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The roaches are doing a wash and the washing machine overflows, spreading suds throughout the house. A rain storm washes it all away and the house and its inhabitants reappear...but in black and white! The detergent has washed all the color away...
— Official Synopsis, [1]

Black & White is the 75th episode of Season 2 and remade with the title Bleached! as the 10th episode of Season 7.


Oggy is doing his laundry. The detergent he used implies that it is strong. He thinks that taking an inappropriate amount of it changes the color of his clothes. Taking good measurements, he does his laundry and leaves, waiting for it, unfortunately, 3 cockroaches mess this up. They applied the entire detergent into the washing machine, causing the machine to create enormous and nearly countless amounts of bubbles that is enough to fill up all of the parts of Oggy's house, the cockroaches tried to escape, worse, his backyard and "front-yard" was filled up too, luckily, the bushes stopped the bubbles from getting out but it also reached a tall height. On Bob's place, he sprays the structure where the bee stays. The bee told something about Bob. Bob gives the bee money as Bob was given honey. The bee turns Bob around, as they saw the tall foam of pink bubbles. A rain that is starting to precipitate hovers of the foam of bubbles. As it does precipitate, the bubbles are washed, resulting Oggy's house, garden and everything to be black and white.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - BLACK AND WHITE (S02E154) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - BLACK AND WHITE (S02E154) Full Episode in HD


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