Docu-Mentally is the 44th episode of Season 1. Oggy gets a video camera in the mail and attempts to film the cockroaches' final demise. However, just as he gets to watch the end of it, the roaches decide to get their grand revenge by stealing his tape and recording him in the most humiliating way possible.


The episode starts with a showing a painting of Oggy's great-grandfather in Oggy's home. The focus then pans down to Oggy below, who is frantically tearing open a new package with red wrapping. When he finally opens the package, it reveals an open with box, with Oggy taking a video camera out of the box. He says if no one made me a hero it is okay, now I'll myself make a Documental! The camera is shown up-close, with Oggy holding it. Oggy seems very excited with his new camera. The focus then shows the instructions on how to use the camera. Oggy then immediately starts to use it, with the focus showing the lens itself, recording various rooms and things in his house. Oggy then stops recording and starts to think of a devious plan. He then takes two camera lights and mounts them by the vent close to the ceiling. He then brings a ladder and climbs up it to film the cockroaches inside the vent. Right when Oggy turns the lights on to film the cockroaches, the roaches are immediately awake and looking at Oggy filming. Marky then precedes to walk over and close a shutter (blinds) on the vent. Marky walks back over to their bed and the roaches immediately go back to sleep. The roaches are then suddenly awoken again when Oggy is somehow inside the vent with the two lights recording. The roaches then proceed to jump out of the vent, escaping Oggy from filming. The roaches then run to the trashcan and jump in to hide from Oggy.

Once the roaches are inside, they sigh and wipe their foreheads indicating that they are relieved that they escaped from Oggy. Right as they are wiping their foreheads, The video camera appears above them with Oggy filming. The roaches scream. The roaches then jump out of the trashcan. Dee dee then presses the pedal below the trashcan to open the lid of the trashcan, and Joey jumps on top to remove the bag. Joey ties the bag and the roaches run outside of the house with the bag. A garbage truck arrives at the same time the roaches reach the street, of which then the truck picks up the garbage, pulling away right after it stops. The focus then shifts to Dee dee and Marky standing there grinning, with Joey waving and smiling at the truck.

The focus shows the inside of Oggy's kitchen, with his pink refrigerator door open. The focus then shows the three roaches inside the fridge along with boxes of pork. The cockroaches are looking around grinning, happy they are about to eat when Joey opens one of the containers and finds the lens of the camera looking at them. Joey is disappointed. Oggy then pops out of the box/tin with the camera, and the roaches jump. The focus then shows the lens of the camera recording the three roaches standing there. The focus then changes again to the outside of the fridge. The fridge door opens and the roaches jump out. The roaches then come back with three heavy objects (bottom to top: Washing machine, grandfather clock, and a seal). The roaches then wrap up the objects with paper along with the fridge, so oggy can't get out. The focus changes to the three roaches standing and looking at the fridge in fear. The roaches then hear the focus of the lens of the camera, and the roaches turn around to find Oggy filming them once again. The roaches run away, with Oggy chasing them. The roaches run down the hall, up to the staircase, and into the attic. The roaches sigh from tiredness.

Joey taps his head and points somewhere in the room, with the other two roaches nodding their heads in agreement. The three roaches then run up one of the attic pillars and hide on top of it. The roaches sigh again, only to find the camera lens above them with Oggy filming, again. The focus changes to Oggy filming with his right hand, along with a fan in his left hand. The focus changes to with the camera are recording (the camera lens), with the roaches sitting staring at the camera. The camera then pans on a spider web behind the roaches. The focus changes back to the three roaches sitting there, looking with an expressionless face. Oggy then turns the fan on, which makes the roaches fly away into the spider web behind them. The roaches get stuck and Oggy continues to film, smiling. He taps the spider web, which awakes the spider at the bottom left of the web. The spider then reacts to the roaches being there with surprise. The spider jumps up to the roaches. The spider then eats the roaches off-screen, showing Oggy filming what is happening. Oggy then removes the camera and smiles at the focus. Oggy disappears and walks out of the room.  The focus changes to the spider sitting, happy that he is full. The spider then jumps twice without the spider's doing, which makes the spider confused. The roaches then jump out from inside the spider and walk away.

