Oggy finds a pretty yellow butterfly in his yard and it starts acting like a pet. Oggy quickly teaches him how to do tricks like a circus animal. Olivia falls under the butterfly’s charm. Bob is jealous…

Official Synopsis, [1]

Butterfly Race is the 30th episode of Season 4.


Episode starts: It's a nice sunny day! All the pets are busy in the sun!

Oggy was relaxing his body, drinking juice. Bob was cutting a plant, and Olivia was exercising. But Oggy comes face-to-face with a butterfly on his nose, he blows it away, then the butterfly comes back, again, he blows it away again, blows it again; but then, he became pals with the butterfly. He gave him honey, the butterfly sips it. When Oggy visits Olivia's house, Oggy shows his pet butterfly; Olivia was happy.

They began to plan the butterfly race. Whoever gets the honey wins! Before that, Bob gets jealous. He finds marky trying to eat a carrot. Bob makes Marky be a butterfly. Oggy's butterfly and Bob's butterfly (Marky) later perform some tricks.

After that, both butterflies are racing. At the end, Oggy's butterfly opens the trophy full of honey. Oggy then finds out that Dee Dee ate all the honey.

The butterfly is then screaming in anger. He then throws his leash at Oggy.

Oggy is then sad, but Olivia cheers him up. The episode ends with Oggy being happy.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Butterfly Race (S4E31) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Butterfly Race (S4E31) Full Episode in HD


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