Oggy and Olivia go for a boat ride with the Cockroaches coming along too, only for Oggy to kick them out. Bob the bridge operator struggles to communicate with Oggy, who is confused by the boat's controls and keeps injuring Bob while the Cockroaches race back to the boat.

Official Synopsis, [1]

Don't Barge In! is the 45th episode of Season 4.


Episode starts: Oggy and Olivia are on a boat ride and it seems to be going well. Oggy subsequently saw Olivia change into her bikini, much to happiness. However, he then spotted the roaches and flung them overboard, even though they looked more interested in taking a nap than causing trouble. Olivia is trying to take a nap but the insects won't let her so she goes inside the boat. Oggy then sees Bob as the bridge operator but he's confused about Bobs flag signs. Oggy tries to follow along but it only causes pain to the 3 onscreen characters.. Mostly Olivia. Soon, it gets out of hand as the cockroaches take over the driving controls and the boat goes on land, destroying almost everything when it just barely reaches Oggy's house. Oggy is about to beat the cockroaches but they immediately escapes. Olivia finally wakes up and she's very confused. She's even more confused when Oggy crushes Bob.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Don't barge in! (S4E46) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Don't barge in! (S4E46) Full Episode in HD


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