Jack-in-a-Box is the 64th episode of Season 2, and was remade as the seventy-second episode for Season 7 under the title The Machine. Jack builds an imposing machine capable of transforming just about anything. Jack gets caught in the machine and he comes out in pieces... all canned and ready to open! Can Oggy reverse the machine?


The episode opens with Jack constructing a machine that can transform objects into other things. Oggy then passes by, having been recently woke up, to eat breakfast. He gets his milk for his cereal, but when a drop just falls, he finds out it is empty. He asks Jack for milk, but he has to show his cousin the invention first. He starts by making a bicycle as a demonstration of it's primary ability. He used the cockroaches' tuna can bed, a tire and blue paint to create a bicycle. Oggy, not amused, still requested for milk, so Jack brings a cow and milks it with the machine. Oggy, happy with his milk, then goes to have his breakfast, but unbeknowst to Jack, the cow itself is sucked into the machine WHOLE. As the cockroaches move in to see what's going on, the cow's parts, made into items are coming out of the machine and onto the conveyor belt such as dairy products, meat, and leather products. Joey then used the products to transform back into a cow, who then beats Jack and shoves him into the machine, turning the green cat into parts in every can as the cockroaches messed with the machine with a short performance.

Oggy, back from his breakfast, suddenly trips and rolls on the skin cans! But once he made several tricks while on the rolling cans, he crashes into the wall! After a dazer, he picks up the head can, which means it's part of his friend. He then stacks them up together. It's Jack! He was shoved into the machine! So Oggy placed the cans back into the machine, and with quick calculations on the machine, Jack is reformed, although his bones are apart from his skin. Oggy then notices the cockroaches with the bone can. A chase ensues, and it ends up in Bob's place. They roll it over to Bob's house, of which he was going to eat one of the bones. Oggy then informs Bob about Jack, which he laughs and uses his skin as jumping rope, a paddleball, and a mini boxing bag.

While Bob was busy, Oggy assembles Jack's whole bone set which came from him, which frightened Bob, who is necrophobic (fear of dead bodies), that his whole body turns very pale, and he faints. Oggy then carries his cousin's skin and bone set back to his house and puts them in the machine, but they added mentioned items, such as the cow, and the bicycle. When all two forms are reverted, Oggy had the finger on the pause button. Joey signs what's wrong, and the cockroaches used a mallet to smack Oggy's hand, which also damaged the keypad, resulting the machine to malfunction, and choosing a tooth-paste tube housing Jack. As the cockroaches open it, Jack smacks them with his hand and crawls to his cousin, who's cooling his aching hand down. Oggy then picks the tube up and rolls his cousin out from it, thus Jack is saved.

With the cockroaches defeated, Jack shoves them in the machine, and result is shown: a set of three thermometers, as the episode closes.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Jack-in-a-Box (S2E64) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Jack-in-a-Box (S2E64) Full Episode in HD


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