Oggy is off to the supermarket to shop. But the roaches have tagged along and they sit in the shopping cart stuffing their faces with chicken at Oggy's expense. As he chases the them through the aisles, Oggy turns the supermarket upside down...

Official Synopsis, [1]

Crazy Shopping is the 6th episode of Season 2, and was remade as the seventy-first episode for Season 6 under the title An Unwanted Customer.


The episode starts: Oggy arrives at a grand SuperMart, he has to do shopping. He approaches the shop with a trolley. He watches things around to buy, while the cockroaches were seen on the trolley. Uh-oh. They jumped off and see grey chicken. Dee Dee and Joey take bites with sharp teeth, Marky bites with normal teeth, but loses some teeth. Same with others. Joey is angered, he threw a chicken away, which dashed a big pile of cans. dashed a clocks, dashed orange juice. dashed eggs and shoot at Oggy. So, the cockroaches have started their job, now they will wreak havoc, in the shop, and Oggy will get wrecked, it will be fun. Security man seeing in camera who Oggy did the messed up at SuperMart, and security man makes angry. Security man wants to check on camera what did Oggy messed up entire SuperMart and he runs and closes his security door. Cockroaches hides. Security man flings Oggy out of SuperMart for making the mess. Cockroaches laughing. Oggy with beard arrives at SuperMart, security seeing in picture, only let him go. Cockroaches drags with lawnmover and cuts at Oggy. Oggy makes angry. Oggy drives with cart to catch the cockroaches and hit into TV. Oggy Connected TV and threw away, lawnmover cuts and cuts at security man. Oggy with security man and drives cart into slide. Oggy is now without beard and his laughing. Security man makes angry. Oggy with security man and drives backwards and falling down. Oggy into fishes. Security man into octopus and makes his angry. Security man Flings Oggy with beard. Oggy with yellow hairnet and pink lips. Security man loves Oggy. Oggy wants to buy some clothes and going to dressing place. Cockroaches steal Oggy's clothes. Security man came at Oggy. He loved Oggy. Oggy slaps at Security man. Security man then the widing Oggy. By driving Oggy's costume. Oggy and security man has been hitten into teddy bear. Security man Flings Oggy with yellow hairnet and pink lips. Oggy with cart goes to the other side. Security man disables all powers. Security man puts on Oggy yellow hairnet and beard. Cockroaches laughing. And closing the SuperMart, Oggy wants escape from SuperMart, because doors are locked, episode ends.



Oggy and the Cockroaches 🛒 CRAZY SHOPPING 💣 (S02E82) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches 🛒 CRAZY SHOPPING 💣 (S02E82) Full Episode


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