Jack decides to take Oggy to the seaside for the weekend. Oggy is ecstatic and jumps into the car with his ducky life preserver. But hiding in the shadows of the car are three pesky little stowaways. Yes you guessed right, the three cockroaches!

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Blue Sunday is the sixty-sixth episode of Season 1, and was remade as the forty-seventh episode for Season 6 under the title A Crazy Week-End. The title of the episode refers to "Blue Monday", a term that is used to signify Monday's mundaneness. Oggy and Jack decide to head for the beach with the three cockroaches in tow.


Episode starts: Oggy chasing the cockroaches which are covered in the chicken. Then, Jack arrives, with his truck squishing the chicken, almost crushing the cockroaches, making Oggy sasified. Jack said to Oggy that they are going to the beach, so Oggy brings his big floater. However, the cockroaches also came to them, and they join in the joyride.

The next part shows the long traffic going to the beach, apparently because of the toll booth, which made Oggy and Jack wait for the traffic to clear up. However, the cockroaches are also bored, which makes Joey to honk the horn. However, Jack was annoyed, so he slammed into Joey, but he missed it and slammed his tummy instead. Then, Joey goes to the forward step, then Jack stepped on it, but pushes through Man's car, which made the airbag bloat at them. Upset with his car crashed, he brings his pet dog in to injure the cats. The cockroaches laugh at this predicament.

After the traffic has been cleared, they are rolling down the highway straight ahead, with Jack looking at the directions making him confused, so he took the map, making him can't see where he is going. Oggy then knows they were driving to the left, so he took the steering wheel, but then the cockroaches took the steering wheel, until they were driving at the opposite lane. Then they let Oggy drive. With that amount of cars coming down the opposite lane, Jack is forced to evade off with Marky as the Matadero, until the three trucks stopped in the path. Seeing that Jack should not crash through the barrier to get back onto the lane they were going, he is forced to go to the left side, taking the trucks with them. It wasn't long until they ended up in Bob's vacation house. Jack's car stopped in front, but the trucks passed through it! Angered after he got rolled over with the house demolished, he stomps out to Oggy and Jack, squishing the cockroaches as they laughed. At first, Jack said sorry for the Situation Normal, but Bob, in violence, said that Jack is now All Screwed Up.

A Blue Sunday has turned into a catastrophe. Jack, bruised and battered, forces Oggy to push Jack's car, much to Oggy's tiredness, until a bus going to the beach stopped on a bus stop. As Oggy saw it, he goes with the roaches, leaving Jack in dismay. He commands Oggy to push some more, but he did not respond until Jack realizes he's not there. On the bus, there was Oggy and the cockroaches riding the bus going to the beach. The episode ends.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Blue Sunday (S1E66) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Blue Sunday (S1E66) Full Episode in HD


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(NEW EPISODE) Oggy and the Cockroaches - A Crazy Week-End (S06E47) Full Episode in HD

(NEW EPISODE) Oggy and the Cockroaches - A Crazy Week-End (S06E47) Full Episode in HD

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