands are barely blue. In "Little Tom Oggy", he can use his nose as a flashlight in dark places. In "Jealousy", "Fame & Glory", "Showtime!" and "Olivia", he can't feel anything when surprised. Oggy always wields a red flyswatter, but in some episodes, it's grey or yellow.

In Artsy Oggy, he wore a black barrette for painting.



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Oggy owns an orange 1960-1970 Volkswagen Beetle that is mostly used in Season 4 but it can be seen in some episodes of Season 3. The car was originally Bob's. But apparently Bob owns a different car as seen in Grease-Monkey Oggy and To Serve and Protect. He is seen on other vehicles such as a Vespa Scooter in Hit the Road Oggy!, Saturday Black Fever, The Joker Joked and Control Freak. and a 1960 looking coupe seen in The Hiccup.

He also owns a 2004 Purple Toyota Hiace with a front end of a Hyundai Starex which was seen in episodes The Pumpkin that Pretended to be a Ferrari.



Jack is Oggy's neighbor who helps Oggy by attacking the cockroaches. He is very adventurous and brave, however he can also be villanous and dominating which often gets Oggy into trouble. Many have speculated Jack is Oggy's cousin, however this is never directly stated or even implied in canon as Jack was in a romantic relationship with Monica (Oggy's twin sister).


Olivia is Oggy's neighbor and his reoccuring love interest. She is a white cat with a little pink spot on her belly. She is also a nature lover. Oggy likes her very much but is often seen as nervous when around her. Eventually, they grow comfortable around each other. Oggy later marries her.


Oggy holds an intense grudge against Dee DeeMarky, and Joey, which goes back to even when he was a baby (revealed in the episode "It's a Small World" and "Itsy-Bitsy Oggy). Throughout the course of the series, Oggy has chased the insect trio innumerable times. While he has lost and fell victim to the cockroaches in quite a few episodes, he can reign victorious and defeat them (especially in later seasons). Occasionally, however, Oggy is forced to work together with them, especially when Jack is played out as the antagonist, like in: "The Dictator", "General Jack", "Life's a Beach", and "Oggy's Beach Club". Oggy will sometimes display sympathy towards the Cockroaches. In "Oggy and the Babies" and "Oggy and the Kittens" he pleads to Jack to spare their lives and in "Lost in Space", "Space Journey" he decides to rescue the Cockroaches from suffocating in space despite being a constant nuisance to him. In short, Oggy has a peculiar love/hate relationship with the cockroaches. In fact, he has also learnt that without them, his life would be very boring. This is proved in episode So Lonely and Alone at Last where he gets rid of the cockroaches, but later he regrets this and realizes that his life isn't the same without them.


Oggy and Joey are usually enemies. At times however, they form a villainous friendship when they both end up in trouble. Episodes like "Virtual Voyage", "Cyber-Oggy", "Mission to Earth", "Welcome to Mars" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" show them having to work together to save each other. In "Ugly, Dirty and Good" when Joey regresses back into a child, Oggy takes him under his care and is genuinely distraught when they go back to being enemies after finally he recovers. Glimmers of their positive relationship still stands however, in "For Real!" they hug after turning back into their real selves and in "Inspector Dee Dee", he is more than happy to give back Oggy's swatter after it was stolen by an octopus. Oggy and Joey's relationship is the most prominently shown as well as the most positive one out of the 3 Cockroaches.


The next door neighbor with anger management issues. He is an enemy of Oggy in many episodes. Every time Oggy destroys something that Bob owns he is almost always gets beaten/punched/kicked by Bob. However, on occasion, Bob will treat Oggy more like a friend. In "To Serve and Protect" Bob acts more friendly and even has respect to Oggy once he thinks that he'd make a good police officer. In "Steamed Out!" Bob actively wants to hang out with Oggy and Jack and tries to help them lose weight.

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