The roaches force Oggy to ingurgitate an explosive concoction that Jack invented to get rid of the roaches. Panic-stricken, Jack tries everything in the books to stop Oggy, the walking time bomb, from going off...

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Laughing Gas is the sixteenth episode of Season 2, and was remade as the second episode for Season 6 under the title Laughter Forbidden. The roaches discover laughing powder while Jack concocts an explosive liquid which Oggy ends up swallowing


Episode starts: Oggy watching TV, Jack is walking around when rings the bell postman waits. Jack is coming to give parcel and unwraps from parcel and laughs.

Jack seeing for instruction of experiment, and laughs. Cockroaches seeing laboratory glasswares. Joey grabs laughing powder and blows an laughing powder to Dee Dee and laughs, Joey holds baseball bat and got hitten on Dee Dee's head and breaks baseball bat. Marky grabs laughing powder an little bit puts into nose and discovering the smell and laughs. Jack with eyedroper wanted to fill an potion and drops from eyedroper and explodes teddy bear and Jack laughs. Jack holds eyedropper Dee Dee and Marky laughs. Dee Dee and Marky runs from Jack and laughs and drops from eyedroper and explodes Dee Dee and Marky. Dee Dee and Marky was hided into trash can. Jack opens trash can with eyedroper and drops from potion and explodes Dee Dee and Marky into ceiling. Joey comb the hair with comb and fan blowing. Jack holds eyedroper drops from potion but he's failed and he's got exploded his leg and frightened and pick ups potion. Joey spills laughing gas powder with fan blowing at Jack. Jack is begining to laugh. Cockroaches with towel and pulled at Jack and slips. Dee Dee with saw and cuts the floor and Jack is falling down. Jack is got hurt and lost their tooths. Joey is glowing with tool into potion and makes pipes Jack is going down stairs into kitchen.

The roaches laugh until Jack come up to them they try to run only to get caught in a Glass cup. Jack picks up the glass and shakes it the he takes out a new container of laughing powder an fdumps the entire conet into the cup ther seal it with a cork then shake it causing to roach laugh from the powder. Jack puts the cup in a box aand wrap it in pink ribbon and give it as a present to Oggy. Oggy at first refuses to Accept the gift but then Jack shake it causing the roaches to laugh Oggy the like it and take and Shake it a bunch of times as The episode ends.



Laughter Forbidden video

Laughter Forbidden video


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