Joey is one of the main antagonists in the series, along with Marky and Dee Dee. He is the self-proclaimed leader and eldest of the cockroach trio. He is named after the singer of the punk rock group, The Ramones, Joey Ramone.



Online profiles mention that if Joey was capable of talking, he would deliver an inspirational speech discussing the destiny of victimized cockroaches. He is noted to hope to sometime gain absolute control over Oggy's residence for the cockroach civilization and not just himself. He grows annoyed when his leadership is objected. Despite this trait however, Joey is frequently portrayed as "the brains" of the trio and is shown to regularly formulate new strategies. However, for all that, Joey can experience moments of foolishness, and one could say he is "clever but not wise". This is arguably best shown in "Fly to the Sun" when he was incredibly slow to realize it was life-threatening that Oggy's house was approaching the sun. Also, he is stated to think in black-and-white terms.

Joey is proven to be the most mischievous member of the roaches. He always pull impractical jokes and pranks on Oggy with Marky and Dee-Dee. Even though he is the leader of the gang, Joey is shown to be a guy with a sense of humor. On occasions, he has even attempted to send Dee Dee and/or Marky to action in his place, e.g., "Mission Oggy" and "Crackdown on the Fridge". What's more, he is shown to be money-grabbing. In his efforts to acquire cash, Joey has stolen a pharaoh's sarcophagus, tried to abduct a baby, attempted to steal a celebrity's diamond, among other things. On top of this, Joey can bully Marky and Dee Dee in later episodes, yet he sees nothing wrong with this. Despite this characteristic however, he genuinely cares about them. In "Sacrificial Special", he grew angry at Oggy after he had suggested Bob to sacrifice Marky. He was clearly happy to see that Dee Dee was fine after a projection of Oggy grasped him ("The Cockroaches' Awakening"). (There are numerous other examples as well.)

Joey also picked up an interest in association football, or soccer in some countries like the United States, in "Penalty Shot" and "Soccer Fever". Also he gets airsick in "Oggy's 1001 Nights".


Joey is a short, pink-bodied, purple-headed anthropomorphic cockroach. He wears white gloves and has a pink right eye and yellow left eye or red right eye and yellow left eye (sometimes the artists incidentally switch them).


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