As the cockroaches watch on with interest, Oggy constructs a remote control for his lawn mower. Right then and there the cockroaches decide to out-do him. They get to work and fabricate a remote-control mouse that eats up everything in its path!

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Mouseagator is the 17th episode of Season 1, and was remade as the 20th episode for Season 7 under the title Mouse Attack.


Episode starts: Another day in Oggy's house, and Oggy got something from the mail: It's parts for a lawn mower. Although the diagram is too complicated, I must say, but he built it anyway. but it's not just any lawn mower, this is remote controlled. Oggy started it, and the mower was right onto the cockroaches' path and it shaved them off! Oggy's gonna pay for that, as he relaxed with the mower active. As soon as Joey made a plan to make another mower, and the other two stole the plans, the mower pursued them! And, they were shaved as well.

Later that night, the cockroaches made construction. The next morning, after no sleep, they finished and activated the new mower: the Mouseagator. Rings the clock alarm and removes the alarm; (season 7 only) as Oggy woke up to eat breakfast, the Mouseagator approached Oggy, and gave a bite on the swatter before he can get any coffee! And with that, the Mouseagator reduced the appliances till there was nothing but the frames. Even the table was reduced to ashes, and the fridge gone, with nothing but the food inside. Left terrified, Oggy ran away as soon as the cockroaches got all the food. But as Oggy came back with pots as protective boots, the pursuit is on. The Mouseagator reduced the stairs, part of the house, even the floor, to ashes, as the chase continues. As Dee Dee got the food stacked up, Joey turns off the Mouseagator, only leaving Oggy to squash the mouse and put it in the trashcan.

As soon as the cockroaches got away, and started to eat all the food. Dee Dee spat an orange seed on the remote control and the Mouseagator was suddenly turned on again! It broke out from the trashcan, located the cockroaches' hideout, ate all the food, and chased the cockroaches. But after a dynamite explosion, the Mouseagator is still alive! A runaway is ensued, and they were cornered. Oggy comes to the rescue, and uses his mower to defeat the Mouseagator. But before the episode ends, as the cockroaches were safe, Oggy gives them a punishment to eat the grass after his mower is destroyed with the Mouseagator. Episode ends.




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