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Justine Delarue is a beautiful girl who has blonde hair.


Joey met Delarue in V.I.P Party. She and Joey then dated until she noticed that it was nearly midnight, and she ran away, leaving a high heeled shoe.

She also appeared in Roommate Wanted!, where she was the second roommate to enter Oggy's house, but ran away because of the cockroaches. She wore a teal dress with a green necklace in a picture of Roommate Wanted!.

 Episodes She Appeared In

  • She is the rarely seen character as she appeared in only in few episodes which are as follow:

Season 3

Season 4


  • According to Roommate Wanted!, her name is Justine Delarue.
  • In V.I.P Party, the part where Justine runs off when the clock is about to strike midnight and leaves her shoe behind is a reference to Cinderella.


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