Oggy devours a book that depicts the world of hippies and flower-power. He starts wandering through the house with the book in hand, like a Tibetan monk, reciting mantras about peace and love every time the roaches make his life miserable.

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Flower-Power is the 59th episode of Season 2, and was remade as the seventeenth episode for Season 7 under the title Zen Oggy. Oggy decides to become a peaceful hippy.


Episode starts as Oggy was watching TV and drinking soda. Joey soon comes out from the can and literally kisses him before a chase ensues. And it all ends up in a pile of explosives, including nuclear weapons! It soon blows up, and Oggy is hilariously reduced to ashes. After some time, Oggy felt tired of being conned and tricked, and decided he wanted peace. He soon stumbles upon a book called "Flower Power", a book for peace and harmony. He also learns you must give something good, for the love inside you. And like the monks of old Asia, there is no war, unless you have peace with the world.

A peaceful Oggy soon comes back with Joey presenting a flower to him, but whilst distracted, the other roaches bring a hammer to nail Oggy's tail. But Oggy, back to his book, read more for peace, and seriously acting like monks. He kissed Joey's head, peace out, but steps on the hole by purpose! But Oggy still remained at peace as Joey needs some minding to distract Oggy again. In his bathroom, he dressed up like one.

Meanwhile, the cockroaches tried different attempts: a roller-skate to make him trip; blowing him up with dynamites; forcing him to fight after interrupting his Zen ability; and using a piranha in the toilet to flush him down. but all of them failed as Oggy recovers unharmed. So they try a magic show in which it works. A TV, into a chicken, into a blowtorch, into a CANNON?!

Jack, meanwhile, came home with a gift for him, and as he heard the blast from the cannon, Jack, unfortunately, demands Oggy that he should be on guard. But Oggy doesn't seem to mind, as the cockroaches try to sabotage him with different attempts, but all fall to Jack: dropping a bus; a trashcan blaster, on which is used twice; and an incoming lawnmower. Oggy then hands the book of peace, on which Jack is part surprised, but both using as a weapon to squash the cockroaches, and a replacement for the leg of the drawer, much to Oggy's disappointment. And the episode ends as Flower Power can have consequences.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Flower Power (S02E134) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Flower Power (S02E134) Full Episode


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