Jack invites Olivia and Oggy to the cricket finals, his favorite sport, and the finals are happening... in Mumbai! Bollywood fans, the roaches tag along too…

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From Mumbai with Love is the 72nd episode of Season 4.


Olivia was practising yoga fluently while Oggy can hardly practice it due to its strong bones. Suddenly, Jack kicked open the door and was jumping and laughing and shouting with joy, Olivia didn't want Jack to interrupt her yoga session, so she coughed. Jack showed Olivia the tickets, then he was thinking about some competitors getting the World Cup would be his greatest moment of his life, Oggy sees it, he quickly grabbed it and saw it's the Cricket World Cup 2012 in Mumbai. However, Oggy refused to go, on the contrary, Olivia wants to go because she wanted to learn more yoga moves in Mumbai. Oggy still refuses to go but he had no choice so he must go.

The plane was flying high, there was a kid who was kicking the backseat that Oggy is sitting on while Olivia is reading and Jack is sleeping. Oggy thought it was an illusion so he grabbed the oxygen mask and breathe. Then, the three cockroaches showed up, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky. They came out with a picture of a beautiful celebrity in Mumbai. Dee Dee and Marky liked her so they kissed the picture. Joey quickly grabbed the picture and what Joey was looking for is the diamond collar on the celebrity's neck.

The roaches disguise themselves as a play to get on the field an spas by the celebrity and and her servant (who happened to be none other than Bob!)

Joey tries to leave with the diamond only to get stooped by Dee Dee and makers who diamand that Joey give back the diamond Joey refs etc his brother beat him up and take the diamond and return it to the Indian woman as a reward she gives their picture or of her a kiss autograph( what Dee Dee and Marky wanted all along) In the end Oggy, Jack, Olivia, Bob, Dee Dee, Marky and Indian woman dancing excluding Joey. Joey is lying into grass.



From Mumbai with Love episode

From Mumbai with Love episode


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