Cat Kit is the 43rd episode of Season 1, and was remade as the fifth episode for Season 6 under the title Jack's Kit. Jack arrives with a put-it-together-yourself roach-catching trap. When he tries to get some silence to work, the cockroaches try their best in causing as much noise as possible. This forces poor Oggy to try and keep them quiet, which is easier said than done.


The episode starts: The cockroaches are raiding the fridge. Oggy wakes up to get his breakfast, only to get surprised by slipping on the cockroaches' getaway skateboard. He tries to get the door open while skateboarding, only to be opened by Jack. He calls on Oggy to get the box in, only to see him splat on the door. Jack shows a box of a hammer-and-platform trap to crush the cockroaches, much to Oggy's appreciation. The big box unveils the contents, along with complicated instructions. As Oggy can read it simple enough, Jack scolds him that he can do it by himself, even without advice, silencing him at every noise.

Meanwhile, the cockroaches continue raiding the fridge, with Dee Dee carrying the whole lot. As soon as it is too much, Oggy hears the commotion as Dee Dee falls, with Jack shouting to keep him quiet, after a simple yell. Other noises, such as a blown-up balloon, rushing water over a saucepan, an attempt to break the plates, and a TNT explosion on the nose. Oggy returns to the house, blackened, only to find out that a vacuum cleaner is an irritating noise. An earbreaker as they call it. So Oggy helps Jack stay quiet by plugging his ears so he can focus properly.

The cockroaches continue by using the vacuum cleaner to clean everything from the fridge as Jack finishes making the contraption. As soon as he is done, Jack tells him to unplug his ears, and find the cockroaches, to little avail. To test it, Jack uses a stone figurine of Oggy. But as he turned on the machine, the device backfires, and Jack is injured. Oggy walks away in disappointment as the episode ends having a feast inside the vacuum cleaner.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Cat Kit (S1E43) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Cat Kit (S1E43) Full Episode in HD


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