Brainchild is the 74th episode of Season 2 and remade within the title The Whiz-Kid as the 6th episode of Season 7. Oggy trips over a small, fat kid sitting on the street and typing with a laptop. The kid then decides to follow Oggy home. But there, the kid starts performing strange experiments on the cockroaches.


Episode starts: As Oggy is coming home with groceries over his head, he trips over a small, fat kid sitting on the street and typing with a laptop. After meeting the kid, and telling him not to sit on the street, it decides to follow into Oggy's home. Oggy tries (but to no avail) to shoo him off, but the kid begs to stay inside his home as he apparently doesn't have a family. So, he tries call Jack for advice, but the call doesn't come back. So he puts the kid into his living room, and leaves him his toys to play with. But since he's a kid genius, he can do more than that by transforming his action figure into Rubik's Cube. But it backfires when the cube is reverted to his face. (Brainflex kid! Wonder if he is the idol of Jimmy Neutron.)

He tries to continue calling him to little avail, but while he does, the unusually intelligent kid notices the cockroaches stealing jelly from the fridge, and soon starts performing ways to crush the cockroaches. He catches them with his laptop, trapping in them, and he soon starts devising inventions whilst Joey rolls away. He tries to roll to get to the fridge to get some more food until he is found by the kid. The kid's inventions go well as planned: a mini shuttle speed simulation; a frog pattern transformation box, and a disintegration laser. After a while, Oggy calls in the FBAÏ (Federal Bureau of Analgesics Ïo) to retrieve the kid, and he comes back into the living room, as a futuristic design by the kid, designed by the toys. He found the cockroaches tied on a target, waiting to be shot down by a laser gun, much to Oggy's dismay, and the kid's disappointment.

He frees the cockroaches, leads the FBAÏ in, simultaneously silencing Oggy, with the kid chasing the cockroaches. With the child caught, they leave, still silencing Oggy. The kid leaves his laser gun, and when Oggy uses it as he saw them stealing the jelly, the gun generated a black hole, disintegrating the house, and sucking everything on the scene: houses, Earth, and space. The episode ends as the clip is sucked in the hole as well.



Brainchild video

Brainchild video


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