After a rather disastrous chase with the roaches, Oggy's nose is broken. He gets an operation in the hospital and the new nose is so pretty that all the babes go wild. The roaches are jealous and seek revenge...

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Face Off is the 43rd episode of Season 2, and was remade as the fifty-seventh episode for Season 6 under the title Oggy's Brand New Face. Oggy needs to have plastic surgery.


The cockroaches (excluding Joey) stole the toilet paper from Oggy where Oggy is furious and chases the roaches, though Jack chuckles while following Oggy. Dee Dee threw the paper to Marky and they both arrive at the living room coincidentally. Oggy and Jack arrived, not simultaneously, but they saw nothing but the toilet paper. Oggy questions Jack, but Jack is unknown for the answer, so he just shrugs, and they are not knowing if the cockroaches are there somehow. Oggy approaches the toilet paper, earned the object, but receives a frightening and painful prank, the roaches dropped Oggy a 50lb. anvil, right on his head! The cockroaches laugh as Joey now appeared. (That has got to hurt. A 50lb. anvil, dropped on you, you need to go to the hospital to fix your head!!!)

Jack calls an ambulance, and brought Oggy to the hospital. Inside the ambulance, en route to the hospital, Jack gently opens the blanket that is covering Oggy, but what he saw was his gruesome face, destructively hurt, damaged and ruined, and Jack almost vomited to disgust. A few tricks came up on the screen: a flat line, means he's dead; a pulse beat, means he's still alive; a pac-man, means his pulse is off, and the sound of pingpong, which Jack is almost disappointed, and Joey was controlling the screen. At the top, Marky and Dee Dee messed up everything: Marky enters the horn, and turns his head around, pretending the sound is increasing; and Dee Dee unscrews the ambulance's lighting and wears it, but he flew away.

Jack hurriedly pushes Oggy from the highest floor. Four nurses came out and is joining the run. The blanket was opened, and so the nurses scream in fright and disgust. Jack continues to run until he reaches the topmost part of the hospital. Jack arrives at the room panting. The doctor asks Jack to repair his face by a picture of Oggy, and he accepts. As the doctor prepares his tools, a few tricks came up the roaches' sleeves: After the doctor was done operating, he comes out, the doctor removes the bandage, and what they saw is the roaches first face prank as they are inside the flowers: a scribble by Joey. Every person, nurse and patient, all frightened by the new look, run outside the hospital. After the roaches reveal Oggy's new face by mirror, a chase ensues, and uses a disabled person's wheelchair to pursue them down the stairs. After the person is planted on the plant, the wheelchair rolls down on the side of the stairs, and Oggy's head is slammed on by the wall. (It's not the cockroaches, it's just Oggy himself.) The roaches run away.

Jack comes to pick Oggy up, the second repair is put in place, and this time, a new trick is improved: an erased head by Marky, much to Jack's disappointment. Third repair, and final trick, a replacement of the head and looks by Joey in a magazine. Repair is done by different tools, and Oggy's head is like the magazine man. (Wonder who that is? Like David Hasselhoff?) The bandage is removed, causing all the nurses to gasp in awe, and in love. Oggy runs out in fright, as the nurses chase him to kiss the patient. After two hiding places, one behind a wall, to which Joey signals the nurses that he's behind the wall; and after the pot, as Joey breaks it. Finally, the nurses pin Oggy, and kiss the head of it. Dazed by the kissing, Oggy tripped, and got his head shredded in the grinder, and out of it comes like head-noodles. Jack, much to his shock, picks up Oggy and he is returned to the operation room.

He posts a large poster of Oggy's face, after trapping the roaches. The face repair is complete, and Oggy's head is returned to normal. They left the hospital, and just then, as they left, the cockroaches crush Jack with a piano this time, and alarmed the doctor to repair Jack's head this time as Oggy stayed in the hospital. And this episode ends as Joey started to kiss the nurses by the poster's head. (Wonder if it's the looks that count?)



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Face Off

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Face Off


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