The focus shows the video camera with Oggy holding it. Oggy removes the tape from inside the video camera. The focus changes to Oggy holding the tape, of which he then proceeds to kiss it. Oggy then puts the tape in a VCR below with his foot, and he jumps back on his pillow to watch what he recorded. The TV first shows the roaches standing inside the fridge. Oggy continues to watch while the focus pans to the roaches behind him. The focus changes back to the TV, with the TV showing the roaches being blown onto the spider web. The TV screen then goes blank, and Oggy stares at the screen frowning. Oggy walks away in disgust. The focus changes to Oggy shaking the TV. He stops to look down at the roaches which are in the process of removing the tape from the video player (Dee dee removes the lid while Marky removes the tape). Dee dee and Marky then run away. The focus changes to Joey standing there laughing, while he picks up the video camera and starts to film. The focus changes to what the camera is recording, with Marky, Oggy and Dee dee playing Monkey in the middle with the tape, with Oggy in the middle. Marky fools Oggy into catching the tape, with Oggy falling. The two roaches then run away with the tape. The focus changes to Joey still standing there filming, with a devious look on his face. Joey then walks off-screen with the camera.

The scene changes to Marky running with the tape, with Oggy chasing after him. Joey is running behind them filming. Marky and Oggy run up the stairs, and the focus changes to Marky holding the tape and patting it. Oggy stops running to take the tape, but Marky throws it the other way. Oggy runs down the stairs trying to catch it. At the bottom of the stairs, Dee dee is removing nails holding the floorboards. He then catches the and runs away. Oggy is behind him now and gets smacked in the face when the floorboard hits him. Oggy then falls. Dee Dee then runs away with the tape into the kitchen. He runs off-screen and comes back with a tube of some sort of slippery liquid. He pours the liquid on the floor. The focus changes to Oggy picking himself up off of the floor, and running into the kitchen. Joey is behind him filming. Oggy then comes into the kitchen in horror to find Dee dee holding the tape above a boiling pot of water, and a string which is attached to the fridge, with a pulley wheel attached to the ceiling. Oggy tries to run to where Dee dee is but gets stuck running in a place where Dee dee spilled the liquid. Oggy then stops to look at the focus and tries to run away in the other direction. Dee Dee lets go of the string which lets the fridge fall onto Oggy. The fridge then opens with Oggy walking out as a cube.

The scene changes to Dee Dee running out of the kitchen with the tape. Oggy runs behind him and stops in exhaustion. He continues to run to catch Dee Dee down the hall and stops in horror when he finds Marky behind the wheel of a steam roller and the tape below the steam roller (Joey is filming this part in the background). Oggy runs to save the tape, but the steam roller runs over and flattens Oggy. Dee dee then takes the tape from Oggy's hands. The focus scene changes to Dee dee running with the tape, with Oggy behind it. Oggy meows in horror when he sees a string coming out from the other room. Oggy then stops to look in the room, and shrieks in horror when he sees Dee Dee has pulled out all the tape from the videotape, the tape hanging all over the room. This causes him to faint. Joey, with the camera in his hand, is laughing while evilly grinning. Joey then picks up the camera to film the scene. Later, the three roaches are standing with the camera on the floor. All three are grinning. Joey removes the tape from the camera and puts it inside of an envelope and licks it shut. Joey then proceeds to write "T.V." across the entire envelope. Dee dee then mumbles something into Joey's ear, and all three roaches laugh. All three then run off-camera.

Later, Oggy is relaxing on his pillow watching TV. He stumbles upon a show called Video Fun. The first scene in Video Fun shows Oggy on the floor passed out. Dee Dee is on the left with Joey on the right. Joey then removes some of the furs off of Oggy's belly. Oggy stares in horror. The next scene shows Oggy completely naked with Dee Dee on Oggy's arm and Joey holding his coat. The scene changes again to Joey and Dee Dee holding and controlling Oggy's body. The scene changes again, showing Oggy with his tongue taped to the floor, while Dee Dee jumps it with Joey cheering on the right. The scene changes again to Dee Dee drawing a mustache on Oggy's face and Joey playing with his ears. While this happens, everyone is laughing at the TV. In horror, Oggy flees and escapes using an airplane. He sighs in relief, only for Video Fun to be shown on the TV. An old lady then smiles at him, followed by Oggy surrounded by laughing people, ending the episode.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Docu-Mentally (S1E44) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Docu-Mentally (S1E44) Full Episode in HD


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