Oggy has caught a devastating cold and his steady sneezing is getting out of hand. Jack has the perfect shock treatment: a good old fashioned shot! Terrified, Oggy starts inventing the most absurd camouflages to hide from the big needle...

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Hide and Sick is the second episode of Season 2, and was remade as the eighteenth episode for Season 6 under the title Bless You Oggy!.


It begins with a coffee maker machine producing coffee, then the camera moves to the left, with Jack reading a newspaper. Later, Jack hears a sound of a serious sneeze. Oggy walks in with his eyes almost feeling like it was asleep and has a watery nose. Oggy hardly breathes in, but is not able to due to the fluid that is dripping from his nose. Jack ignores lazily, and Oggy tells that he suffered colds. Oggy softly sniffs in sneeze, showing his nose was shrunk by length and tremendously sneezes. The table was tilted, the foods were all over the wall and Jack was left blown on the wall wih the newspaper covering his face. Jack removes the paper and the cockroaches clap. Oggy is about to sneeze again, but this time, Jack covers his mouth and covers his mouth in relief.

Oggy sneezes even more tremendous, causing the house to jump and so the cockroaches laugh. The cockroaches watch again on what is happening. What is there is that Oggy tightly squeezes the bed edges and is shaking in coldness. Jack inserts a thermometer in Oggy's right nose. The numbers rapidly increase. The meter only reaches from the scale 1 to 10, and Oggy's nose was seriously in bad condition which it would be reaching scale 15 somehow. Hence, the meter explodes which darkened Jack face and Oggy sneezes in front of Jack's face. The cockroaches laugh. Oggy changes position and Jack wants Oggy to stay calm. Jack went to the pharmacy store to get Oggy a syringe. Oggy then dances around his sick bed, pretending he isn’t sick. Oggy then sneezes in front of Jack, causing him to fly out of the window and into Bob’s house compound. Jack landed into a bowl of Bob’s dog food, and quickly escapes until he ran into Bob. He noticed a syringe poked in his back. Jack later gets beaten up by Bob.

Jack later returned to the pharmacy store to get a better syringe. He later wanted to give Oggy a shot, but Oggy is nowhere to be seen in his sickbed. He then searched the living room, the toilet, the kitchen and even the stairway until he noticed the carpet is blue and it has Oggy’s nose. The cockroaches pointed to the red nose, meaning that is Oggy’s nose. Jack then plucks it, which makes the cockroaches laugh. Joey then kicks Oggy’s nose, causing Oggy to sneeze, launching Jack away. Bob notices the syringe poked into his back again while he was reading a magazine. Jack later returned to the pharmacy store, shoved into the syringe.

Then, Jack came back with a bigger syringe. Oggy acted fast and painted himself to blend in with the wall paper behind so that Jack could not see him. The cockroaches revealed Oggy to Jack by rolling a long rectangular white paper in between the wallpaper and Oggy. Then, Jack prepared the syringe but Oggy immediately ran away to another room, where he was camouflaged again and slowly sliding from sides until his head was revealed from the clear window. Jack laughed and threw the syringe at Oggy who sneezed it back at Jack, who fled quickly and jumped on Bob to avoid the flying syringe which struck Bob in the back again. Jack got another beating from Bob and returned to the pharmacy store again. Oggy ran away from Jack who had a bazooka filled with medical syringes. The cockroaches led Jack to the aquarium tank where they pointed out that fish which has the same colors as Oggy. Jack proceeds to give "Oggy" fish an injection. But then, the real Oggy, the cat, skedaddles by, much to confusion of Jack and the cockroaches. The blue fish was not happy and Jack received the fourth beating while the cockroaches laughed out loud.

At the tall lamp in the living room where Oggy was hiding and sneezing, he saw a silhouette of Jack holding another large syringe. Oggy was about to sneeze while Jack almost reached Oggy. Oggy was able to suppress the sneeze for a short while and threw his nose out the window. It landed next to Bob and sneezed loudly, shocking Bob. Bob picked Oggy's nose out of curiosity. Jack patted Bob who Jack thought he was Oggy because he could not see and plucked Bob with the syringe. Bob yelled in pain and punched Jack to the exterior wall, positioned above Oggy and the cockroaches.

Later, Jack felt ill and sneezed while on bed. Oggy, who was recovered, came and brought a medic bag. Inside it, was a suppository. Jack then acted like a gorilla, pretending he isn’t sick. That did not fool Oggy, who prepared to give this aid to Jack who pushed it away. Then, there were three more suppositories which the cockroaches had too, trying to cure Jack while laughing as the cartoon ends.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Hide and Sick (S02E80) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Hide and Sick (S02E80) Full Episode


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