In order to regain his pride (thank-you cockroaches!) Bob challenges Oggy to a duel. Since Bob is the one offended, he gets to choose the weapons. He refuses everything Oggy offers him before returning with a pair of boxing gloves which he waves under his adversary's nose. The final showdown will take place in a jam-packed arena. Panic-stricken, Oggy calls on cousin Jack for help. With the aid of two hulking movers, Jack and Oggy make Bob believe that Oggy is... king of the ring!

Official Synopsis, [1]

Boxing Fever is the 69th episode of Season 2, and was remade as the fifty-seventh episode for Season 7 under the title Boxing Match. Bob forces Oggy on a boxing match.


Another day in Oggy's house, and Oggy has just finished taking a bath. He gets to wear some new clothes, but the cockroaches possess one of the gloves and steals his nose! A chase is ensued on a scooter, until the cockroaches trigger a ramp, with no turning of the scooter, straight up through the roof by chimney, and stuck on it. The cockroaches exit Oggy's house and transfer to Bob's place. They trick him by kicking his nose on a lawn ball, and slap him on the butt with the glove. The cockroaches exit the scene.

When Oggy came to make his mistake about the glove, Bob enforces a duel with him, after slapping Oggy with his own glove. A duel is on, with Bob's rejections: Muskets, Fencing Swords, Katanas, and Bazookas. He stopped on the cat, and showed him the one sport that he idolized to the Philippines' Boxing Champion, Manny Pacquiao: Boxing. He insists on that sport, even if the poor cat doesn't know how. He calls Jack for help as he is crying.

Jack arrives to Oggy's home, and demonstrates what he should do. Box like a boxer, and win. He imagines Oggy being a heavyweight boxing champion, much to Oggy's prediction and rejection that Bob will win because he's got the big muscles. He comforts Oggy as Bob puts up posters of a boxing match between him and Oggy. Meanwhile, Jack trains Oggy at home for boxing, with several disasters:

A treadmill, on which Oggy's tail gets stuck and flattens him under the floor; a big punching bag, on which he tries to punch hard, only to find that the bag has made a hole, spilling the sand all over; a mini punching bag, on which one hard swing has caused it to fall on him; jumping rope, on which he fails by stepping over; and a boxing mitten, on which Oggy loses his energy for it.

Bob waits outside, waiting for him to "come out and fight", while looking at expensive boxing gloves. Not wanting to let Oggy be injured with just one swing of Bob's brutal punch, Jack spots two movers who asks them to disguise as beaten up common men, much to Bob's shock as he hears the commotion of boxing effects on the radio, forcing him to train even harder until he gets too tired, much to the cats' content until the next morning at the stadium. The match begins, and Bob is too tired to box as Jack deems Oggy the first feline boxing champion.

Back at home, they win with the money, but only to get punched off by the movers after only paying them a single penny, transferring to Bob's place as they crashed through separate bedroom windows, waking Bob up. After a moment when Bob hears of the movers stealing the money, he preps up his boxing gloves, regaining his strength, and towers over the cats, knowing that the Boxing Fever isn't over.




Oggy and the Cockroaches - Boxing Fever (S02E147) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Boxing Fever (S02E147) Full Episode


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