Oggy goes out to take out the garbage but just when he walks back in the house, he realizes that the cockroaches have locked the door. He tries to get inside the house through the windows, the garage, the chimney, the drains, in vain…

Official Synopsis, [1]

Locked Outside is the 31st episode of Season 3.


Episode starts: Clock is ringing, Oggy is going disable ringing clock. Oggy disembarking from bed, Oggy is yawning and walking into kitchen to make breakfast.

Oggy is drinking tea and eating bread with tapenade. Oggy is finishing eating some breakfast. Oggy with bottle and bag and his going to trash. Oggy opens trash and puts bag into trash. Oggy puts bottle into glass trash. Oggy is going back home and door is locked by cockroaches. Oggy is takes off from pockets such as chorizo, cheese, milk, tomatoes, hat, shoe. Oggy is takes off from nose such as banana, Oggy is takes off from hat such as bocce's, sandwich, chainsaw. Joey holding keys and laughing, Dee Dee and Marky laughing are looking at Oggy from window, Oggy was angry, Oggy is wanted to break handle of door. Oggy is crashing into door. Oggy is wanted climb into windowsill. Dee Dee Wanted to tickle at Oggy. Joey was closing glass. Oggy's legs are stucked and screams. Joey was using mask and boiling iron bars into window. Oggy's legs are hurt and blowing. Oggy is going another way. Oggy is flying to get into window, but he's failed. Every window are boiled iron bars by cockroaches. Mosquito is flying. Oggy is making from shrubs mustache. Oggy whistling and walking and takes off mustache. Oggy is going to garage, Oggy is wants to open garage. Oggy's leg was hurt. Oggy holding garage handle. Cockroaches opening and closing garage by clicking buttons. Oggy is seeing into telescope. Dee Dee holding banana and walking into roof. Joey standing with banana. Marky was putting banana into window still and seeing. Oggy is walking and thinking. Oggy opens glass with tool and takes off small window, Joey puts on Oggy's hands and fires with lighter (match in remastered) and exploded. Joey replace window to bricks and Oggy was exploded by dynamite. Oggy with drill removes chimney and his wanted to climb into chimney. Dee Dee holding dual wooden hammers (dual flyswatters in remastered) and hits on Oggy. Marky opens lighter (match in remastered) and makes on rope fire. Oggy holding firework and exploded. Cockroaches is crying. Bob with hose watering vegetables. Oggy takes off water box lid and hitting into pipes, Oggy takes off nose. and jumps into toilet. Marky holding dual plumbers flushing toilet. Joey closing toilet lid. Marky putting nails and holding box of nails.

Dee Dee is drilling nails on toilet lid. Oggy climbs from pipes and his wet. Outside was stormy weather. Cockroaches was playing console games. Oggy is wanted to go home and his upset. Dee Dee is eating donut. Jack is going into Oggy's home and ringing bell. Oggy was hided into window still. Oggy was hugging Jack. Cockroaches was sleeping. Jack with crane and working. Oggy is laughing and waving with his hand at cockroaches. Jack rings the bell, Oggy is coming to open the door and locked. Joey holding key and puts on Dee Dee's mouth. Oggy is very frustrated and upset because the door is locked. Jack is angry and going to catch the [[cockroaches episode ends.

Plot in 2021 Indian version

The plot in India was completely different. Episode starts: It's Oggy's birthday. Oggy's alarm rings and Oggy switches it off. He says to himself that he'll directly start eating breakfast without brushing. While drinking coffee and eating bread, Oggy says to himself that the day will be good, people will be invited for his birthday but before that he'll keep his house and his surroundings clean so he keeps the plate in the dishwasher and starts it. He throws the trash in the trash bin and puts the bottle in the recycling machine. Now he comes back but he's unable to open the door so he took of so many things (as in the real version) until he hears Joey whistling to him and asking him that where is his mind so Oggy tries to open the door but no avail so he in joy, tries to enter his house using the big window but Dee Dee tickles him and slams the window. Joey took dual hammers and hit his toes like a xylophone. Joey makes the grills of the window and wishes a happy birthday to Oggy when the latter's toes were swollen due to hitting. Oggy tries to enter through every window by saying himself happy birthday but he got hit again and cockroaches wish him happy birthday and make the grills of the windows. They show Oggy how tough it is to enter the house. Oggy finds the way to garage but cockroaches saw him so Oggy goes outside. Dee Dee says to Joey and Marky that there is something suspicious(Dal mein kuchh kaala hai) so Oggy from outside says that there is nothing suspicious and names himself as Mr. Sambar by disguising with a grass moustache. The cockroaches still suspect Mr. Sambar (Oggy). Oggy revealed himself as he thinks that the cockroaches wouldn't know him and sneaked towards the garage and tried to open but his legs were flattened and he tries it again but the door slides up. The cockroaches play with the switches and Oggy is squeezed so many times. Now Oggy went to some other side and uses his spy-glass to find a way. He sees that the cockroaches were armed with a banana and says that if they see Oggy, they'll attack him but Dee Dee asks that what is their lunch and Joey says him to be aware rather than thinking of food. Oggy extends the spy-glass, comes through as a worm, hides from the armed cockroaches and opens the glass above the door using a diamond and says himself happy birthday but Joey hands him a stick of dynamite through the glass, lights it with a matchstick and says Oggy a happy birthday and the dynamite bomb blasts and Joey replaces the glass with a circular brick. Oggy says himself that no one uses the chimney so he unscrews the chimney with a drill and tries to enter through it but he is stuck and wondering why is he unable to get through it so Dee Dee takes dual flyswatters and hits him many times and says that he'll be rather sent outside and Marky lights a rocket with a match and says that the rocket would expel Oggy. Oggy was expelled with the rocket and he blasts in the sky. The cockroaches cry and say him "Get a good birth". Oggy falls into Bob's cabbage farm and Bob questions him that for what has he come so Oggy says that he came to buy a cabbage and asks him for the cost. Bob stops his water hose and beats up Oggy and says him that it's his "Happy birthday gift". Now Oggy opens a sewer and goes through the dirty water so he opens his nose and comes to his toilet and is happy so Joey gives him the flush chain and says him not to pull but Oggy says that he'll pull and he pulled it but he was getting flushed so Marky claims himself as a toilet cleaner by taking dual plungers and pushed him out. Now Ogg




Oggy and the Cockroaches - Locked Outside (S03E31) Full Episode



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