After getting electrocuted, Oggy and Joey turn into a REAL cat and a REAL roach. But their friends and family don’t recognize them and they are run out of the house. The only way to return to normal is to get re-electrocuted in an electrical plant!

Official Synopsis, [1]

For Real! is the 20th episode of Season 4.


When Joey steals the music player of Oggy, he chases Joey to Bob's Electric Power Plant. Joey throws Oggy's music player into the wiring but gets himself and Oggy electrocuted. They both turned to a real animal each. Bob see them. At the start, Bob believe that Oggy it's just an original cue stray cat and start kiting him. Then Oggy become angry and Bob later on. Bob throws Oggy out of the power plant.

Then, Joey and Oggy go in their house. Joey is enough small to go under the door and get to his house. Dee Dee and Marky are scared about him as they don't have a idea that it's Joey, and start attacking and kicking him out. Oggy isn't tall enough to open the door. Jack who is watching TV and eating octopus, heard Oggy's meow. Jack believe that it's just a stray cat and tell him go away but Oggy wanted to stay. Jack give to him cat food but Oggy doesn't accept it and go outside the house. He wanted to eat Jack's octopus but Jack again tells him to go away. Oggy start to scratch him brutally and Jack very angrily throws him into a garbage can.

Then, Oggy is crying by seeing his photo in the picture frame. Joey tells him that if they want to turn back to their respective previous selves, they must go into the power plant. However, Bob stopped them as they enter the power plant, and they can't return to normal. He then throws them into two Joey and Oggy's wanted photos. Dee Dee and Marky start attacking Joey with brooms but Jack finds out by Oggy's meowing that the cockroach is really Joey and the cat is really Oggy. Jack, Marky & Dee Dee have a plan to turn Oggy and Joey back to normal.

They hop into Jack's Jeep, drive to the power plant, breaking through the barbed wire barricade and crashing into Bob. Dee Dee takes the spanner from Bob and throws it to the wiring. Oggy and Joey become normal, but then Jack, Dee Dee and Marky become real animals. Oggy and Joey start giggling. Then, Bob appears and seems that he too transformed into a real bulldog and starts fighting with Oggy, Joey, Dee Dee, Marky and Jack.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - For real (S04E20) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - For real (S04E20) Full Episode in HD


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