Marky is one of the main villains in the series, along with Joey and Dee Dee. He is named after the drummer of the punk rock band, The Ramones, Marky Ramone.



Marky is suave, often not really caring about what the two roaches others are doing. He is the middle child. While he originally used to love causing mischief just like the other cockroaches, he has grown to be more laid-back in later episodes, though he still enjoys hanging out with Joey and Dee Dee and cause general mayhem like he has always done. His hobby is dating girls - even puppets - and reading books. He also has bad breath, as revealed in the episode It's a Small World and Itsy-Bitsy Oggy (how he can stand his own bad breath is debatable, as he couldn't stand the smell of gas in French Fries.)


He is grey-bodied, green-headed roach with pink eyes, his body is bit thin. He has curly antennae and wears white gloves.


  • He has a diffrent antenna
  • Even though in earlier seasons, he would hang out and be careless like his brothers, in the later seasons he would be seen more caring as than his brothers but he still likes to hangs with them.
  • He only appeared solo in Hip Hip Hip Hypnoses
  • He looks very similar to Bud from Space Goofs.

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