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Fame & Glory is the first episode of Season 2, and was remade as the seventy-seventh episode for Season 6 under the title Showtime!. Oggy really wants to go to the circus but has no money so Jack makes a circus for himself, including the people and, for the two felines, the cockroaches.


Oggy is seen walking with goods from the grocery store. Then, he noticed the ringmaster announcing the circus, who spreads the flyers. Oggy then gasped. Then Dee Dee puts a dynamite on Oggy's mouth, but he didn't noticed it. He then saw the flyer. Then, he goes back to his home and breaks the piggy bank. However, he then noticed the piggy bank only have two peanuts, which makes him upset. Jack then noticed it, and he thought of an idea. He spend time building a circus in Oggy's house overnight.

Oggy then woke up with the lights on. Jack then goes to Oggy and brought a clown suit. Jack then asks Oggy to smell his rose on his suit. Oggy smells it, and the rose brought some firecrackers and they explode. Now Oggy asks Jack to change some clothes, and they changed. This time, Oggy asks Jack to smell the rose, but nothing happened. He then looks at the rose, and it happened again on him. He then asks to switch clothes again. Jack then commands Oggy to look at the rose, and it bursted once again since Oggy smell the rose. This made Jack guffaw with tears. Oggy then asks to change clothes again, and it yet again bursted. Then the camera zoomed further away as Oggy changed the clothes with Jack and it happened. Jack then asks Oggy to smell the bouquet of roses, but Oggy gives up, and he only watches Jack.

Then Jack wants to torture the cockroaches. Oggy then becomes happy. Jack then asks Marky to jump on the cymbal, but he failed it, which makes Oggy satisfied. Then Jack asks Joey to jump on the circle with fire, but Joey fails to do so. Then Jack asks Dee Dee to stretch his mouth. Oggy then gasped, but Dee Dee did not bit him, so Oggy wasn't satisfied.

Then Jack asks Oggy to do a magic trick with him. The, he asks Oggy to go in the box. Joey then took the magic saw and replaced it with a regular saw painted in yellow. Jack then saws Oggy. However, he saw Joey holding a magic saw. He didn't see that he cut Oggy into two pieces, which made Jack apologize to him.

Then Oggy got bandaged. Jack then climbs on the highest ladder. First, Oggy then getting bored. Next, he adjust his nails with a screwdriver, then he takes lunch, and finally, he writes the word "Oggy" on the newspaper. Jack then reaches the top. Oggy was amazed, and satisfied. Jack then does tricks, but Oggy is still bored. He does it great until he was stopped by the roaches. They put a spring on it, causing Jack to bounce. Marky dives with Jack falling, and Jack hanged. Joey then hanged on his nose. Then, Dee Dee tries to bit Jack, but Jack avoids it, but he fell. Oggy then saves Jack, but Joey added electricity on the trampoline, causing Jack to be electrocuted. The ringmaster saw Jack's circus, and Joey signed a contract to it.

The ringmaster takes Jack onto the circus. Jack does his tricks. Then, the ringmaster thanks the roaches who are rich with the sausage they ate. Oggy is impressed while eating popcorn. The episode closes afterwards.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Fame & Glory (S2E1) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Fame & Glory (S2E1) Full Episode in HD

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