Dee Dee is one of the main villains in the series, along with Joey and Marky. He is named after the bassist of the punk rock group The Ramones, Dee Dee Ramone.



Dee Dee is an ever-hungry, devour-it-all roach. He is presumably the youngest of the roaches as he acts somewhat childish and immature. He is also the most sensitive as he is seen crying over food, the loss of his brothers, and even his failed attempts at appearing in an opera show with Jack in one episode. His appetite sometimes reaches insane regions, often resulting in the consumption of larger animals or other things (such as a hyena in one case and due to the effects of a poisonous mushroom in another case, an insect. He has even tried to eat elephants, Oggy, Jack, and a boar). He is usually the bravest of the group as he is seen even tackling larger animals like a penguin for its egg, an octopus for its arm and a herd of elephants so he can eat one of them - but his efforts are usually wasted as he gets beaten up. Occasionally, Dee Dee gets tired of Joey's controlling antics and will side with Marky when he feels Joey is being unfair or too assertive. Dee Dee is also quiet knowledgeable. He was Oggy's friend in Inspector Dee Dee, Little Tom Oggy, Wake-Up My Lovely and some episodes rarely.


He is a blue-bodied, orange-headed roach with green eyes. He is quite overweight but is the strongest, as he is able to lift up the other cockroaches and heavy things easily.

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